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Industrial workshop steel structure space frame cost control (1)


In the construction of industrial plants, steel structures are very common as the main structural engineering. In the construction of industrial plants, steel structures are very common as the main structural engineering. In the construction of industrial plants, steel structures are very common as the main structural engineering. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Industrial workshop steel structure space frame cost control (1)

Industrial workshop steel structure space frame
cost control
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  • Significance of cost control of steel structure
    engineering space frame
  • In the construction of industrial
    plants, steel structures are very common as the
    main structural engineering.
  • In a broad sense, steel structure is a
    structure mainly made of steel materials and is
    one of the main types of building structures.
    Steel has high strength, light weight, good
    formability and strong deformation ability, and
    is suitable for building large-span and
    super-high and super-heavy buildings. The steel
    structure consists of steel columns, steel beams,
    and steel trusses connected by welding seams,
    bolts or rivets.
  • The steel structure space frame
    engineering scope explored in this paper includes
    metal structure engineering such as steel beams,
    steel columns, and steel supports other than roof
    and wall envelope structures.

Taking the construction and installation project
of the joint workshop of the XX automobile
factory as an example, the steel structure space
frame cost accounts for 33 of the cost of the
entire construction and installation
project. According to project data, under the
market conditions in 2020, the cost of steel
structure engineering is about 450 yuan per
square meter. At the same time, the investment
amount of steel structure engineering is large,
the technical level of technicians is high, and
the integrity of construction is strong, and
there are a lot of cost risk factors. As the main
structural project of steel structure
engineering, the effect of cost control is of
great significance. Therefore, whether from the
perspective of resource saving or from the
perspective of cost control, control the cost of
steel structure engineering
Steel structure space frame cost control program
In order to reasonably control the cost and
obtain more profits, from the initial space frame
design, the cost is actively controlled
subjectively, which also makes the design more
intensive, economical and reasonable. According
to the cost management procedure, the steel
structure grid cost management system The
department mainly includes cost planning, cost
control, cost accounting, cost analysis and
cost assessment. For engineering manufacturers,
cost planning can be intervened in the design
stage. Through preliminary prediction and cost
intervention after detailed design, cost
management can gain a good momentum of economic
benefits in the cost planning stage, and make
practical design and implementation plans. In the
cost control stage, the construction section can
be divided according to the construction area,
and the completion of the cost plan can be
monitored. And through the regular cost
accounting, the numerical test is carried out on
the completion situation, and the variable
factors and factors are found in the analysis of
cost deviation. For this reason, it is necessary
to adjust cost decisions in a timely manner. In
the end, the purpose of evaluating the cost of
the sub-projects is realized, the enthusiasm of
each participant in the steel structure project
is mobilized, and the reward and punishment
measures of the cost management responsibility
system are implemented. The direct cost
composition of steel structure space frame is
different from that of traditional structural
components, mainly including material cost,
processing cost, transportation cost,
installation cost of components fire protection
and anti-corrosion cost high-altitude operation
measures cost. According to the cost accounting
method, the cost of steel structure engineering
can be divided into budget cost, target cost and
actual cost. In the management process, the
general contractor of the project pays more
attention to the comparison between the three,
finds different factors through comparative
analysis, and reasonably carries out the cost
Control. According to the relationship between
production cost and engineering quantity, the
cost of steel structure engineering can also be
divided into fixed cost and variable cost. The
fixed cost can generally be determined through a
reasonable plan before implementation, and the
risk to the contractor is very small. The
management of variable costs is a dynamic
management and control process, which is the key
focus of the general contractor of the project in
the implementation.
Steel structure space frame cost control points
Reasonable optimization of space frame design The
light steel space frame structure has large span,
high storey height, flexible layout, low cost,
fast construction, and high economic benefits
from the perspective of time value of capital.
From the beginning of the selection, the
structural engineer actively seeks structural
solutions to save steel in the checking
calculation according to the needs of use and
other requirements. The common portal frame can
adopt the form of welded H-beam, hot-rolled
H-beam, steel pipe, square tube and combined
section. When the process requirements allow,
choose the form of grid frame with economical and
reasonable span The coating design of steel
structure affects later maintenance costs, so the
optimization of coating design is also very
important in cost control. The anti-corrosion
performance of the red dandelion alkyd anti-rust
primer used in the past cannot be guaranteed. At
present, epoxy zinc-rich primers, epoxy micaceous
iron intermediate paints, and acrylic
polysiloxane topcoats are more commonly used for
anti-corrosion. The exposed surfaces of
fire-resistant coatings are intumescent, and the
concealed areas are non-intumescent.
Optimized, High compatibility, beautiful
appearance and good durability.
Take advantage of market competition The steel
structure cost is the material, labor, and
mechanical expenses incurred by the enterprise in
the production and installation of materials.
There is no standardized quotation system in
China, and most of them rely on the actual cost
measurement within the enterprise. Before
implementation, by doing a good job of cost
forecasting, preparing cost plans, taking
advantage of market competition to do cost
control, and timely accounting for costs during
implementation, strengthening cost management,
and then giving full play to the advantages of
project general contracting management from the
entire grid cost management process, Reasonable
management and control to create benefits. As a
grid manufacturer, professional subcontracting of
steel structure engineering is generally not
priced according to the traditional list quota
model. In the procurement process, usually only
the weight of the steel structure and the surface
area for painting are listed. The subcontracting
unit price adopts the comprehensive unit price of
the full cost, including the production,
installation and transportation costs of the
steel structure, regardless of the height. The
installation fee includes connecting parts such
as connecting bolts (including high-strength
bolts), auxiliary materials such as welding
materials, and all preparation costs required for
the installation of the steel structure except
for the measures listed separately.
Control the cost of the space frame construction
process The choice of the construction scheme has
an important impact on the installation quality,
construction period and labor consumption. The
installation of the steel structure workshop is
the process of splicing the steel columns, steel
beams, crane beams and supports processed in the
factory into a whole structure at the
construction site. In this process, labor
organization and management is an important link
that affects the cost. In recent years, with the
sharp rise of labor costs in my country, it is
necessary for construction entities to formulate
scientific and reasonable labor organization and
management plans. At the same time, the size and
weight of the installation equipment are
relatively large, and large-scale equipment is
sometimes encountered during on-site installation
and demolition and off-site transportation. The
investment in purchasing or leasing these
machinery often accounts for a large proportion
of the cost of steel structure installation, and
the cost of different equipment or equipment with
different specifications of the same type is
quite different. Therefore, it is necessary to
select suitable lifting equipment in the
construction process to reduce the cost of
machinery usage. Steel structure construction is
a material and labor-intensive project. For such
sub-projects, capital occupation is relatively
concentrated. How to improve the turnover rate
and liquidity of capital is an effective measure
to reduce costs. Optimize the construction
schedule to achieve the overall integration of
duration, cost and resources
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Control construction quality standards Steel
structure is the most obvious feature of the
prefabricated construction of industrial plant
buildings, and it is also the most suitable
sub-project for prefabricated management.
Therefore, it is possible to greatly improve the
utilization of materials by establishing material
control and installation standards for the whole
process and full participation of all
staff. Efficiency and installation effectiveness.
On the basis of meeting the strong strip
specifications, the enterprise formulates its own
construction process requirements samples, and
controls the construction technology and methods.
Strictly control the overall hoisting/splicing of
the space frame, the number of layers of
anti-corrosion and fire-resistant coatings for
steel structures, the number of brushing times,
the thickness of brushing, and the protection of
finished products. When stacking steel, pay
attention to the leveling of the site, the smooth
drainage and the convenience of management, so as
to save storage and management costs. Before
painting, the base surface should be cleaned, and
shot blasting or sand blasting can be used to
remove rust. Coating is prone to peeling and
surface sagging. It is necessary to strictly
control the process during construction and
strengthen protection after construction.
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Strengthen departmental coordination The cost
control of steel structure engineering space
frame cannot rely solely on the control of the
space frame construction site. Under the weak
matrix organizational structure, the project
manager can coordinate the cost control
department The door is limited, and the
contractor headquarters is required to coordinate
the commercial department, the procurement
department, and the engineering site And the
mutual cooperation of designers to achieve the
purpose of cost control. Here, business The
department mainly forecasts cost targets, and is
responsible for cost control and comparison in
the process Analysis, subcontract settlement and
settlement with the owner, etc. The purchasing
department is responsible for materials and
labor Centralized procurement, communicate market
conditions and procurement conditions with other
departments at any time. The project
site Responsible for the implementation, control
the progress, track the whereabouts of the
material machine, if there is a cost
deviation, Timely warning. The technical
department ensures the optimal solution according
to the cost situation. In case of emergencies,
timely adjust the construction technical plan.
Structural designers also Pay attention to the
cost overrun or balance of the design scheme,
form engineering data accumulation, in the
future project as a reference. The headquarters
should also form an early warning mechanism in
each link, The EPC project forms a whole and
systematically controls the cost.
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