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He also collects bugs and draws their pictures for a book. ... not just the sound from their sounder. He knows Beth, a girl he likes, because she smells like lilac. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books
  • 2010-2011

  • Written by Jerry Spinelli
  • Misha is an orphan in Warsaw, Poland during World
  • War II. The only reason he has a name is because
  • his friend Uri made it up along with a
    story of his
  • family. He had no memory of anything before
    he met Uri.
  • Misha is very naïve, he does not understand what
    is happening around him. The only thing he really
    knows how to do is to steal and run.
  • He always wears a yellow stone around his neck.
    Uri told him it was gift from his father before
    he died. He also told Misha that he was a gypsy,
    which Misha thought was better than a Jew. But he
    doesnt understand what either is.
  • The day the Jackboots, the Nazis occupied
    Warsaw, Misha thought it was a parade. He was
    impressed by the soldiers and wanted to be just
    like them in spite of not knowing what they were
  • During one of his daily expeditions for food,
    Misha found a ripe tomato in the backyard of a
    little girl. Her name was Janina Milgrom and she
    was Jewish.
  • She invited him to her birthday party, where he
    ran off with the cake. He thought they were
    burning the cake. So he blew out the candles and
    ran off with it. To make up for his mistake Misha
    stole another cake and put the candles from her
    other cake on it and left it on the step.
  • Misha began bringing Janina and her family food
    and coal. Janina would leave gifts on the step
    for Misha, a gum drop, a candy cigarette, a
    button, a glass dog.
  • Mishas favorite food was hazelnut crème candy.
    Uri loved pickles.

  • Dr. Korczak was the man that ran the
  • orphanage. Uri and Misha would steal coal,
  • black pearls and food and take it to the
  • orphanage. Misha never identified himself as
  • orphan.He always had great pity for them,
  • never saw the sorrow in his situation.
  • A wall was built to partition the city off into
    an area designated
  • as the ghetto. That is where all Jews and
    gypsies were sent to
  • live. Misha was able to travel through
    the wall because he was
  • small enough to fit through a drain
  • Misha told all of his friends that Janina was his
    sister, but they all knew she wasnt. He just
    made things up.
  • Inside the ghetto, Misha lived with the Janina-
    Milgrom family- her mom, her dad, and uncle
    Shepel. Janinas dad was a pharmacist and had
    horded medicine to trade. He used a bottle of
    medicine to pay for their trip to the cemetery
    when Mrs. Milgrom died.
  • One night when Misha went through the wall he
    found Uri, He was working as a bus boy in one of
    the restaurants where Misha liked to come and
    take food. With his red hair, Misha could pass as
    a non-jew.
  • Inside the wall food was scarce. Once Misha
    bought a roasted squirrel, but didnt
    understand because he hadnt seen any alive. It
    was a rat.
  • The jackboots starting loading people in the
    ghetto onto a train. The day everyone was loaded
    on the train Misha was separated from Janina and
    her father.
  • Misha was hit in the head with the butt of a gun.
    When he awoke everyone was gone. He walked down
    the tracks to find them. He ended up on a farm
    where he worked for several years until the war
    was declared over.

  • Misha went to America. He stood
  • on the corners of streets telling his
  • story. He got married, but his wife left him
  • just as they found out she was to have a baby.
  • Years later the daughter found Misha. She had
    waited to find him so that He could give her
    daughter her middle name, Janina. Misha moved in
    with his daughter.
  • He dug out a milkweed plant and planted it in the
    flower bed.
  • Misha thought about all of those who told who
    he was thief, studpid, Jew, Gyspy, and now to
    his granddaughter hes Poppynoodle!

The Weirdo
  • Written by Theodore Taylor
  • Sam, finds a dead man in the Powhatan Swamp, NC.
    It was in front of her house, in a ditch. She was
    9 yrs. Old. Now shes 16.
  • Uncle Jack and Aunt Peaches leave her in charge
    of their prize winning dog, Baron Von Buckner
    Bucky. He runs off into the swamp chasing after
    a bear. They say hes worth 50,000.
  • Sam doesnt find the dog, and ends up spending
    the night in a tree stump in the swamp.
  • She sees a swamp walker the next morning
    carrying something over his shoulder to the sand
    sunk. She thought she saw a foot hanging out of
    the bundle. It reminds her of the dead man Alvin
  • She finds her way to the spillway house where
    John Clewt and his son lives. Their dogs bite
    her, and chase her up onto the roof. Charles
    Chip, Johns 17 yr. old son comes home and
    finds Sam. He wears a baseball cap to cover his
    half bald head and scarred face from a plane
  • Chip soaks Sams feet, gives her a pair of fuzzy
    slippers, fixes her a watercress sandwich, and
    lets her call her Mom.

The Weirdo (contin.)
  • John Clewt is a painter and a taxidermist. He
    started painting as part of his therapy, he was
    an alcoholic, but became well-known for his work
    in New York.
  • Chip has been working with Tom Telford, a
    graduate student of NC State, who is studying the
    bear population of the Powhatan. He wants the see
    if the population has increased enough to lift
    the moratorium, ban on hunting, in the spring.
  • Chip wants to save the bears, but the area he
    lives in is full of avid hunters who do not share
    his enthusiasm for preserving nature.
  • Tom and Chip catch a poacher in the swamp. Tom is
    declared missing when he doesnt call anyone for
    a week. He never made it to Raleigh. Chip and Sam
    find his Jeep hidden in shrubs off of trail 8.
  • After the announcement of the campaign to save
    the bears is published in the local paper, Pilot,
    the Clewts windows are shot out with buckshot
    during their Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Chip wants Sam to get hypnotized to help her
    remember the swamp walker she saw the morning
    they met, hoping it would help them find Tom, or
    his murderer.

The Weirdo (contin.)
  • Sams father makes a steel trap to kill a bear
    for getting into his apples. Sam finds the bear,
    calls Chip and they tranquilize him to release
    him just as Sams Dad gets home. Sam stands up to
    her Dad and refuses to move from in front of Chip
    and the bear when he comes out with a pistol.
  • Sams father organizes a rally at the community
    center for all of the hunters to express their
    outrage for the proposal to continue the ban on
    hunting in the Powhatan. Chip decides to go to
    the rally to explain his views even though he
    knows he will not be welcome.
  • At the rally Sam stands up while her dad is
    speaking and moves to the other side of the
    auditorium to sit beside Chip. Only the 2nd time
    in her life shes ever defied her father.
  • When Sam gets hypnotized, the detective on the
    Toms case, Ed Truesdale, finds out that Sam
    never saw the Swamp Walkers face. But on the day
    she found Alvin Howell, she saw a brown truck
    with utility ladders on the side the day that she
    found Alvin Howells body. Sam tried to convince
    him there was a connection between the two

The Weirdo (contin.)
  • Uncle Jack and Aunt Peaches returned from Paris.
    They were disappointment that Sam didnt take
    better care of Bucky. They though his scrapes and
    scars would prevent them from breeding him.
  • Sam skipped school to go with Chip to the
    Albemarle County Courthouse to await the
  • The court voted to lift the hunting ban for deer,
    but NOT bears.
  • Buddy Bailey, a painter from Sky town, was
    finally charged with Tom Telfords and Alvin
    Howells murders after Jack Slade confessed to
    knowledge of Buddys connection with the victims.
  • Buddy had promised Jack some contraband
    (outlawed) bear steaks, but never paid up. So
    Jack turned him in to the cops.
  • Chip went back to Columbus, Ohio for more
    cosmetic surgery. He said his ear looked like
    scorched biscuit. He and Samantha stayed in
    close contact. She called him just as soon as she
    found out about Buddy.
  • The swamp gave Chip back his father, a mentor and
    friend in Tom, a girlfriend, Sam, and it also
    helped him realize he did not have to hide from
    the world any longer.

Forged by Fire
  • Written by Sharon Draper
  • Gerald is a young African-American boy whos
    mother is an alcoholic, drug addict, and
    likes to party.
  • She leaves him alone for days at a time and
    doesnt really take care of
    him. One day while she is gone, he plays with
    her cigarette lighter and
    catches the apartment on fire.
  • Gerald is saved, but his mom is sent to jail for
    5 years for child
  • Gerald goes to live with his Great Aunt Queen
    where he is happy, loved and treated well until
    his Aunt dies from a heart attack on his 9th
    birthday while he is out riding his birthday
    present, a new bike.
  • Gerald goes to live with his Mom, Monique, and
    her new boyfriend Jordan Sparks and their
    daughter Angel.
  • Jordan is violent and physically abusive towards
    Geralds step-sister Angel and his mother never
    believes him that anything is happening.
  • Gerald is very protective of Angel and tries to
    help her by confiding what is happening at his
    house to Mr. Washington, his friend Roberts dad.
  • Jordan is sent to jail and everything gets better
    for awhile. Gerald plays basketball for the
    Hazelwood Tigers and Angel dances, while Monique
    finds a job and actually takes care of her
  • Jordan is released from jail, and Monique is hit
    by a car as she runs to get cigarettes for him
    and is barely alive. Gerald is again left alone
    to protect Angel from Jordan.
  • One night, Geralds friend Robert is killed in a
    car accident after a ballgame and he is terribly
    upset. Gerald looses touch with Mr. Washington
    for awhile.
  • In the end, he confronts Jordan in a battle in
    their apartment after it catches on fire from a
    hotdog that Angel left cooking on the stove.
  • Jordan dies in the fire and Gerald, Monique, and
    Angel try to find a normal life for themselves.

The City of Ember
  • Written by Jeanne DuPrau
  • Lina is a 12 year old girl who lives in the City
    of Ember with
  • her sister Poppy and her Grandmother. Her
    father died of the
    coughing and her mother died after giving
  • The City of Ember is dark and is lit only by
    large street
    lights and lamps in the home. Sometimes they
    have blackouts,
    which are happening more and more. The generator
    that runs the city is more than 250 years old,
    and people cant fix it.
  • Her Grandmother runs a yarn shop that she
    collects from old sweaters and blankets.
  • Lina is graduating from school and hopes to
    become a messenger on assignment day. Instead,
    she is assigned to work in the pipe works.
  • Dune, a friend of her trades with her so that she
    can be a messenger, running around delivering
    messages that people give her for .20 cents each.
    He wants to work in the pipe works to explore
    the tunnels and find a way to fix the generator.
    He also collects bugs and draws their pictures
    for a book. He has a green caterpillar that he
    found on a cabbage leaf in a box in his room to
  • On her first day, she ventures onto the roof of
    the gathering hall and disgraces herself. The
    mayor is upset. While there, Lina sees a picture
    of her Great Grandfather who used to be a mayor
    of the city.
  • The City of Ember is in trouble, the stock room
    is running out and people dont have food,
    vitamins, clothes or light bulbs! When Lina
    visits Loopers store to deliver a message, she
    finds out that he has new colored pencils! She
    buys a blue and green one for 10.00, almost all
    of her pay!
  • In her closet one day, she finds a beautiful box
    with a strange lock, inside is a paper which
    Poppy tries to eat. When Lina recovers it, she
    finds that it is instructions left by the
    builders for a way out of Ember.

The City of Ember
  • Lina is left all alone in the world after her
    grandmother dies and she and
    Poppy have to go and live with their neighbor.
  • Determined to decipher the letter, Lina shows it
    to Clary, the gardener
    who is trying to save the potato crop from a
  • She also shows it to Dune and they begin to fill
    in the blanks.
  • Dune explores tunnel 351 and finds a secret room
    filled with scarce
    supplies and the major in there eating! He is
    stealing them with Loopers help!
  • They tell the town police, but realize that they
    are in on the plan too and are receiving extra
    gifts from the mayor to keep quite about it.
  • As Lina and Dune try to escape the City of
    Ember, they take Poppy and look for a way to
    invent a moveable light.
  • The letter leads them down the pipe works tunnel
    to the side of the river near a rock with an E
    on it. There they must lower themselves down by
    rope to a secret door in the side of the wall.
    After opening it with a key, they find boxes of
    candles and matches, but dont know what they
    are. The accidentally find a way to light it and
    then discover that the room is full of many
    boats, but dont know what those are either.
  • Lina, Dune and Poppy finally get in the boat and
    go down the river for many hours to find
    themselves in a new land. Here, Poppy find a
    diary of one of the original settlers and finds
    that they moved there to escape danger. 60 men,
    60 women, and 120 babies who are paired up
    randomly into families. The babies are to never
    know anything about the land them come from
  • Lina and Dune see the sun moon for the first
    time and are amazed at light. They also discover
    that their City of Ember is inside a deep cave
    beneath the earth.
  • They try to send word to the residents left by
    dropping a note down into the whole that will
    land in the town square..

Out of the Dust
  • Written by Karen Hesse
  • Written as a series of poems in diary format.
  • Billie Jo lives on her familys wheat farm in
    Oklahoma during the dust
    bowl years of the Great Depression from 1934-1935
    when Roosevelt was
  • There has been no rain for months and the wind
    and heat destroys every
    crop they try to grow. They owe money to
  • Her Daddy wants to dig a pond to catch rain
    water, but her mother thinks it is a crazy idea,
    all she wants to do is keep her apple tree alive.
  • Billie Jo spends her free time playing the piano
    while her friend Mad Dog sings. Her Ma has
    taught her how to play.
  • While her Ma is pregnant, she tips over a bucket
    of kerosene while shes cooking, and catches her
    clothes on fire. Billie Jo tries to put the fire
    out, but picks up the same bucket of kerosene
    that her father has left beside the stove,
    mistaking it for water, and catches her Ma on
    fire even more.
  • Her Ma dies a few week later after giving birth
    to her baby brother. Her baby brother named
    Franklin dies as well and they are buried on a
    hill together.
  • Billie Jo is badly burned on her hands from the
    accident and is unable to play the piano any
    longer. Her hands look like those of a monster.
  • Daddy never speaks to her anymore because he is
    very sad, and neither of them speak to each
    other, because they feel Mas death is the others
  • Billie Jo finally tries to play the piano again
    and wins the only competition that she enters,
    but thinks that people let her win because she is
  • In the end, Daddy meets someone and marries her
    so that Billie Jo will have a Ma.
  • Daddy does dig the pond and the rain comes and
    fills it as the drought ends and the fields begin
    to grow.

The Outsiders
  • Written by S.E. Hinton is about two weeks in the
    life of a
    14-year-old boy during the 1960s in
    Oklahoma. The novel
    tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis and his
    struggles with right
    and wrong in a society in which he believes that
    he is an outsider.
  • Ponyboy and his two brothersDarrel (Darry), who
    is 20, and
    Sodapop, who is 16have recently lost their
    parents in an
    automobile accident. Pony and Soda are allowed to
    stay under Darrys guardianship as long as they
    all behave themselves. The boys are greasers, a
    class term that refers to the young men on the
    East Side, the poor side of town, that have long
    greasy hair. The greasers rivals are the Socs,
    short for Socials, who are the West-side rich
  • The story opens with Pony walking home alone from
    a movie he is stopped by a gang of Socs who
    proceed to beat him up. The Socs badly injure and
    threaten to kill Ponyboy however, some of his
    gang happen upon the scene and run the Socs off.
  • The next night Pony and two other gang members,
    Dallas Winston (Dally) and Johnny Cade, go to a
    drive-in movie. There they meet Sherri (Cherry)
    Valance and her friend Marcia, who have left
    their Soc boyfriends at the drive-in because the
    boys were drinking. Dally leaves after giving the
    girls a hard time, but another greaser, Two-Bit
    Mathews, joins Pony and Johnny. The boys offer to
    walk the girls home after the movie, but along
    the way, the girls boyfriends reappear and
    threaten to fight the greasers. Cherry stops the
    fight from happening, and the girls leave with
    their boyfriends.
  • Pony and Johnny go to a vacant lot to hang out
    before heading home. They fall asleep, and when
    Johnny wakes Pony up its 2 a.m. Pony runs home,
    because the time is way past his curfew, and
    Darry is waiting up. Darry is furious with Pony
    and, in the heat of the moment, he hits him. Pony
    runs out of the house and returns to the lot to
    find Johnny. Pony wants to run away, but instead
    they go to the park to cool off before heading
    back home.

The Outsiders
  • At the park, Cherrys and Marcias boyfriends
    reappear. Pony and
    Johnny are outnumbered, and the Socs grab
    Ponyboy and shove him face
    first into the frigid fountain,
    holding his head under the water.
    Realizing that Ponyboy
    is drowning, Johnny panics, pulls his
    switchblade, and
    kills the Soc, Bob.
  • Ponyboy and Johnny seek out Dally for help in
    running away to
    avoid being arrested for Bobs murder. He gives
    them 50 and directions
    to a hideout outside of town. The
    boys hop a freight train and find the
    hideout where they are to wait until Dally comes
    for them. Hiding in an abandoned, rural church,
    they feel like real outsiders, with their
    greased, long hair and general hoody appearance.
    They both cut their hair, and Pony colors his for
    a disguise. They pass the time in the church
    playing cards and reading aloud from Gone with
    the Wind.
  • Dally shows up after a week, and takes them to
    the Dairy Queen in Windrixville so they have
    something to eat beside bologna. Thanks to Dally,
    the police think that the boys are headed for
    Texas. Dally also brings them the news that
    Cherry Valance is now being a spy for the
    greasers, and helping them out against the Socs.
    She has also testified that Bob was drunk the
    night of his death and that she was sure that the
    killing had been in self-defense.
  • Johnny decides that he has a chance now, and
    announces that he wants to turn himself in. They
    head back to the church and discover that it is
    on fire. A school group is there, apparently on
    some kind of outing, and little kids are trapped
    inside. Without thinking, Pony and Johnny race
    inside and rescue the kids. As they are handing
    the kids outside to Dally, the burning roof
    collapses. Pony barely escapes, but a piece of
    timber falls on Johnny, burning him badly and
    breaking his back. The boys, now viewed as
    heroes, are taken via ambulance back to town,
    where Pony reunites with his brothers.

The Outsiders
  • Johnny dies of his injuries. Dally is overcome
    with grief, and he robs
    a grocery store. He flees the
    police and calls the gang from a telephone
    booth, asking them to
    pick him up in the vacant lot and take
    him to a hiding place. The
    police chase Dally to the
    lot, and as the gang watches, Dally pulls a
    object from his waistband and the officers shoot
    him. Overwhelmed, Ponyboy passes out.
  • Ponyboy wakes up in bed at home. He has suffered
    a concussion from a kick to the head at the
    rumble and has been delirious in bed for several
    days. When he is well, he attends his hearing,
    where the judge treats him kindly and acquits him
    of responsibility for Bobs death. The court
    rules that Ponyboy will be allowed to remain at
    home with Darry.
  • For a time, Ponyboy feels listless and empty. His
    grades slip, he feels hostile to Darry, and he
    loses his appetite. At last, Sodapop tells
    Ponyboy that he (Sodapop) is angry and frustrated
    because of the tension at home. He tearfully asks
    that Ponyboy and Darry stop fighting. Finally
    understanding the value of his family, Ponyboy
    agrees not to fight with Darry anymore.
  • He finds that for the first time he can remember
    Dallys and Johnnys deaths without pain or
    denial. He decides to tell their story and begins
    writing a term paper for his English class, which
    turns out to be the novel itself.

  • Written by Angela Johnson
  • 14 year old Marley lives in the town of Heaven
    with her Momma and Pop and brother Butchy. They
    moved there because her Momma found a postcard
    from there on a bench and thought it looked like
    a nice place to live.
  • She has an Uncle Jack who always writes her
    letters about his travels, but never visits. Her
    parents always send him money through the Western
    Union and Marley takes it to the store for them,
    its exactly 1637 steps from her house. The
    store stays open for 23 ½ hours each day and each
    time she gets a jawbreaker from the store to eat
    as her treat.
  • Marley has had lots of pets, 8 dogs in fact, all
    with the same name!
  • Marleys best friend was Shoogy, but she didnt
    really trust their family because they seemed too
    perfect. Shoogy was always in beauty pageants,
    but what Marley didnt know was that Shoogy cuts
    herself to help her block out the pain. She cuts
    her thighs with a fork.

  • Written by Angela Johnson
  • Life is fine in Heaven until they receive a
    letter from the church Deacon in Alabama, where
    they used to live, looking for baptismal records.
    The church had burned down and they needed
  • When this happens, Marley finds out that Uncle
    Jack is really her father and her mother had died
    in a car accident when she was really young. This
    makes her brother Butchy question his parents,
    so he digs through his parents closet to hunt
    through a metal box looking for his birth
  • Marley babysat for a little boy after replying to
    a purple flier that listed a major requirement as
    being able to sing the song You Are My
  • Marleys favorite thing to eat is rhubarb pie!

  • Written by Angela Johnson

  • Marleys father likes to listen to crickets out
    back when he is about to loose his cool. It
    relaxes him.
  • When the kids need to relax, they go to the wall
    around the garden and paint graffiti on it since
    the town allows it.
  • The water tower in the town of Heaven looks like
    E.T.s head.
  • Each Sunday the family fills the car up with gas
    and drives around town, but one Sunday they dont
    because Marley cant find a letter from her
  • Marley learns more about her mother and finds out
    that she was afraid of thunder storms and
    lightening. She used to take Marley out when she
    was young to keep her from being scared.

  • Written by Angela Johnson
  • Marleys town celebrates Halloween in July and
    instead of carving pumpkins, they carve
  • Marley also finds out that her mother loved
    yellow flowers. Once her Uncle sent her
    sunflower seeds to plant, but at the time she
    didnt know why.
  • Marley likes to run around in cutoff t-shirts,
    knee-high boots, and frosted lipstick. Her
    bedroom is decorated with glow in the dark stars
    and the moon on her ceiling.
  • In the end Marley decides that a family does not
    only depend on biological connections to matter,
    it depends on the people who make it!

To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Written by Harper Lee
  • To Kill a Mockingbird is primarily a novel about
    growing up under
    extraordinary circumstances in the 1930s in the
    Southern United States.
    The story covers a span of three
  • Scout Finch lives with her brother Jem and their
    father Atticus in the
    fictitious town of Maycomb, Alabama. Maycomb is a
    small, close-knit town, and
    every family has its social station depending on
    where they live, who their parents are, and how
    long their ancestors have lived in Maycomb.
  • A widower, Atticus raises his children by
    himself, with the help of kindly neighbors and a
    black housekeeper named Calpurnia. Scout and Jem
    almost instinctively understand the complexities
    and machinations of their neighborhood and town.
    The only neighbor who puzzles them is the
    mysterious Arthur Radley, nicknamed Boo, who
    lives with his brother Nathan and never comes
    outside. When Dill, another neighbors nephew,
    starts spending summers in Maycomb, the three
    children begin an obsessiveand sometimes
    perilousquest to lure Boo outside.
  • Scout is a tomboy who prefers the company of boys
    and generally solves her differences with her
    fists. She tries to make sense of a world that
    demands that she act like a lady, a brother who
    criticizes her for acting like a girl, and a
    father who accepts her just as she is. Scout
    hates school, gaining her most valuable education
    on her own street and from her father.

To Kill a Mockingbird
  • She and Jem start finding gifts apparently left
    for them in a knothole of a tree on the
    Radley property.
  • Dill returns the following summer, and he, Scout,
    and Jem begin to act out the story of Boo Radley.
    Atticus puts a stop to their antics, urging the
    children to try to see life from another persons
    perspective before making judgments.
  • But, on Dills last night in Maycomb for the
    summer, the three sneak onto the Radley property,
    where Nathan Radley shoots at them. Jem loses his
    pants in the ensuing escape. When he returns for
    them, he finds them mended and hung over the
  • The next winter, Jem and Scout find more presents
    in the tree, presumably left by the mysterious
    Boo. Nathan Radley eventually plugs the knothole
    with cement.
  • Shortly thereafter, a fire breaks out in another
    neighbors house, and during the fire someone
    slips a blanket on Scouts shoulders as she
    watches the blaze. Convinced that Boo did it, Jem
    tells Atticus about the mended pants and the

To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Not quite midway through the story, Scout and Jem
    discover that their father is going to represent
    a black man named Tom Robinson, who is accused of
    raping and beating a white woman. Suddenly, Scout
    and Jem have to tolerate a barrage of racial
    slurs and insults because of Atticus role in the
  • During this time, Scout has a very difficult time
    restraining from physically fighting with other
    children, a tendency that gets her in trouble
    with her Aunt Alexandra and Uncle Jack. Even Jem,
    the older and more levelheaded of the two, loses
    his temper a time or two. After responding to a
    neighbors (Mrs. Dubose) verbal attack by
    destroying her plants, Jem is sentenced to read
    to her every day after school for one month.
    Ultimately, Scout and Jem learn a powerful lesson
    about bravery from this woman. As the trial draws
    nearer, Aunt Alexandra comes to live with them
    under the guise of providing a feminine influence
    for Scout.
  • During the novels last summer, at the trial
    itself, the children sit in the colored balcony
    with the towns black citizens. Tom is tried and
    convicted even though Atticus proves that Tom
    could not have possibly committed the crime of
    which he is accused. In the process of presenting
    Toms case, Atticus inadvertently insults and
    offends Bob Ewell, a nasty, lazy drunkard whose
    daughter is Toms accuser. In spite of Toms
    conviction, Ewell vows revenge on Atticus and the
    judge for besmirching his already tarnished name.
    All three children are bewildered by the jurys
    decision to convict Atticus tries to explain why
    the jurys decision was in many ways a foregone

To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Shortly after the trial, Scout attends one of
    her aunts Missionary
    Society meetings. Atticus interrupts the meeting
    to report that Tom Robinson
    had been killed in an escape attempt.
  • Things slowly return to normal in Maycomb, and
    Scout and Jem realize that Boo Radley is no
    longer an all-consuming curiosity. The story
    appears to be winding down, but then Bob Ewell
    starts making good on his threats of revenge.
  • Scout is in the Halloween pageant at school,
    playing the part of a ham. With Atticus and Aunt
    Alexandra both too tired to attend, Jem agrees to
    take Scout to the school. After embarrassing
    herself on-stage, Scout elects to leave her ham
    costume on for the walk home with Jem.
  • On the way home, the children hear odd noises,
    but convince themselves that the noises are
    coming from another friend who scared them on
    their way to school that evening. Suddenly, a
    scuffle occurs. Scout really cant see outside of
    her costume, but she hears Jem being pushed away,
    and she feels powerful arms squeezing her
    costumes chicken wire against her skin. During
    this attack, Jem badly breaks his arm. Scout gets
    just enough of a glimpse out of her costume to
    see a stranger carrying Jem back to their house.

To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The sheriff arrives at the Finch house to
    announce that Bob Ewell has been
    found dead under the tree where
    the children were attacked, having fallen on his
    own knife after supposedly tripping on a tree
    root. By this time, Scout realizes that the
    stranger is none other than Boo Radley, and that
    Boo is actually responsible for killing Ewell,
    thus saving her and Jems lives.
  • In spite of Atticus insistence to the contrary,
    the sheriff refuses to press charges against Boo.
    Scout agrees with this decision and explains her
    understanding to her father. Boo sees Jem one
    more time and then asks Scout to take him home,
    but rather than escort him home as though he were
    a child, she has Boo escort her to his house as a
    gentleman would.
  • With Boo safely home, Scout returns to Jems room
    where Atticus is waiting. He reads her to sleep
    and then waits by Jems bedside for his son to
    wake up.

Here Lies the Librarian
  • Written by Richard Peck
  • Peewee and her brother Jake live in Indiana in a
    small town by themselves after
    their mother has died and
    their daddy has left them.
  • Paved roads are coming soon to replace the dirt
    ones, so they hope they will have more business
    in their car shop and eventually they might be
    able to buy their own to drive.
  • The Colonel and Aunt Hat live beside of them and
    think that automobiles are from the devil. The
    Colonel also thinks he is still fighting in the
    Civil War.
  • Peewee idolizes Jake who dreams of being a real
    auto mechanic as he works in their little car
    shop fixing flat tires for people.
  • After a tornado blows through town in 1914, the
    towns graveyard is unearthed and windows are
    broken out of the towns library.
  • The nearby town of Brownsburg makes fun of them
    and calls them Rubesburg because they dont
    have a library.
  • Irene Ridpath comes to town to look at the
    library and runs off the road and has a flat
    tire. She is shocked when she goes to Jakes to
    have it fixed and finds out that PeeWee is a girl
    whos real name is Eleanor!
  • Irenen, Grace Stutz, Lodelia Fulwider, and
    Geraldine Harrison are all soriety sister and
    students of Library Science at Butler U who come
    to town to apply for the job. All were daughters
    of wealthy men who offered the library many
    upgrades, so they were all hired together with no

Here Lies the Librarian
  • Irene befriends Peewee and sends her a letter in
    the mail, the first one
    Peewee has ever had! She also teaches her how a
    lady should
    act and what she should wear.
  • Peewee starts helping Irene to open the new
    library, when they
    go to retrieve books from the barn, Irene
    lets Peewee drive her
    Stoddard-Dayton, a very expensive car.
  • When the town opens the new library with a party,
    Irene sends Peewee
    a new lilac dress to wear. Some boys who want to
    cause a stir,
    put a toad in the punch which gets stepped on.
    Two of the townspeople are scared when they hear
    a toilet flush for the first time!
  • Graces Bearcat, another car, breaks down after
    her brakes are cut by the Kirbys, a mean bunch
    of brothers who fix cars also. In exchange for
    his services, Grace give him a Brush wooden
    chassis from the barn so Jake can build his own
  • The Kirbys steal work from Jake and also things
    from his garage. One night, they even set
    Peewees dogs tail on fire as they try to lure
    them away.
  • Jake and Peewee work on their car until it is
    finished and they name it the Peewee. They
    decide to enter it into the big Ten-Mile Auto
    race, but the night before, it is stolen. Grace
    loans him the Bearcat and becomes his sponsor.
  • At the auto race, the Kirby boys throw a wrench
    and hit Jake in the head, knocking him out of the
  • Peewee steps in and wins the auto race by
    crossing the finish line backwards! They do not
    give her the 50 prize money though because she
    is a girl, and girls dont race!
  • Jake moves to Indianapolis to work for Graces
    father at the Stutz Motor Car Company putting in
    electric headlamps, the new craze.
  • Peewee moves in with the Colonel and Aunt Hat
    until she finished high school, and Irene leaves
    to join the American Ambulance Field Service for
    the war. It is only then that Peewee learns that
    the Kirby boys didnt steal the car before the
    race, Irene and Grace had stolen it!
  • The book ends in 1978 when Al Unser has won his
    3rd Indianapolis 500 race and her sister in law
    Grace and she are watching the race.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  • Written by Betty Smith
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn begins on a Saturday
    afternoon in the
    summer of 1912 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where a
    tree called the Tree
    of Heaven grows amidst the tenement houses.
  • Francie Nolan is eleven years old, and she and
    her brother
    are collecting junk to exchange for pennies. The
    first child of Katie
    and Johnny Nolan, Francie loves her neighborhood.
  • This particular Saturday is typical. Francie runs
    many errands for her mother, makes a daily trip
    to the library, and spends a relaxing afternoon
    watching her neighbors from the fire escape.
    Although the Nolans live in a humble apartment in
    a run down section of town, they fill their home
    with warmth and love.
  • Johnny Nolan, a young Irish man, sings and waits
    tables for some extra money, but most of the
    financial support falls to Katie, who works as a
    janitor in the building in exchange for rent.
  • The beginning of Book II flashes back to a summer
    in 1900 when Katie and Johnny first met. Katie
    and her friend Hildy O'Dair worked in a factory,
    and Hildy dated a young boy named Johnny Nolan.
    When Katie first danced with Johnny, she made up
    her mind to endure any hardship, if she could
    only spend her life with Johnny. They fell in
    love and got married within six months. Katie
    came from a family of strong Austrian women
    Johnny was one of many weak and talented men in
    his family.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  • The young Johnny and Katie support themselves by
    working as
    janitors in a public school, but their lives
    become more
    stressful when Katie becomes pregnant.
  • A year after Francie is born, Katie gives birth
    to a boy, Neeley,
    who will be her favorite. The stress of living in
    poverty and
    having children causes Johnny to become weaker
    and undependable, while Katie's fighting instinct
    kicks in. Johnny's drinking problem gets worse
    and the Nolans move after a binge on his
    twenty-first birthday brings shame to their
  • They love their new apartment on Lorimer Street,
    and stay until Katie's sister, Sissy, makes some
    mistakes that shame the family. The house on
    Grand Street is the third and last of the
    Nolans's homes in Brooklyn.
  • Neeley and Francie start school the same year.
    Francie has anticipated school with great
    delight, but finds the neighborhood school cruel
    and mean. Her love for learning is juxtaposed
    with the cruelties of the teachers and other
    children. One day, Francie happens upon a
    beautiful school that she wishes she could
    attend. Johnny figures out a way for Francie to
    transfer to this kinder school, where rich
    children are not favored over poor children like
    Francie. Although she never makes many friends,
    school becomes a more positive place for Francie.
  • Growing up, Francie and Neeley enjoy all the
    holidays throughout the year. At this point in
    the book, the flashback ends, and we return to
    the point at which the book begins. Through many
    experiences, Francie loses the innocence that
    marks her character when the book begins. One of
    these experiences is the tree-throwing ritual.
    One Christmas, Francie and Neeley participate in
    an old Brooklyn tree-catching tradition. They
    remain standing while the biggest tree in the lot
    is thrown straight at them. Although they are
    thrilled with the thought of a Christmas tree,
    the reader understands the cruelty of this
    ritual, especially when Katie begins to worry
    that her children do not even know the hardship
    they live in.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  • Another loss of innocence occurs with Francie's
    run-in with a sex
    offender. Katie is prepared with a gun, and
    shoots the criminal,
    and Francie emerges relatively unscathed. Still,
    this is
    Francie's first experience with sex of any kind
    around this
    time, Francie also starts her period, and becomes
    more aware of
    the social taboos surrounding women's sexuality.
  • Francie becomes more aware of her father's
    problems with alcohol. As Francie grows up,
    Johnny comes home drunk more and more often.
    Little by little, he becomes more worthless as a
    breadwinner, and ultimately, his dismissal from
    the Union puts him over the edge.
  • Also, Katie is pregnant again, which the narrator
    suggests, makes Johnny all the weaker. Johnny
    dies Christmas Day, five months before his
    daughter, Annie Laurie, is born. Her father's
    death is an important event for Francie's
    character development. Up till this point,
    Francie has gone along with her family's Catholic
    traditions. Now, Francie stops believing in God.
  • She also respected her teachers a great deal, and
    her English marks especially were important to
    her. Now, Francie begins to write "sordid"
    compositions in response to her father's death.
    Although the teacher disapproves, Francie refuses
    comply with her order to burn her ugly
    compositions, and instead burns the flowery
    compositions that had nothing to do with
    Francie's life experiences.
  • Although Francie's attitudes toward school and
    religion may be seen as rebellious, she has not
    lost her sensitive, caring nature. Francie takes
    care of her mother in the few days before her
    delivery, and although she and Katie fight,
    Francie values her more, knowing the pain and
    suffering of losing a parent. At the same time,
    Katie can never replace Johnny for Francie.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  • Sissy accompanies Francie to her school
    graduation, where
    Francie finds red roses sent to her from
    Johnny, who gave
    Sissy the money for them two years before. At
    this moment, Francie
    grieves for all that she has lost--Johnny, and
    the innocence that
    disappeared when he died.
  • Francie and Neeley have to go to work the summer
    after eighth grade graduation, as Katie cannot
    support them all. Francie starts working in a
    factory and then gets a job in a clippings
    bureau, where she reads papers from all over the
    country, and learns about the world. One day, she
    and Neeley proudly present their first week's pay
    to Katie. Although Francie has a good job, she
    desperately wants to go to high school.
    Unfortunately, Katie allows Neeley to go back to
    school instead of Francie, since they can only
    afford to send one. The Nolans have more money
    now with Francie's job, and live more comfortably
    than they used to. Although Francie never does go
    to high school, she manages to enroll in college
    summer classes.
  • America enters World War I, and the world is
    changing. Technological advances allow Sissy to
    give birth to a live baby in a hospital.
  • One day Francie meets a young soldier, Lee Rynor
    who she falls in love with in 48 hours. Lee goes
    home and marries his fiancée before going to war,
    leaving Francie with a broken heart. Eventually,
    Francie finds that she enjoys the company of Ben
    Blake a successful boy she met at summer school.
  • The climax of the novel comes when Sergeant
    McShane asks Katie to marry him he is a good man
    who will make it possible for Laurie to grow up
    without hardship, and Francie and Neeley to go to
    college. The Nolans move out of their apartment
    the day before the wedding while Francie gets
    ready to leave for college at University of
    Michigan. And the Tree of Heaven in her yard
    keeps on growing.

  • Written by David Stahler, Jr.
  • Jacob is a young boy who is being raised in the
    utopian community of Harmony on a distant planet
    where everyone is blind, either by choice or by
  • While Jacob is playing with his friend Egan, he
    is hit by a horrible headache.
  • Eventually the headaches hurt less, but he starts
    to notice that he can see things, at first only
    shades and shapes, but then he starts to see
    clearly. The first thing he sees is a bug eating
    another bug.
  • Jacobs parents often fight, but he doesnt know
    why. When they do this, he hides in his room and
    listens to music from his metal music box. The
    music is a song that all children from Harmony
    know about children who grow up as flowers and
    are never picked.
  • Jacobs friend Delaney wants to leave Harmony,
    but since her father is the high counselor, she
  • One night during the food delivery when all
    citizens are supposed to be in their houses,
    Jacob sneaks out since he can see. He finds
    Delaney hiding on a hill trying to run away, they
    are caught so they both run. Later, Jacob hears
    that Delaney has died, yet there is no funeral or
    burial. With a finder, Jacob tries to find
    Delaney but cant so he knows she isnt dead.
  • Jacobs mother is devastated since Delaney was
    her best piano student.
  • Jacob finds out lots of things now that he can
    see. People are stealing food from the
    storehouse, his dad and the other field workers
    eat while they are picking, his mom and his dad
    dont really get along. He also knows that his
    mother is having an affair with the high
    counselor of Harmony after he sees them kissing
    in front of his house.

  • Jacob gets in trouble many times for not
    activating his sounder
    so others can hear him, but he doesnt need it
    anymore since he can see.
  • Jacob learned to recognize people by their faces
    now that he can see, not just the sound from
    their sounder. He knows Beth, a girl he likes,
    because she smells like lilac.
  • Jacob confides in his friend Egan that he can see
    and Egan tells his father. The police come to
    get Jacob and take him to the high councilor so a
    decision about his fate can be made. He cant
    live in Harmony like this since it makes people
    feel uncomfortable.
  • Jacob is taken to the ghostbox, a machine from
    earth, that can do surgery on him and take away
    his eyesight again.
  • Jacob learns however when the high counselor
    winks at him, that he can see as well, so he
    runs, knowing that they are not going to just fix
    his sight, they plan to kill him!
  • The book ends with Jacob running past the
    boundaries of Harmony to find Delaney and escape
    to a place where he can live with his eyesight,
    because he doesnt want to loose it now that he
    has it. He realizes that there is so much to
    see, if you only look.

The Land
  • Written by Mildred D. Taylor
  • Paul-Edward Logan is born on a plantation in
    Georgia to a
  • white man and his black mistress, a former
    slave. He has three white
    brotherstwo who are older and one who his
    own ageand one black sister. His father
    is a fair-minded man, and when Paul
    is little, he sees little difference between his
    life and the lives of his brothers, especially
    the youngest brother, Robert, who is his best
  • Throughout his childhood, Paul, who is only
    one-quarter black and can pass as white, is
    tormented by the black children who live on the
    plantation, especially a boy named Mitchell.
  • Eventually, Paul strikes a deal with Mitchell
    Paul will teach Mitchell how to read and write,
    and Mitchell will teach Paul how to fight. Their
    alliance is sealed when Paul takes the blame for
    Mitchell, who rides and injures one of Paul's
    father's best horses.
  • Shortly thereafter, Paul's father sends Paul to
    learn furniture making in Macon, and he sends
    Robert to a boy's school in Savannah. The two
    brothers, now immersed in separate worlds, begin
    to grow apart. This distance creates a developing
    rift, especially when Paul fights Robert and two
    of his white friends because they have beaten and
    hurt one of the family's horses. As a result,
    Paul's father whips Paul severely, not for
    fighting the boys, but for standing up to and
    striking white men.

The Land
  • Several years later, Paul and Mitchell accompany
    Paul's father to a horse
    fair in east Texas. Paul is an excellent rider,
    and a man, whose jockey is
    ill, asks Paul to ride in a horse
    race. When Paul's father does not permit
    him to race, Paul disobeys
    his father, partially because he feels his father
    has a double standard
    about kinship.
  • Paul wins the race but must flee on a train with
    Mitchell, both to escape his father's wrath and
    because Mitchell took money from the horse owner
    that should have gone to Paul.
  • The two young men work as horsemen on a farm in
    Mississippi and then work in a lumbering camp. In
    the lumbering camp, the boss, Jessup, resents
    Paul, who looks like a white man. Eventually, the
    pair leaves the lumbering camp in search of a
    better life, and the two part ways.
  • Paul ends up in Vicksburg, where he makes
    furniture for a friendly white storeowner. Paul
    carefully saves his money, determined to buy a
    tract of land south of Vicksburg. He meets an
    attractive and saucy young girl, Caroline, while
    making a rocker for her mother. He thinks about
    asking to court her, but before he can muster the
    nerve, he discovers that Caroline is betrothed to
    his dear friend Mitchell, who works at a
    lumbering camp nearby.

The Land
  • Impatient to begin his life as a landowner, Paul
    makes a deal with a miserly
    white man, Filmore Granger, to clear
    forty acres of timberland for the man
    in exchange for ownership
    of the forty acres.
  • Though this is not the land Paul wants to own, he
    hopes he can sell it later to buy the land he
    really desires.
  • Mitchell agrees to work with Paul in exchange for
    a share of the land.
  • Mitchell and Caroline get married, and the three
    begin a happy but demanding life that consists of
    clearing trees from the land. They are
    occasionally harassed, particularly by a poor
    white man named Digger Wallace, a worthless
  • Finally, the land Paul dreams of owning goes on
    sale, and Paul stakes everything he has to buy
    200 acres. Just after he makes the deal, however,
    Digger Wallace shoots and kills Mitchell. Paul
    and Caroline work desperately, selling off their
    belongings one by one to make payments on the 200
    acres. When Granger rescinds his deal and seizes
    ownership of the forty acres, Paul and Caroline
    are ready to surrender.
  • Just before they must leave the forty acres and
    foreclose on the 200, Robert appears with a
    letter from Paul's sister, Cassie. Inside the
    letter is Paul's inheritance from his mother and
    money that Cassie had savedmore than enough to
    pay for the land.
  • Paul and Caroline get married and move onto the
    200 acres together.

Surviving the Applewhites
  • Written by Stephanie Tolan
  • Jake Semple is a scary kid, word has it that he
    burned down his old school
    and was kicked out of every other one in him
  • Since his parents are in jail, he has been sent
    to live with his grandfather
    in Traybridge, North Carolina but he has thrown
    him out too!
  • The only place that will take him is a home
    school named the Creative Academy, run by the
    most outrageous, forgetful, chaotic, quarrelsome
    family youll ever meet, the Applewhites.
  • E.D., pronounced E period, D period, NOT Edie is
    named after her mothers favorite writer Edith
    Wharton. She is the most organized in the
    family. She as 2 brothers and one sister.
    Cordelia is a dancer, Hal is a reclusive artist
    who stays in his room to build, and Destiny is
    the little brother who is into everything!
  • Aunt Lucille is a poet, Uncle Archie makes
    furniture, Zebediah is the patriarch, Sybil her
    mother is an author, and Randolph her father is a
  • At Wits End, each child is responsible for their
    own learning, but Jake must shadow E.D. and do
    what she does. Her project is collecting
    butterflies and categorizing them. E.D. does not
    want Jake to learn with her since her project is
    almost done. She only has to find one more
  • Aunt Lucille thinks Jake will be fine though
    because he is a radiant light being.
  • Jake does come up with his own teaching
    opportunity project, watching real caterpillars
    turn into butterflies. E.D. is furious however
    because she hadnt thought of it first.

Surviving the Applewhites
  • Jeremy Bernstein comes to interview Sybil about
    her new novel she is
    writing. Instead he gets to meet the whole
    family and is fascinated that
    they all are related. As he is leaving Wits
    End, his car collides with
    Randolphs and he is forced to stay until it
    can be fixed.
  • E.D. is upset with Jeremy Bernstein in the house
    because he is always on the computer and she
    cant get her math work finished.
  • Jake and Destiny form a friendship and suddenly
    Destiny wants to be like him, he even puts wheat
    paste in his hair to make it spike up like
    Jakes. He even wants to die it purple!
  • The family dog, Winston, also loves Jake and will
    howl anytime he leaves! This drives all of the
    Applewhite artist crazy!
  • Randolph is asked to direct the towns play of
    The Sound of Music. Jeremy thinks its wonderful
    how Randolph is casting a color blind version!
  • When he cant find anyone who is good enough to
    play the part, he puts Jake in the play because
    he can sing magnificent.
  • Jake and Destiny go to every practice together,
    but one night while Destiny is bored, he uses
    Jakes cigarette lighter and starts a fire in the
    trashcan at the theater.
  • Eventually Randolph offends all members of the
    cast and is forced to cancel the play. Since
    E.D. cant stand for all the hard work to be
    wasted, she decides to organize it herself and
    put it on in the barn at Wits end. Cornelia
    does the choreography, Lucille and Sybil make the
    costumes, Hal, Zebediah and Archie make the stage
    and props, while Jeremy plays the accordion.
  • In the end, Jake is honored to be in the play
    which receives wonderful reviews, and he knows
    that he will somehow find a way to be on stage

My Dog Skip
  • Written by Willie Morris
  • Willie grew up in a small town
  • in Mississippi in 1943.
  • His dad bought him an English Smooth Haired Fox
  • Terrier. He ordered him from a breeder in
    Springfield Missouri.
  • He named him Skipper, but Willie called him Skip.
  • To Willie, Skip was no ordinary dog.
  • Skip understood what Willie would say to him.
    He knew what it meant when Willie would ask him
    to do things.
  • Skip did not like dog food. He
  • ate mayonnaise and Ketchup sandwiches, squirrel
    dumplings, cotton candy, chicken livers , chicken
    gizzards, Moonpies, raisin bran, and most of all
    sliced bologna.
  • Willie made a leather pouch for Skip. He would
    put a quarter in the pouch and tell Skip Go see
    Bozo and get you some bologna and he would go
    to the grocery store and return with sliced
    bologna in his teeth.
  • During this time it was normal for 13 yr old to
    drive. So Willies favorite trick was to drive
    his dads old De Soto car and prop Skip up on the
    steering wheel and make it look like a dog was
  • Skip almost died after getting into some poison.
  • and his Dad had to drive 40 miles to Jackson to
  • animal clinic.
  • Willie and the boys time Skip running the 100 yd.
  • He ran it in 7.8 seconds. They believed it was a
    world record.

My Dog Skip
  • Skip was Willies partner is mischief.
  • He tied a cardboard skeleton to Skip
  • the night they scared John Abner in the
  • Willie played his trumpet to make a howling
  • Skip and Willie brought a cow into the school
    auditorium and tied it to a chair to scare the
    teachers during play practice.
  • Skip loved to play football. Willie taught him
    how to be in the huddle, how to do the Statue of
    Liberty play. Willie cut the laces of the
    football so Skip could carry it in his teeth.
  • Willie and Skip spent the night in the graveyard
    as part of a bet. They ran into some drunken
    grave robbers. They made Willie drink a beer.
    When he awoke the next morning they had stolen
    his tent, canteen, and all his supplies.
  • Telephone numbers were short1, 27, 243.
  • During the summer time was marked by the Noon
    whistle at the sawmill.
  • Love and loyalty are the best things of all and
    the most lasting. Thats what he taught me

My Dog Skip
  • Rivers Applewhite is a girl that Willie has known
  • since they were 2 yrs old. He has a crush on her.
  • She is the one who saved Willie from the Writing
  • Spider the night of the Chinaberry fight.
  • A half-starved kitten showed up one day. Willie
    called Rivers
  • because his family was a dog family. She
    brought a bottle, canned milk, and ointment for
    the kitten. She named it Baby. She and Skip
    nursed it, but then one day it died.
  • Skips contributions to the World War II efforts
    was picking up cigarette boxes. The needed the
    foil. The Camel boxes were the best. If you
    collected enough foil, you could get into the
    Kiddie Matinee at the Dixie Theatre for free. The
    manager let Skip into the movies along with the
    boys because had helped to find the cigarette
    boxes too.
  • In the summers, Willie and Skip would go to
    Jackson to visit his grandparents, and great
  • Grandpa Percy worked in a potato chip factory.
    They went to work with him one day and ate chips
    from 9 AM- 4 PM. They drank a gallon of water for
    dinner because of all the salt and grease.
  • Time is a Tricky Fellow- Lewis Carroll
  • One Winter, Will took Skip sledding down the hill
  • in the cemetery. The snow lasted 4 days.
  • At Christmas dinner at Grandmas they ate
  • ambrosia, roasted pecans, and mincemeat pies
    among the traditional foods.
  • Willies room was adorned (decorated) with
    college pennants (banners), a cow horn, 1946
    Cardinals Baseball photo, an old baseball glove,
    a rattlesnake rattle, Books from Mark Twain, Zane
    Gray, Charles Dickens, and Edgar Allen Poe, and
    pieces of dried mud from a riverbed.

My Dog Skip
  • Skip got pinched on the nose by a crawdad
  • while playing in the river.
  • Willie is a boy scout. He is always talking about
    his pledge, honor,
  • and duty.
  • A tornado went through Main St. one day while
    they were at the
  • movies. It carried bicycles through the air.
  • Willie got detention for throwing spitballs at a
    girl in class. Skip came to school one day
    looking for him when he didnt come home, and he
    growled at Miss Abbott, the teacher. She threw a
    Readers Digest book at him. As a result, Willie
    got an extra week of detention.
  • Grandpa Percy tried to always keep up with Willie
    and Skip. He wished he could be a boy again. They
    were climb trees, and they even walked down to
    the POW (Prisoners of War) camp and looked at the
    soldiers through the fence. One of the prisoners
    petted Skip through the fen
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