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History of Rap


History of Rap The New Movement What is Rap? Spoken words with an underlying rhythm consisting of bass, drums and keyboard sounds. Accents in the speaking parts are ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: History of Rap

History of Rap
  • The New Movement

What is Rap?
  • Spoken words with an underlying rhythm consisting
    of bass, drums and keyboard sounds.
  • Accents in the speaking parts are very important.

In the Beginning.
  • Rap is not a new idea that sprung up in the
    music industry in the 80s and 90s. In fact, it
    has been evolving for decades.
  • Raps roots can be traced to the following

Cab Calloway
  • Known for his signature Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-ho
    chant from Minnie the Moocher.
  • Used call and response with his audience.
  • Call and response was a major part in Jazz and is
    one of the foundations of rap.

Charlie Daniels
  • Utilized a monologue-style in their music.
  • Monologue means to speak as group or by oneself
    prior to a song beginning. Example is Saturday
    Night Live or Jay Leno.

African Rhythms
  • These complex rhythms have long been a form of
  • The very root a rap and hip hop is the rhythm- in
    words and in the music that accompanies it.

The Birth of the Disc Jockey
  • Back in the 60s young DJs like Kool DJ Herc, DJ
    Lovebug Starski would push huge speakers down
    blocks, mixing records at block parties and
    playing with turntables. Lovebug was credited
    with being the first to move the record with his
    hands to make weird sounds with the needle.

  • The same DJs went from the block corner into the
  • Joseph Saddler had 2 copies of the same records
    and 2 turn tables. He would switch from one to
    another repeating the selected grooves.
  • Afrika Bambaata coins the term Hip Hop for his

A Major Hill
  • The first rap recordings were in 1979. The
    Fatback Band recorded King Tim III and the
    Sugar Hill Gang recorded Rappers Delight.
  • Rappers Delight would go onto be a huge popular
    success and lead the way for all future raps.
  • Mr. Magics Rap Attack would become the first
    hip-hop radio show.

Paving the way
  • Funky 4 1 more is the first rap group that
    contained a female MC
  • First rap group to perform on SNL song- Thats
    the Joint.
  • Released one of the longest rap singles ever at
    over 15 minutes in full length.

A Shade of Blonde
  • Blondie was enjoying success as a pop musician.
    Her single Rapture which came out in the early
  • First female to release a rap song.

Politics Take Center Stage
  • The Message is the first political rap
    performed by Grand Master Flash.
  • Launched the era of using rap to communicate
    strong, and at times, controversial beliefs.

Run, Baby, Run
  • Run-DMC was the first group to become
    commercially successful over a period of time.
  • Created the Adidas shoe fad in which they were
    worn without shoelaces.

Thats Def
  • Def Jam records is formed by Russell Simons and
    Rick Ruben.
  • Sign LL Cool J releases I Need Beat
  • LLs first song was recorded in his college dorm

Movies Dancing
  • Break dancing is a new style of dance and takes
    the country by storm.
  • Movies are released showing the hip hop
  • Beat Street
  • Breakin
  • Wild Style

Sweetened Tea
  • Ice-T leads the way with Gangsta Rap with the
    song Cop Killers
  • NWA follows up with F tha Police this is the
    first song to receive a letter by the FBI
    resenting the song.
  • Majority of gangsta rap were about what was going
    on their communities drugs, money, women and cop

Sample This
  • 1986 sampling is born.
  • A Sampler is an electronic device which can
    precisely replicate an existing sound or track of

Problems Occur
  • People are stealing and not giving credit to the
    original person.
  • Musicians were being replaced with electronic

Listen to guitar riff
Listen to guitar riff
Listen to Bass Riff
Listen to Bass Riff
Legal issues
  • Due to the legal implications which began to
    emerge due to this practice, this became the not
    so cool thing to do. Although samples can still
    be found during this time, rap/hip hop musicians
    began to do more with adding their own nuances
    and even adding harmonies and additional

Law suite
  • The first major law suite occurred when Queen
    would sue Vanilla Ice for stealing their music.

Dont Change
  • Another practice became to utilize a pre-recorded
    song, either partially or entirely, to re-record
    a rap/hip hop song.

Arrested Development
Stevie Wonder
Mixing It Up
  • Rap legends Run DMC collaborate with Rock legends
  • Walk This Way was a huge rock hit in the 70s
    and became a huge hip hop.
  • Helped throw rap into the mainstream.

Yo Yo Yo
  • 1988 Yo! MTV Raps debuts on MTV.
  • Up until this point, rap music did not have a
    white audience. MTV made rap accessible and
    desirable to all youth, black and white.

Ladies take the stage
  • MC Lyte
  • Yo Yo
  • Queen Latefiah drops her mega hit Ladies First
    and paves the way for all future female rappers

Too Legit
  • 1989 MTV recognizes rap as a legitimate award
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince Parents Just
    Dont Understand is the first award recipient.

Boys will be Boys
  • Hard Rock and rap now mix together in one group.
  • Beastie Boys burst onto the scene with their
    smash hit Fight For Your Right

We All Have Enemies
  • Public Enemy became the most influential
    political rap groups of all time.
  • Bring the Noise calls for the African American
    people to stand up for their rights and bring a
    stop to their suffering.

West-ward Bound
  • West Coast rap saw a rise in 1991.
  • Dr. Dre (formely of NWA) introduces the world to
    Snoop Dog.
  • They would call it G Funk or Gangsta Funk.

Will Smith
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air gives a hip hop artists
    his own tv show.
  • Will Smith would later go onto become one of the
    most prolific actors/artists of our time.

East Side
  • East Coast Rap takes shape in the early-mid 90s.
  • It is less violent, more dance-able and more up

2 Stars Die
  • West Coast and East Coast rappers spend many
    years dissing each other in their songs.
  • Unsolved drive-by shootings to two of raps
    biggest stars would shake the world of music.
  • Tu Pac is shot on the Las Vegas Strip in 1996.
    B.I.G. is shot outside an Automotive Museum Party
    in 1997.

  • Missy Elliot Releases her debut album Supa Dupa
    Fly and redefine hip hop/RB.
  • She would later go on to become the best selling
    female rapper of all time.

  • 1998 Jay-Z samples the Broadway musical Annie
    and sells 5 million records with the song Hard
    Knock Life.
  • This song single handedly throws Jay-Z into a
    pop icon.

The Real Slim
  • Eminem is discovered by Dr. Dre in 1999.
  • Eminem zooms past racial hurdles and sells 4
    million copies of his LP The Real Slim Shady.

Where We Are Today
  • Outkast brought a new sound to the game.
  • Ludacris rises up the Dirty South with his
    style of rap.
  • Nelly emerges with the St. Louis style of rap.

  • Rap music will always contain a message. Some
    will be about social issues, political issues,
    economic issues. Some will be positive, some
    negative. No matter the message, the beat, the
    singer, rap is a solidified, legitimate form of
    musical expression and it is here to stay.
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