Computer Resources at Pitt and Introduction to the the Pitt Main Frame Computer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Computer Resources at Pitt and Introduction to the the Pitt Main Frame Computer


Computer Resources at Pitt and Introduction to the the Pitt Main Frame Computer – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Computer Resources at Pitt and Introduction to the the Pitt Main Frame Computer

Computer Resources at Pitt and Introduction to
the the Pitt Main Frame Computer
Class Objectives
  • Raise student awareness of computing resources
  • available at the University of
  • Students will access their Unix account
  • Student will create a web page on their Unix
  • account that contains 2 links and one
    image file
  • Students will learn how to move files with FTP

Computer Labs at Pitt
  • Falk Library
  • Benedum Hall
  • Cathedral of Learning
  • David Lawrence
  • Posvar Hall
  • Hillman Library
  • Sutherland Hall
  • Alumni Hall

Software Licensing at Pitt
  • More info at http//
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional (35) Microsoft
    Office (0)
  • ArcView (10) MiniTab (5)
  • Clementine (10) Norton Anti-Virus (0)
  • EndNote (5) Oracle (5)
  • MathCad (5) SAS (10)
  • Mathematica (10) S-Plus (10)
  • MatLab (10) SPSS (10)

  • CSSD
  • Student
  • Toolkit
  • CD

Computer Accounts
  • Students, faculty and staff have access to the
    Pitt network, including
  • an email account
  • and
  • a unix account

Computer Services
  • All Pitt faculty students and staff have access
    to the Pitt computer store. Go there first to
    buy Hardware and Software
  • Computer Store will help with configuration and

Technology Help Desk
  • The Technology Help Desk is staffed 24 hours per
    day, 7 days per week (closed holidays) and
    serves as a single point of contact for all
    information technology services. University of
    Pittsburgh students, faculty and staff can
    contact the Help Desk regarding any computer
    issue including e-mail, hardware, software,
    networking, ResNet, University
    Computer Accounts, computing labs, and other
  • Help desk 624-4357

Whats a Unix Account?
  • Most Universities run mainframe (huge)
  • computers that use the unix operating system
  • If youre a Pitt student you have a unix
  • Pitt maintains this account for you, backs up
  • data, keeps it running 24 hours a day, 7
  • week.

UNIX Operating System
  • Stable
  • Used by Main Frame Computers
  • Allows many users to have separate accounts on
    the same machine
  • Used world wide for web servers

UNIX Operating System
  • Maintained by University
  • Data backed up each night
  • Lots of free scientific software has been
    developed for Unix
  • Unix is the base for new OSs for personal
    computers including Linux and Mac OSX

Pitt Maintains Unix Mainframe Computers
  • Student and Faculty have Unix accounts by default
  • email address username _at_
  • mcs2 is my username
  • is my email address
  • mcs2 is my UNIX username

UNIX is a Command Line Environment
  • Not as easy to use, therefore less popular
  • But more powerful too!

Why Should I Bother to Learn Unix?
  • Maybe you shouldnt.... but
  • Almost all bioinformatics processes are run in a
    Unix environment
  • Lots of FREE software for DNA/protein sequence
    analysis is available on Unix
  • Sharing data/images with colleagues and friends

How to Access your Unix Account
  • Log on via Telnet ( HSLS.. programs gt
    Internet aps gt Telnet shortcuts gt unixs)
  • host
  • Enter username and password at prompt
  • ls command lists directories and files

UNIX uses a Hierarchical File system
  • When you log on, you are in your home directory
  • You can always return to your home directory by
    typing cd (change directory)
  • You can go down the directory tree by typing
    cd ltdirnamegt
  • You can go up one level with cd ..

Directory Access
  • Your Home directory should have directories
    called public and private
  • File access is controlled at the directory level
  • Web pages must be in your public directory
  • Anyone can read the contents of your public

Basic UNIX Commands
  • Basic commands are listed on a web page under
    Tutorial 1
  • Everybody should log in to their accounts

In-Class Exercise
  • Create directory needed to host web pages
  • Create your own web page
  • Address will be

How do you make and remove a directory?
  • The command for creating a new directory is
    mkdir ltdirnamegt
  • To remove a directory, the command is rmdir
  • A directory MUST be empty before it can be removed

Create the html Directory
  • Pitt allows web broswers to access web pages in
    your Unix account
  • Web pages must be inside a directory called
    html that is located inside your public

Create the html Directory
  • log on to you Unix account
  • go inside public cd public
  • create new directory called html mkdir
  • go inside html cd html

Whats a path?
  • The path to a directory is the listing of all
    directories in the hierarchy.
  • The path to file3 is dir1/dirB/file3
  • Separator for directories is a forward slash /

More on paths
  • The path to your html directory is
  • The Unix OS keeps track of your current working
  • You can always get the complete path by typing
    pwd (print working directory)
  • The abbreviation for the current directory is ./

How do you create or edit a text file?
  • Unix provides several text editors
  • The easiest to use is pico
  • To launch pico, type pico ltfile1gt
  • If file1 already exists, you open it and can
    edit it. If file1 does not exist, pico creates

Using PICO
  • Pico is a simple text editor
  • Typing text will enter it into the file
  • Use the arrow keys to move your cursor
  • pico commands are listed at the bottom and are
    invoked with the Cntl key
  • (X Cntl X)

Screen Shot of pico
More Pico
  • To exit a file, type Cntl-X (X)
  • If the file (buffer) was modified, you will be
    asked whether you want to save the changes. The
    answer is yes (y) or no (n)
  • You can save to a new name or OVERWRITE the
    existing name
  • Once a file is OVERWRITTEN on Unix, there is no
    UNDO ... caution

More Pico X
More Pico X
Whats a Web Page?
  • Web pages are text files that are meant to be
    rendered or formatted by a browser
  • Browsers use HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol)
  • Browsers read html files (hypertext markup

HTML Basics
  • HTML uses tags
  • tags are enclosed in ltbracketsgt
  • (less than and greater than signs ltgt)
  • ltbgt start bold text
  • lt/bgt stop bold text

HTML Basics
  • ltbgtBOLDlt/bgt
  • ltigt italics lt/igt
  • ltugt underline lt/ugt
  • Headings
  • ltH1gt Biggest lt/H1gt
  • ltH2gt Big lt/H2gt
  • ltH3gt Not so Biglt/H3gt .... etc ltH6gt

A Very Basic Web Page
ltHTMLgt This is my web page! lt/HTMLgt
Another Basic Web Page
ltHTMLgt ltheadgt lttitlegtMartins Pagelt/titlegt lt/head
gt ltH1gtThis is my web page!lt/H1gt lt/HTMLgt
Make your own page
  • Make sure you are inside your public/html
  • Edit your page text with pico
  • Save your page as welcome.html
  • View your page with a browser. The address will

Add a link to your page
  • lta hrefhttp//www.pitt.edugtPitt Home pagelt/agt
  • complete address (URL) http//
  • Link on your page will say Pitt Home page

Add an image to your page
  • ltimggt tag needs a source of the image, usually a
    .gif or .jpg file
  • heres one from the Pitt web page
  • ltimg src http//

How do you borrow (steal) from other sites?
  • View source !!

Sample Web Pages
  • View sample web pages on your browsers
  • View source

Complex Web Pages
  • You can create complex web pages using programs
    like Microsoft FrontPage
  • You can create web pages with Microsoft Word
    using the save as web page command

Make Your Own Web Page
  • Pitt allows you to host web pages in your unix
    account - free
  • Your home directory for web pages is inside your
    public/html directory
  • The web address for public/html is
  • The name for this web page must be welcome.html

Make Your Own Web Page
  • Go to your home directory cd
  • Go to public/html cd public/html
  • Create welcome.html
    pico welcome.html

Add an Image to Your Web Page
  • Connect to your UNIX account using an FTP program
  • Transfer the image file as Raw Data
  • Add the image to your page with the
  • ltimg srcimage.jpggt tag