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The New Century and Blue Ash Ohio


The Blue Ash of today was borne from the vision of community leaders 30 years ago. ... 'How best should Blue Ash proceed if it seeks to move through the first half of ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The New Century and Blue Ash Ohio

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The New Century and Blue Ash Ohio
  • Exceptional Quality of Life
  • Through A Comprehensive
  • Economic Development Platform

Briefing With City CouncilFebruary 9, 2006
  • Prepared By TrueNorth Brand Strategies

Blue Ash, Ohio Balanced Development and
  • A 30 Year Legacy
  • of
  • Vision, Planning, Leadership

The Blue Ash of today was borne from the vision
of community leaders 30 years ago.
Once again, it is time to visualize and aspire to
what Blue Ash can look like 2030 years from now.
Todays Appropriate Question
  • How best should Blue Ash proceed if it seeks to
    move through the first half of this new century
    with sustainable prosperity and premium quality
    of life?

Three Conclusive Points
  • The issue is all about change to what degree
    Blue Ash is embracing a changing world
  • There is significant, untapped potential for Blue
    Ash to achieve broad, national prominence
  • Only a relatively modest tweaking of
    circumstances in Blue Ash is needed to answer the
    previous question

Keys To Success
  • If Blue Ash wants to successfully compete against
    cities in the region and around the country for
    economic development investments, it must
  • Be Relevant
  • Be Known
  • Be Effective

The Project Report
  • The Vision For Sustainable Prosperity
  • Economic Development Assessment of Blue Ash
  • A Strategic Plan to Actualize The Vision
  • The Branding of Blue Ash to Guide The Plan

The Vision
  • Community Core Values
  • A Vision Statement
  • Vision Goals

The Vision Community Core Values
The Vision - A Vision Statement
  • Blue Ash will systematically pursue a
    diversified, clean profile of economic
    development initiatives to locate niche events,
    attractions, and business activities that will
    constructively put the communitys assets to
    their highest and best use while reflecting the
    community core values.

The Vision - Vision Goals
  • Five major goals to achieve before 2036
  • Blue Ash garners national awards and media
    coverage as the nations small-cities model of a
    progressive, managed-growth community

The Vision - Vision Goals
  • 15 of the Inc. Magazines 500 Fastest Growing
    Companies are based in Blue Ash after their
    start-up in, or relocation to, the community

The Vision - Vision Goals
  • 50 of the Fortune 500 companies have executive
    offices or value-added operations in Blue Ash

The Vision - Vision Goals
  • 500,000 people choose Blue Ash each year as an
    end destination for music, sports, arts, and
    conference events

The Vision - Vision Goals
  • Debt financing is retired and no longer necessary
    because revenue streams comfortably cover the
    operating budget, capital improvement program,
    and long-term investments

Economic Development Assessment
  • Blue Ash as Ten Community Sectors
  • Advantages
  • Opportunities

Economic Development Assessment
  • Whether or not Blue Ash is thriving one, two, or
    three decades from now depends upon the ability
    of todays community leaders to stay abreast of
    domestic and global matters that impact trade,
    product innovation, societal trends, and cultural
    currents, all of which influence Blue Ash sooner
    or later.

Assessment Community Sectors
  • Residential Living
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Cultural Environment
  • Health Care
  • Government
  • Public Safety
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Commerce

Assessment Advantages
  • Safe, established neighborhoods
  • Raymond Walters College of UC
  • Sycamore School Districts quality
  • Recreation center programs
  • Outdoor concerts and festivals

Assessment Advantages
  • Municipal golf course
  • Regional cultural / entertainment assets
  • Well-traveled citizens
  • Quality health care services
  • Sound, visionary municipal government

Assessment Advantages
  • Respected participant regionally
  • Professional police and fire departments
  • Reliable utility services
  • Highway corridors
  • Blue Ash airport

Assessment Advantages
  • Attractive office parks
  • Nature trails and public parks
  • Diverse business base
  • Reasonable business-to-business support
  • Commercial aviation at CVG

Assessment Advantages
  • Above average quality of life

Assessment OpportunitiesIdentified needs
represent opportunities
  • Leading edge housing design / amenities
  • Themed lifestyle communities
  • More university programs and presence
  • Additional recreation center facilities
  • Indoor venue for entertainment events

Assessment Opportunities
  • Expansion of golf course club house
  • Expand golf course for tournament play
  • Brand and package concerts / festivals
  • Generational culture to cultivate youth
  • Blue Ash in the National Conversation

Assessment Opportunities
  • Connect the business base for synergy
  • Vertical targeted marketing
  • Recruit innovative / growth companies
  • Stimulate creative expression / arts
  • Instill connectivity throughout the city

Assessment Opportunities
  • Strengthen revenue streams
  • Build economic development platform
  • Embrace a long term community vision
  • Tighten land-use and building standards
  • Transition to mixed use developments

Assessment Opportunities
  • Re-develop available buildings
  • Prioritize beautification of the city
  • Modernize and promote aviation assets
  • Brand the community for distinction
  • Proactive marketing public relations

Assessment Opportunities
  • An even better quality of life

Strategic Plan to Actualize The Vision
  • Each of four major strategies has tactics and
    action steps as deployment actions for the next 5
    7 years

Strategic Plan
  • A successor strategic plan will be devised to
    address the next phase of action within the 30
    year vision window
  • The action steps benefit and impact the ten
    community sectors in Blue Ash

Strategic Plan Strategies
  • Build, manage, and deploy a comprehensive
    economic development platform in and for Blue Ash
  • Position Blue Ash as a cultured community to
    attractive innovators, venture capital, and the
    creative class

Strategic Plan Strategies
  • Generate significant revenue streams with Blue
    Ash as a popular end destination for
    participatory and spectator events
  • Enhance the enjoyment and value of residing in
    Blue Ash through contemporary concepts that
    preserve connectivity and community

Going Forward
  • What Does This Mean For Blue Ash?

Going Forward Business Attraction
  • Focus communitys attention and resources on
    companies with
  • Innovative products
  • Long-term growth within their industry
  • Suppliers or support with growth industries
  • RD, office, or value-added aspects
  • Synergistic benefits with exiting business base

Going Forward Targeted Marketing
  • Targeted marketing on a vertical basis for three
  • Health care (products, providers, and personnel)
  • Financial services (insurance, investment,
  • Communications (wireless revolution, software)

Going Forward Entrepreneurship
  • Infuse new ideas, innovation, and energy into
    Blue Ash through entrepreneurship that supports
    the business base or presents long term market
  • Incubation of applied research and attraction of
    graduate level researchers to supplement existing
    R D base is quite useful.

Going Forward Business Attraction
  • The transition over time will allow companies
    within fading industries to depart if they are no
    longer competitive in the marketplace.
  • Therefore, loss of a few companies is expected
    and healthy over the long term.

Going Forward Current Business Base
  • Connecting the current base of companies to each
    other and the community is vital.
  • Facilitating a business climate conducive to
    their long term prosperity in Blue Ash benefits

Going Forward Entertainment Tourism
  • Build on the outstanding outdoor events of summer
  • Packaging and branding a larger concert series
  • Expanding seasonality with indoor venues
  • Bring talent from around the globe
  • Current and generationally relevant programs
  • Music, comedy, guest lecture series
  • Anchor performing arts in Blue Ash

Going Forward Cultural Tourism
  • Host cultural events to attract generally and
    culturally diverse audiences to expose Blue Ash
    to a new segment of people from many states.
  • Expand upon Taste of Blue Ash
  • Leverage local pride in historical and heritage
  • Partner with neighboring cities
  • Encourage expression and exchange of ideas

Branding of Blue Ash
  • Branding is to encapsulate the essence of the
    community for a consistent message to external
    and internal audiences.

  • Successful branding and marketing communications
    require that all web site and information pieces
  • Crisp
  • Contemporary
  • Corporate

  • From the economic development vision, branding
    Blue Ash is the first step.

Exceptional Quality of Life
  • The New Century and Blue Ash Ohio
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