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The Center For Business As An Agent Of World Benefit BRAZIL


The Center For Business As An Agent Of World Benefit. BRAZIL. Introduction & Check In ... Guitar! The Appreciative Inquiry. Approach. Lets Get Into It Now... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Center For Business As An Agent Of World Benefit BRAZIL

The Center For Business As An Agent Of World

Introduction Check In
  • Hello! Thank you for having me in Brazil!
  • Checking in - Share your name and one or two
    interesting things about you

My Name
  • First Name Bauback
  • Last Name Yeganeh
  • A couple of interesting things

I have a twin brother
The Appreciative Inquiry Approach
Lets Get Into It NowFive Principles of AI
  • Constructionist Principle
  • Principle of Simultaneity
  • Open Book Poetic Principle
  • Anticipatory Principle
  • Positive Principle

Constructionist Principle
  • Social knowledge and organizational destiny are
    interwoven. The questions asked become the
    material out of which the future is conceived and
  • Our attempt with BAWB is to change the discourse
    around business in order to expand the repertoire
    of business actions that benefit society.

Principle of Simultaneity
  • Inquiry and change are not truly separate
    moments they can and should be simultaneous.
  • Inquiry is intervention.
  • The seeds of change are the things people think
    and talk about, the things people discover and
    learn, and the things that inform dialogue and
    inspire images of the future.
  • Questions create the stage for what is found or
    discovered. Creation and discovery go hand in

Open Book Poetic Principle
  • An organizations story is constantly being
  • Pasts, presents, and futures are endless sources
    of learning, inspiration, or interpretation.

Anticipatory Principle
  • The most important resource for generating
    constructive organizational change or improvement
    is collective imagination and discourse about the
  • Our behavior is guided by our images of the

Positive Principle
  • Momentum for change requires large amounts of
    positive affect and social bonding, attitudes
    such as hope, inspiration, and the sheer joy of
    creating with one another.
  • Appreciative interviews can create positive
    affect and social bonding.

For Us It Began to Raise New Awareness the
Deficit Theory of ChangeAnd How Pervasive.
  • Identify problem
  • Conduct root cause analysis
  • Brainstorm solutionsand analyze
  • Develop action plans/intervention
  • most schools, companies, families and
    organizations function on an unwritten rule
  • Lets fix whats wrong and let the strengths
    take care of themselves
  • --Gallop Poll

Metaphor Organizations are problems to be solved
Cultural Consequences of Deficit Discourse
  • Fragmentation
  • Few New Images of Possibility
  • The Experts Must KnowDependence and Hierarchy
  • Spirals in Deficit Vocabularies
  • Breakdown Relations/Closed Door Planning
  • Note For More see Ken Gergen Realities and
    Relationships Harvard University Press.

Appreciative Inquiry is a Shift
  • No problem can be solved from the same level of
    consciousness that created it. We must learn to
    see the world anew.
  • There are only two ways to live your life. One
    is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is
    as though everything is a miracle.
  • Albert Einstein

Problem Solving
Appreciative Inquiry
  • Identify Problem
  • Conduct Root Cause Analysis
  • Brainstorm Solutions Analyze
  • Develop Action Plans
  • Metaphor Organizations are problems to be solved
  • Appreciate What is (What gives life?)
  • Imagine What Might Be
  • Determine What Should Be
  • Create What Will Be
  • Metaphor Organizations are centers of
    relationship connected to infinite capacity and

The Art of the Question in Leadership and Change
  • Whats the biggest problem here?
  • Why did I have to be born in such a troubled
  • Why do you blow it so often?
  • Why do we still have those problems?
  • What possibilities exist that we have not yet
  • Whats the smallest change that could make the
    biggest impact?
  • What solutions would haveus both win?

We Live in the Worlds Our Questions Create
  • Be patient and try to love the questions
    themselves. Live the questions now. Perhaps you
    will then gradually, without noticing it, live
    along some distant day into the answer.
  • Rainer Maria Rilke

Website For Sharing AI Tools Appreciative
Inquiry Commons
  • http//
  • Bibliographies, Tools, Articles
  • Case Western Reserve University

Starting AI Interview (dialogue in pairs)
  • A--B (25 min)
  • B--A (25 min)
  • Spirit of discovery
  • Take brief notes

AI Interview Exercise A little more about you
  • Tell me about a high point in your life in which
    you experienced a personal innovative change.
  • What did you notice about your life that made it
  • How did it align you closer to your purpose?
  • What was it about you, and/or the context that
    enabled this to happen?
  • It is the year 2010 and you have just awakened
    from a long sleep. As you look around, you see
    the world just as you always wished and dreamed
    it would be. What is happening? How is the
    world different? How do you contribute to it?
  • Return _at_ 1130

How did the interviews feel?
Headlines (30 Minutes)
  • Introduce the person you interviewed by using one
    headline that you can create from your interview
    with that person

Group exercise
  • Gather in groups and look for common themes from
    your personal change stories
  • What are the underlying factors that give life to
    personal change moments?
  • Return _at_ 230
  • One person from each group share with the room
    what your group has learned

Positive Psychology
Positive Emotions BroadenThought-Action
  • Joy, innovate
  • Interest..expansive, explore
  • Contentment...savor, integrate
  • Love..connect, relate

  • Were any of these emotions felt this morning
    during the interviews?

Empirical Support for Broaden and Build Theory
of Change
  • Three Revolutionary Contributions
  • 1. Broaden Attention and Thinking
    (Fredrickson Branigan, 2002 Waugh
    Fredrickson, in prep)
  • 2. Undo Lingering Negative Emotional Arousal
    (Fredrickson Levenson, 1998 Fredrickson,
    Mancuso, Branigan Tugade, 2000)
  • 3. Fuel Resilient Coping, Like Immune System
  • (Fredrickson, Tugade, Waugh Larkin, 2002
    Tugade Fredrickson, 2002)

Empirical Support
  • Over time, Positive Emotions
  • Prevent depression
    (Fredrickson, Tugade, Waugh,
    Larkin, 2002)
  • Build optimism, and resilience, and elevated
    relationships of benefit (Fredrickson, Tugade,
    Waugh, Larkin, 2002 Haight 2003)
  • Trigger Upward Spirals to Increase Well-being

    (Fredrickson Joiner, 2002 Tugade
    Fredrickson, 2002)

Personal Stories
  • A time when positive emotions
  • helped you?

Topic Choice A Fateful Act
  • Organizations move in the direction of what they
  • Questions we ask determine what we find. . .

Topic Choice
  • Human systems move in the direction of what they
    most frequently and persistently ask questions
  • BAWB Brazil Topic Alliance for Wealth
  • Searching for alliances of organizations that
    have come together to have a positive impact on
    society by building wealth.

Magnetic Connections
  • Preface
  • In the physical world, all matter is held
    together by the pull between opposite electric
    charges. Likewise, successful companies are
    magnetic-- people connect in new and innovative
    ways suppliers and customers are pulled together
    and become seamless edge-to-edge organizations.
    Communities of interest form and are pulled
    together by shared values. Knowledge networks
    form as catalysts for innovation and creativity.

Example of Partnership Questions
Allstate Insurance
  • Revolutionary Partnerships
  • The mark of a revolutionary partnership is doing
    things radically different together. Not only
    different, but quicker, with a common focus,
    leveraging each others diverse strength. Also,
    establishing new ways of doing business that are
    based on trust, mutual respect and a shared
  • Think of a time when you were part of a
    revolutionary partnership, a time in your life
    at work, or in your personal or community life,
    when you not only met the other person(s) half
    way, but met and exceeded needs on both sides.
    Describe the situation in detail.
  • What made it feel radically different?
  • Who was involved?
  • How did you interact differently?
  • What were the outcomes and benefits you

Sharing from the exercise...
  • Elect one person from your table to share with
    the group
  • What are the underlying factors that give life to
    personal change moments?
  • 25 minutes total

Day 2
  • What was the most interesting thing you heard
    from yesterday?
  • (from people in room, and/or presentation)
  • Discuss in groups.
  • 30 minutes

World Vision, BAWB, United Nations

  • World Vision Big Goals Summit
  • Bangkok Thailand

Magnitude of Participation
  • 10,000 participants involved in pre-summit online
  • 4,210 World Vision participants logged online to
    tell their stories, give feedback, and select the
    "preferred futures" and "Big Goal areas" they
    felt were most important to the Partnership.
  • Several hundred were physically in Bangkok at the

The Power of Stories
  • Coming together and sharing outstanding stories
    of poverty relief by World Vision generated
    visions that led to strategic imperatives.
  • 16 Draft Goals Emerged

  • B.A.W.B.
  • The Center for Business as an Agent of World

Business as an Agent of World BenefitOur Purpose
  • Advancing extraordinary innovation in
    business and society cooperation, leading to a
    world that is prosperous, ecologically healthy
    and works for all.

What we seek Golden Innovations
  • Golden innovations these are large or small
    innovations that emerge and work successfully
    that if further developed and applied could
    vitally transform the world toward economic and
    ecological sustainable development, integrity
    freedom, global consciousness and social
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard, Conscious Evolution, 1998

Search for Golden Innovations...Why Appreciative
  • The acceleration of breakdowns in our system,
    such as population growth, hunger, poverty,
    violence, environmental decay, toxic wastes, the
    greenhouse effect, and pollution of the seas and
    soils, are mutually interactive and lead to
    increased entropy and or disorder in the system.
    Some scientists have predicted that because of
    the rapidly increasing interactions among
    breakdowns, we may cause irreversible damage to
    our living system in a very short period of time.
    What is almost never noticed, however, is that
    there is a concurrent convergence of positive
    social innovations

  • If the positive innovations connect
    exponentially, before the massive breakdowns
    reinforce one another, the system can re-pattern
    itself to a higher order of consciousness and
    freedom without the predicted economic and
    environmental or social collapse. We can evolve
    toward the positive as quickly as we might
    devolve toward the negative because of the
    phenomenon of nonlinear exponential interactions.
  • If the system could go either way, a slight
    intervention to assist the convergence of the
    positive can tip the scales of evolution in favor
    of the enhancement of life on earth.
  • --Barbara Marx Hubbard, Conscious Evolution,

The Call to Generative TheoryIt might be
useful, then, to consider theoretical accounts in
terms of their generative capacity, that is
  • The capacity to challenge the guiding
    assumptions of the culture, to raise fundamental
    questions regarding contemporary social life, to
    foster reconsideration of that which is taken
    for granted, and thereby to furnish new
    alternatives for social action.
  • --Ken Gergen (1994) Realities and Relationships,
    Harvard University Press

A Scholar With a Different Angle
  • Business, the motor of our society, has the
    opportunity to be the new creative force on the
    planet, a force which could contribute to the
    well-being of manythe modern corporation is as
    adaptable an organizational form as has ever been
    invented, so that in a time of fundamental change
    it may be expected to be on the cutting edge.
  • --Willis Harman, Global Mind Change

Enriching Generative Potentialsocial process as
  • More theory, more voices an ever-expanding
    context of discovery for the connection or
    pro-fusion of relational capacity, multiplicity
    in perspective.
  • No final answers to the question of the
    goodbut invitations to inquiry into the ever
    expanding domain of relatedness.

So What is the World Inquiry?
  • Business as an Agent of World Benefit is a
    vehicle for people and organizations across
    societies to collaborate in a new kind of world
    inquiry and dialogue focused on creating
    prosperous, inspired, and sustainable societies
    that work for all.
  • How do we learn as a global family? Have we
    reached the limits of experiential learning?
    How do we enact dialogue at a whole system,
    global level?
  • The Club of Romes book No Limits to Learning by
    Botkin et al.

A Worldwide Dialogue Drawing on the Strengths of
Appreciative Inquiry and the Web
  • BAWBs vision is to tap the potential of
    appreciative inquiry as a way of mobilizing
    thousands, perhaps millions, of face-to-face
    interviews with business leaders, visionaries,
    students, wisdom keepers, and scholars and to
    link these to the original potential of the
    internet as a medium that inspires creativity,
    collaboration, and worldwide education.

(No Transcript)
We are a Chaordic Organization Traits Include
  • Enables exists to empower constituent parts
  • Self- organizing at the most local level
  • Powered from the periphery, unified not by
    structures but Purpose and Principles
  • Combine cooperation and competition
  • Compatible with infinite diversity, complexity,
    speed, change--internet like
  • Liberates ingenuity, initiative, and judgement
  • Cannot be managed, but only led
  • Chaordic accountability

The Network Challenge
Face to Face Meeting
Face to Face Meeting
Down time between events
Business as an Agent of World Benefit Rationale-
In Summary
  • It is now time to lift peoples vision and
    provide a larger sense of purpose for the whole
    field of managementit is a matter of world
  • The future of human society is intimately linked
    to the future of the world economy and business
    organizations49 of the worlds top 100 economies
    are businesses.
  • The 21st century can become a time when the
    dynamism of business is aligned with the global
    agenda for changesustainability, ethics, social
    responsibility eco-clusters, the new era of
    natural capitalism and beyond.

United Nations Global Compact
  • Let us choose to unite the power of markets
    with the authority of universal ideals
    --UN Secretary General Kofi Annan
  • Leaders Summit UN Headquarters, New York,
  • June 2004,
  • Appreciative Inquiry at the UN Global Compact
    With 500 CEOs and Leaders From Labor, Civil
    Society, and the UN

President Lula, Secretary General Annan,
Professor Cooperrider
David, Bauback, CEO Rodrigo Loures
Case Western Reserve University Group
The Ten Principles  
  • The Global Compact's ten principles in the areas
    of human rights, labour, the environment and
    anti-corruption enjoy universal consensus and are
    derived from
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The International Labour Organization's
    Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights
    at Work
  • The Rio Declaration on Environment and

The Global Compact asks companies to embrace,
support and enact, within their sphere of
influence, a set of core values in the areas of
human rights, labour standards and the
environment. The principles are as follows
  • Human Rights
  • Principle 1 Businesses should support and
    respect the protection of internationally
    proclaimed human rights and
  • Principle 2 make sure that they are not
    complicit in human rights abuses.
  • Labour Standards
  • Principle 3 Businesses should uphold the freedom
    of association and the effective recognition of
    the right to collective bargaining
  • Principle 4 the elimination of all forms of
    forced and compulsory labour
  • Principle 5 the effective abolition of child
    labour and
  • Principle 6 the elimination of discrimination in
    respect of employment and occupation.
  • Environment
  • Principle 7 Businesses should support a
    precautionary approach to environmental
  • Principle 8 undertake initiatives to promote
    greater environmental responsibility and
  • Principle 9 encourage the development and
    diffusion of environmentally friendly
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Principle 10 Businesses should work against all
    forms of corruption, including extortion and

UN Global Compact Leaders Summit
  • 500 CEOs (e.g. Novartis, Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer,
    Nike, BMW) and Leaders from Labor, Civil
    Society, Governments, the UN Officials Planning
    the Future of the UN Global Compact Using Cases
    Appreciative Inquiry Large Group Summit Method
  • The Global Compact Leaders Summit, chaired by
    Secretary-General Kofi Annan, assembled hundreds
    of corporate executives, government officials and
    civil society leaders at UN headquarters on 24
    June to take stock of the Global Compact and
    chart its future course. President Luis Inácio
    Lula da Silva of Brazil delivered the keynote
    luncheon address.
  • - http//

My email address
  • Bauback Yeganeh

Dreaming Exercise
  • Imagine its a year from now and BAWB Brazil is
    well underway
  • Who have you interviewed?
  • How did you learn about them?
  • What have you done as a chapter?
  • What have you done with the stories?
  • What has been the greatest discovery?
  • Reflect on individual ideas and record on paper
  • 10 minutes

Imagine its a year from now and BAWB Brazil is
well underway
  • Discuss your reflections with group
  • Who have you interviewed?
  • How did you learn about them?
  • What have you done as a chapter?
  • What have you done with the stories?
  • What has been the greatest discovery?
  • 45 minutes

  • Each table will develop one provocative
  • 20 minutes

Present proposition to room...
Crafting Questions
Day 3
The Power of Stories
  • Stories stick like glue
  • Make information easier to
  • Remember Whole brain
  • Builds identities and fosters relationships
  • Medium for conveying values, visions
  • Moves the internal dialogue of the
  • Systembuilds cooperative potential
  • Expands Human Hopesuspends notions of why
    things cannot happen

Active Listening
  • The substance of seeing is light. Light moves
    at a far more rapid pace than sound 186,000
    miles per second as opposed to 1,100 feet per
    second. To listen, in other words, you must slow
    down and operate at the speed of sound rather
    than at the speed of light
  • -William Isaacs, Dialogue, And the Art of
    Thinking Together
  • Be aware of thought.
  • Listen without resistance.

Body Language
  • Much communication takes place nonverbally
    through eye contact and body language.
  • What gestures/types of eye contact communicates
    different kinds of messages?

Active Listening
  • 1. Attending, acknowledging 1.
    Providing verbal or non-
    verbal awareness of the
    other, ie, eye contact
  • 2. Probing 2. Questioning in a supportive
  • that requests more information or
    that attempts to clear up
  • 3. Checking perceptions 3. Finding out if
    interpretations and perceptions are
    valid and accurate
  • 4. Being quiet 4. Giving the other time
    to think as
    well as to talk

Observing an Interview
  • Observe Ilma interview CEO Ney Nobrega from
    Cidade Clima using the B.A.W.B. Brasil protocol
  • Pay attention to the interviewing skills used and
    the reactions they create
  • Think about questions to pose to both interviewer
    and interviewee after the interview is completed

Where do we go from here?
  • In groups, discuss and generate ideas for the
  • How to get organizations to participate
  • How to find individuals/organizations that can be
  • How should we partner with BAWB at Case
  • How do we catalyze the movement
  • How do we best use our online community
  • What criteria do we use when selecting
    innovations to explore?
  • How do we develop outcome measures?
  • Record findings on flipchart paper to present
  • Choose one person from each group to read out
    findings to the room
  • 1 hour

Online Community Space
  • Click online community
  • Drop down to log in to online community
  • Click join
  • Create profile Login BAWB Pass inquiry
  • Set language in the preferences setting
  • Click story tool on left side of screen
  • Click () add new record
  • Follow instructions
  • (if interviewee is anonymous indicate so in the
    info section)
  • Make sure to have a consent form filled out to
    mail to BAWB
  • Valuable Resource The Online Discussion Board

Golden Innovations
  • Golden innovations these are large or small
    innovations that emerge and work successfully
    that if further developed and applied could
    vitally transform the world toward economic and
    ecological sustainable development, integrity
    freedom, global consciousness and social
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard, Conscious Evolution, 1998

Your Protocol
  • Alliance for Wealth
  • Consent Form
  • Tips
  • Digital make sure its not done in a busy place
    where the sound cant be captured
  • Video Face interview on the other side of
    window light. Light should be shining on the
    back of the camera and the front of the
    interviewee being taped
  • Notes try to capture main ideas, interesting
    concepts, unusual areas that you can probe into
    so you dont forget

Review Protocol
  • Questions?
  • Comments?

  • Check-out One thing you are looking forward to
    in our future work together

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