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How to Write A News Story Easily?


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to Write A News Story Easily?

  • How to Write A News Story Easily?

And We Will See
  • How to find a suitable topic?
  • How can I start with a story?
  • How to write different kinds of topics?
  • How to make my story attractive?
  • Example if possible

How to Find A Suitable Topic? News Value
  • ???(timeliness)????(freshness)(2 weeks, 3 months)
  • ???(importance, consequence, impact or
  • ???(prominence)
  • ordinary person(s) usual occurrence(s) ?
    news (?????? ? ??)
  • ordinary person(s) unusual occurrence(s)
    news (??????? ??)
  • extraordinary person(s) usual
    occurrence(s) news (??????? ??)
  • extraordinary person(s) unusual
    occurrence(s) good/big news (???????? ?/???)
  • ???(nearness, proximity or locality)
  • ???(unusualness, bizarreness, oddity or novelty)
  • ???(interest)

What Do We Have?
  • CAS Events
  • International Cooperation News
  • Research Progress
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Join Us

And We Choose These CAS Events
  • ?????????????
  • ???????(mega-projects, milestone item,
  • ???????????
  • ???????????
  • ?????????(??????????)
  • ???????(Nomination, Dismissal, Pass-away)
  • ????????????(?????????????)
  • ???????????????????
  • ??????????
  • ?????????????????????????

And We Choose These International Cooperation
  • ?????????
  • ???????/????????????????????????
  • ????????????????
  • ??????????
  • ??????????????????
  • ????????????(???????????????)?

And We Choose These Research Progress
  • ??????????????????
  • ??????(??/??)????????????
  • ??????????????/?????????
  • ????????
  • ???????
  • ?????????

So We Start Our Story
Write An Attractive Headline
  • ??( brief ) ??( accurate ) ??( eye-catching )
    1216 words
  • ????????????????????(over-abstractness)
  • Frequently Use
  • active voice/ ellipsis/ inverted syntactic
    structure/ present tense/ punctuation / acronym
    / idiom / figure of speech

Write An Attractive Headline
  • About Tense
  • ?????????????????
  • ???? ????
  • ????? ? ?????
  • ????? ? ?????
  • ????? ? ?????
  • ????? ? ????
  • ????? ? ?????

Write An Attractive Headline
  • How to?
  • ??????????????,????
  • ????/???????????????,????????????????,????
  • ????????????????
  • ??????????????

Write An Attractive Headline
  • Any TIPs?
  • ????????,??????????(V-ing, V-ed)????????????????
  • ????????,?????/?
  • ?????????????????
  • ??????(??????????)
  • ??????????????????
  • ( eg No Wires, No Rules)

Write An Attractive Headline
  • Lets have a try
  • At long last, scientists have laid to rest the
    vicious rumors that Earth is getting fatter.
  • Since Darwin's time, scientists have
    speculated the planet might be expanding or
    contracting. Even with the acceptance of plate
    tectonics half a century ago, which explained the
    large-scale motions of Earth's outermost shell,
    the accusations persisted some Earth and space
    scientists continued to speculate on Earth's
    possible expansion or contraction on various
    scientific grounds.
  • Now, those speculations and rumors have been
    put to rest.
  • Earth Isn't Expanding, Scientists Say
  • A giant new Russian space telescope on Saturday
    unfurled its dish-like antenna which will observe
    radio waves from galaxies and black holes
    billions of light years away.
  • Russian Space Telescope Unfurls Giant Antenna

Write An Attractive Headline
  • Is Your Headline Attractive?
  • (New/Significant) Achievements in/on/about Made
  • (New/Important) Progress in/on/about Made by
  • (New/Key) Advancements in/on/about Made by
  • Achieved Major Breakthrough in/on
  • Signing Ceremony Held in
  • Dr./Professor Visit/Pay a Visit to
  • Conference/Meeting Held Successfully in

Use A Strong Lead
  • ??????????
  • ????????,??????(?????????,??????????)
  • ?????(direct lead)?????????? ???(delayed

Fresh Important Elements
Use A Strong Lead
  • One paragraph, most basic questions
  • WHY HOW is usually regarded as details
  • something started/ended/ took place/held
  • NOT interesting for readers

Use A Strong Lead
  • 2575 words, normally 3545, one sentence
  • Active voice
  • Usu. compound or complex sentence, or both
  • Use prepositional phrases to offer background
  • Use concrete nouns and colourful verbs.

Use A Strong Lead
  • How to?
  • Distill from mass of facts, figures and
    quotations, best express the meaning of the story
  • Write this statement in a way that will give it
    maximum impact on the reader

Use A Strong Lead
  • Answer these question and compose a lead
  • What was unique or important about the thing that
  • Who was involved who did it or who said it?
  • Is a direct or a delayed lead best?
  • Is there a colourful word or dramatic phrase I
    want to work into the lead?
  • What is the subject, and what verb will best move
    the reader into the story?

Use A Strong Lead
  • TIPs?
  • ????????????????????????????(The obvious and
    routine procedures should never be stated as news
    elements in leads.)
  • Four Cs
  • Correctness/Accuracy
  • Clarity clear, precise language, no ambiguity
  • Conciseness only necessary information
  • Colour form an image of language through

Use A Strong Lead
  • Lets have a try?
  • Astronomers have discovered the largest and
    oldest mass of water ever detected in the
    universe a gigantic, 12-billion-year-old cloud
    harboring 140 trillion times more water than all
    of Earth's oceans combined.
  • The Brazilian government is due this month in
    China to sign an agreement with the Chinese
    Academy of Sciences for construction of a
    nanotechnology centre in Campinas, in the
    Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, which will be set
    up in the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Technology
    Association (ABTLuS).

Use A Strong Lead
  • What about your lead? Is it interesting?
  • The review on authored by the
    surface/interface research group at the State Key
    Laboratory of has been published in the
    latest issue of Journal of . It is highlighted
    by the journal and is one of the top ten
    most-read articles from the online version of the
    journal for May 2011.
  • Co-sponsored and organized by and , ,
    the International Symposium on was held in
    Beijing from to , 2011.
  • On June 17th, the project jointly completed
    by and was passed the project acceptance
    and result appraisal organized by .

Use A Strong Lead
  • What we DO NOT accept
  • Focus ??????????????(we focus on RESEARCH, NOT
  • ?????/???,??????????/?????
  • ???,???????????(???,?????????????),???
  • A delegation of people from the Bureau of ,
    led by , visited , and carried out exchange
    and cooperation on on July 27. Members of the
    delegation included Mr. , Head of , Mr.
    , Chairman of , and other colleagues.
  • On July , Institute celebrated years of
    "Working Hard, Striving Together, and Innovating
    Beyond." On the same day, the 2011 Annual
    Conference of was held. More than one thousand
    scholars, researchers, and students engaged in
    discussions on , while taking part in the
    celebration of the founding of . The attendees
    came from , University, University,
    University and the University of in Germany,
    the University of in Canada, the International
    Union, the Association of American and other
    research institutions in the world.

Form An Inverted Body
  • What is inverted pyramid structure?

Most Important Information
Next Most Important Information
More Information
Supporting information/background
Less Important Information
Minor Details
Least Important Info
Adopt An Inverted Body
  • Structure of a news story
  • (300500 words, 23 sentences per para)
  • Lead most basic questions (1 paragraph)
  • Off-lead the rest, specific info, immediate
    follow-up (2-3 paras)
  • Nut answer to so what (why the news is
    important) (1 para)
  • Necessary Background bio-info, definitions,
    history (1 para)
  • Summary direct quote if there is
  • More basic info, secondary or less important
    materials, statistics
  • Explanations or comments experts, affected

  • HK Experts Identify Gene That Promotes Liver
    Cancer Growth
  • A recently-discovered gene may be responsible for
    the proliferation of liver cancer cells, a study
    in Hong Kong has found, and researchers hope this
    finding may offer new ideas for therapy.
  • In a paper published in the Journal of Clinical
    Investigation, the researchers said the gene
    needed to be switched on by the male sex hormone
    androgen - which explains why many more men than
    women are afflicted by this disease.
  • Through analyzing liver cancer tissues of
    patients, researchers at the Chinese University
    in Hong Kong found that most of them shared an
    extraordinarily active gene, called Cell
    Cycle-Related Kinase (CCRK).
  • "This gene is normally asleep, but we found that
    androgen receptors come by and nudge it awake.
    Once awake, the CCRK gene induces growth of liver
    cells," Alfred Cheng, research associate
    professor at the university's Institute of
    Digestive Disease, told Reuters late on Tuesday.
  • "Apart from triggering a growth in liver cells,
    it can also transform normal liver cells into
    tumor cells.
  • "CCRK was only recently discovered. We have few
    details about this gene and we are one of the
    first groups to study it.
  • Cheng and colleagues introduced the gene into
    liver cancer cells and saw how they proliferated
    wildly on laboratory dishes, while liver cancer
    cells without the gene grew only modestly.
  • They replicated the experiment in animals,
    injecting liver cancer cells containing the CCRK
    gene into the right side of the bodies of mice,
    while liver cancer cells without the gene were
    injected into the left. Tumors later developed
    only on the right side of the rodents.
  • Cheng said more studies were needed to confirm
    the function of this gene and figure out ways to
    disable it.
  • "This CCRK gene can be an important target for
    liver cancer control if we can find a way to
    lower its expression, or block it and not allow
    it to perform at all. Then we can reduce the
    development of liver cancer," he said.
  • Liver cancer is the third leading cancer killer
    in the world, accounting for 700,000 deaths in
    2008. It is especially prevalent in East Asia,
    particularly China.
  • A direct causal agent for liver cancer is the
    hepatitis B virus, carried by 10 percent of the
    population in China. In some places in China and
    Japan, men are three to seven times more likely
    to develop liver cancer than women.

Adopt An Inverted Body
  • How to report a meeting?
  • Does it have
  • VIPs?
  • Significant Achievements?
  • Interesting Details?
  • Attractive remarks?
  • Use the above-mentioned elements to organize your
  • DO NOT pile up a series of big and small about
    the meeting!!!

Adopt An Inverted Body
  • Suggested Style
  • Lead ?????????????????????????
  • Body ????? ???????????,?????????????
    ???? ????????
  • Ending ????

  • LU Yongxiang Economic Crisis Harbors
    Significant Scientific Innovation
  • "The world is facing an era of science and
    technology innovation and revolution currently,
    said LU Yongxiang, president of the Chinese
    Academy of Sciences, recently during a
  • The conclusion comes out based on three factors
    according to LU. First, global economic crises
    often give birth to significant science and
    technology innovation and revolution in modern
    history. Second, acute conflict between the rapid
    economic growth and the limited natural resources
    calls the breakthrough and revolution of science
    and technology. Thirdly, science has subsided for
    more than 60 years while the cycles of technology
    revolution have been shortened greatly. Signs for
    science and technology revolution are abundant
    and highly visible, he said. 
  • The development pattern of China is still highly
    problematic. Economic growth depends seriously on
    investment, export and manufacture that consumes
    large amount of natural resources and unskilled
    workers, said Lu. Science and technology
    innovation must address national need of
    sustainable development.  
  • Financial crisis may bring favourable turn for
    Chinese science and technology growth, according
    to Lu. He said that CAS is considering carrying
    out the Third Phase of the Innovation Project to
    face possible challenge of the coming science and
    technology revolution.  
  • The Innovation Project of CAS was first put
    forward against the setting of Asian financial
    crisis in 1997.

Adopt An Inverted Body
  • How to report a visit?
  • Does it have
  • VIPs? (famous prize-winners, national
    delegation, masters)
  • New Achievements?
  • Agreements on Research?
  • Co-op projects(equipments, labs, sites,
    constructions, etc)?
  • Use the above-mentioned elements to organize your
  • DO NOT pile up schedules, speeches, ceremonies,

  • China, DPRK to Boost Renewable Energy Co-op
  • China and the Democratic People's Republic of
    Korea (DPRK) have agreed to share their
    experience and beef up cooperation in exploring
    and utilizing renewable energy.
  • The agreement was made during a meeting on
    Wednesday between senior Communist Party of China
    (CPC) official Zhou Yongkang and a delegation
    from the Korean Workers Party (KWP), led by Thae
    Jong Su, an alternate member of the KWP's
    Political Bureau and member of the Secretariat.
  • Thae told Zhou that the main purpose of his
    current China trip is to learn from China's
    experience in developing geothermal resources, as
    specified by the DPRK's top leader, Kim Jong-il.
  • The DPRK hopes to use geothermal energy in its
    efforts to develop its economy and build a strong
    and prosperous country, Thae said.
  • Zhou, a member of the Standing Committee of the
    CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, told Thae
    that China would like to enhance its exchanges
    with the DPRK in the field in order to jointly
    improve their capability to develop and utilize
    renewable energy.
  • "I once worked in China's oil industry for a long
    time, so I fully understood the importance of
    energy to a country," said Zhou, who is also
    secretary of the Political Science and Law
    Committee of the CPC Central Committee.

  • China, DPRK to Boost Renewable Energy Co-op
  • Zhou served as vice minister of the Ministry of
    the Petroleum Industry from 1985 to 1988 and went
    on to work as deputy general manager of the China
    National Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation
    from 1988 to 1996.
  • He said China has been actively promoting reforms
    in its energy sector during the country's 12th
    Five-year Plan period (2011-2015).
  • Hailing the sound momentum of China-DPRK
    relations, Zhou recalled Kim's successful visit
    to China earlier this year, during which Kim
    exchanged views with President Hu Jintao on major
    issues of common concern.
  • Kim also sent a congratulatory letter to Hu
    regarding the 90th anniversary of the CPC's
    founding, Zhou said.
  • "We are glad to see that the two sides have
    engaged in high-level exchanges and substantial
    cooperation in various areas and made concerted
    efforts for common development and regional peace
    and stability," he said.
  • Thae also conveyed greetings from Kim to Hu
    during the meeting.
  • The DPRK delegation is visiting China from July 5
    to 9 at the invitation of the International
    Department of the CPC Central Committee.
  • Senior CPC official Liu Qi also met with the
    delegation later Wednesday afternoon.

Adopt An Inverted Body
  • How to report international cooperation projects?
  • Distill the following info from your materials
  • What project by who and who starting from when?
  • What does the project planning to do?
  • What will both sides provide to support/carry
    out the project?
  • Are there one or two sentences of quote from
    concerned VIPs?
  • Against what background? First time, or the
    second/th stage?
  • Maybe the signing ceremony, the impact or other
    minor details
  • Use the above-mentioned elements to organize your
  • DO NOT pile up attendees, speeches, ceremonies,

  • Max Planck Society Steps up Cooperation with
  • The new Max Planck Center will broaden the scale
    of cooperation with India in the field of
    computer sciences.
  • "The goal is to create a center of excellence
    which not only engages in top-level research but
    also opens up career opportunities for young
    scientists in India," says Peter Gruss, President
    of the Max Planck Society. At the same time the
    project aims to help outstanding foreign guest
    scientists at Max Planck Institutes to establish
    themselves scientifically in their home country
    and maintain a long-term connection with the
    institutes of the Max Planck Society.
  • German Federal President Horst Köhler will join
    with India's Minister for Science Technology
    Prithviraj Chavan in inaugurating the Max Planck
    Center at the Indian Institute of Technology in
    Delhi on February 3rd. The Center comprises six
    Indo-German research groups four more are due to
    be added after a period of twelve months. In the
    coming five years these groups will receive
    around 1.1 million euros in funding from the
    German Federal Ministry for Education and
    Research (BMBF) and an additional two million
    euros from India's Department of Science and
    Technology (DST).

  • Max Planck Society Steps up Cooperation with
  • Overview of the new research groups
  • Algorithm Group at the Indian Institute of
    Technology (IIT) in Delhi
  • Partner Max Planck Institute for Computer
  • Graphics and Vision Group at the Indian
    Institute of Technology in Delhi
  • Partner Max Planck Institute for Computer
  • Data Management Group at the Indian Institute of
    Technology in Mumbai
  • Partner Max Planck Institute for Computer
  • Network Group at the Indian Institute of
    Technology in Madras
  • Partner Max Planck Institute for Computer
  • Algorithms and Complexity Group at the Indian
    Institute of Technology in Kanpur
  • Partner Max Planck Institute for Computer
  • Algorithm Group at the TATA Institute for
    Fundamental Research in Mumbai
  • Partner Max Planck Institute for Computer Science

  • Max Planck Society Steps up Cooperation with
  • The joint scientific program is intended to
    encourage the exchange of post-docs and promote
    shared workshops and training activities, for
    example in the context of the International Max
    Planck Research Schools (IMPRS). There are also
    plans to integrate scientists from other
    institutions as associate partners and provide
    mutual access to research institutes and
  • "India represents a special area of emphasis for
    the Max Planck Society and its international
    relations activities," explains Felix Kahle, who
    represents the Max Planck Society in Delhi. For
    example, there are an increasing number of
    outstanding Indian institutes working in
    scientific fields in which Max Planck Institutes
    are seeking partners on a worldwide basis. In
    2008 some 557 junior and visiting scientists came
    from India, representing an increase of more than
    80 percent over the past five years. More than
    1/10 of the foreign doctoral students at Max
    Planck Institutes now hail from the
    sub-continent. Many of them are engaged in
    research at International Max Planck Research
    Schools. The 120 Indian students participating in
    this program constitute the largest group from
    any one foreign country.
  • Outstanding scientists also continue to receive
    support after their return to their home country
    through the medium of Partner Groups. Currently,
    there are 14 of such groups in India, more than
    in any other country. "It is a matter of
    particular concern to the Max Planck Society that
    we should support foreign guest scientists at our
    institutes in establishing themselves
    scientifically in their home countries in order
    to preserve long-term ties between them and the
    Max Planck Institutes. This is of benefit to both
    sides," explains Kurt Mehlhorn, Director at the
    Max Planck Institute in Saarbrücken. Prof.
    Mehlhorn will head the Center together with
    Naveen Garg of the Indian Institute of Technology
    (IIT) in Delhi.

Adopt An Inverted Body
  • How to report a ceremony?
  • Opening ceremony, foundation-laying, closing
    ceremony, check and acceptance
  • If opening ceremony, laying foundation () then
    it starts
  • If closing ceremony, check acceptance (), then
    it completes
  • DO NOT pile up attendees, schedules, speeches,

  • China, France Strengthen Cooperation on
    Prevention against Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) starts a
    Sino-France bio-safety laboratory Zhengdian
    Laboratory in Wuhan on June 30, marking a new
    phase of collaboration between China and France
    on prevention against emerging infectious
  • The laboratory will serve as a new workbench for
    China and France to carry our joint research
    projects, advance cooperation on prevention
    against emerging infectious diseases.
  • The Zhengdian Laboratory is jointly built and
    managed by CAS and Health Ministry of China. The
    establishment of the lab will not only enhance
    the research capacity of Wuhan Institute of
    Virology, but provide ST support for infectious
    disease prevention and control as well as the
    construction of biological safety research system
    in China and the globe.
  • The cornerstone-laying ceremony of the lab was
    presided by LI Jiayang, Vice President of the CAS
    and attracted over 200 attendees from China and
    France, including China's Health Minister CHEN
    Zhu, CAS President BAI Chunli, and Sylvie-Agnès
    BERMANN, French ambassador to China.
  • China and France have carried out a series of
    cooperation in research projects, personnel
    training, and regulation formulation under the
    cooperation agreement on prevention against
    emerging infectious diseases signed in 2004
    between the two countries.

Adopt An Inverted Body
  • How to report research progress?
  • Structure Tell it like a real news story with
    lead, off-lead, research process details,
    conclusions, etc. (NOT Science Report)
  • Complete News Elements Five Ws and One H
  • Simple but not CRUDE
  • Use the abstract properly, rewrite it
  • Contact of researchers if possible.

  • Digital versus Analog Control over Cortical
  • In the cerebral cortex, the balance between
    excitation (pyramidal neurons) and inhibition
    (interneurons) is thought to be mediated by the
    primary mode of neuronal communication
    "all-or-none" action potentials, or spikes.
    However, Dr. SHU Yousheng's research group at the
    Institute of Neuroscience of Chinese Academy of
    Sciences has discovered a new strategy by which
    the cortex can maintain this balance, by showing
    that the amount of inhibition depends on the
    membrane potentials (Vm) in pyramidal cells,
    which represents an "analog" strategy. Their
    results will be published next week in the
    online, open access journal PLoS Biology.
  • The cortex consists of recurrent networks, where
    pyramidal cells send action potentials down their
    axons to excite interneurons, which in turn
    inhibit the pyramidal cells through disynaptic
    inhibitory postsynaptic potentials (IPSPs). This
    back-and-forth process serves to keep a stable
    excitation/inhibition ratio critical for proper
    cortical function. In the classic view, these
    action potentials are delivered if and only if
    the Vm crosses a certain threshold and are
    invariable in their shape, which is the
    all-or-none fashion of rapid neuron-to-neuron
    communication. But is there an analog component?
  • Using paired recording from two pyramidal cells
    within a recurrent circuit, Dr. SHU and
    colleagues discovered that a slight positive
    shift (depolarization) in Vm of the first
    pyramidal cell could increase the disynaptic
    IPSPs received by the second one. In other words,
    this study provides the first evidence
    demonstrating that an analog change of excitation
    can regulate feedback inhibition, with the
    information carriers no longer stereotyped.

  • Digital versus Analog Control over Cortical
  • "This type of regulation could be a key mechanism
    for the cortex to maintain a dynamic balance of
    excitation and inhibition, and generate
    appropriate cortical rhythms under different
    behavioral states," said Dr. SHU, "It may also
    play an important role in preventing abnormal
    cortical activities including epileptiform
    activity during seizures."
  • Therefore, future studies may focus on whether
    the Vm-dependent modulation of inhibition has an
    impact on information processing under both
    normal and pathological conditions, and whether
    the analog signaling influences the operation of
    other cortical circuits. Nevertheless, to what
    extent these findings may influence the
    conceptual framework of a "digital brain" is
    still open to further computational and
    theoretical investigation.
  • This work was supported by the 973 Program
    (2011CBA00400 and 2006CB806600), the National
    Natural Science Foundation of China Project
    (31025012), the Shanghai Pujiang Program
    07PJ14108, the Hundreds of Talents Program and
    the Knowledge Innovation Project from Chinese
    Academy of Sciences (KSCX2-YW-R-102).
  • Dr. SHU Yousheng
  • Principal Investigator
  • Institute of Neuroscience, State Key Laboratory
    of Neuroscience
  • Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,
    Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Tel 86-21-54921759 Email

Ending, if necessary
  • Usually merge with the conclusion of a news
    story, stating the consequence, impact or
    influence of the news facts.

  • No first person(s)
  • Numbers zeronine ? spell out
  • Spell the name like this BAI Chunli
  • Order of TITLE name, age, position, work unit
  • Mark out the caption and source of the pictures
  • Waste words in news story
  • etc so on to some extent on one hand, on
    the other hand seem any adverb adjective you
    dont support with facts

  • ? 010-68597144

  • Have A Nice Day
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