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RSVP - SMART User Group


RSVP - SMART User Group Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 - SMART Conference Room Building Next to District Office Warehouse Conference Room – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: RSVP - SMART User Group

RSVP - SMART User Group
  • Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 - SMART Conference
  • Building Next to District Office Warehouse
    Conference Room

Who are we?
Work site
Grade Level
How has your teaching changed due to the
interactive whiteboard solution?
How has your teaching changed due to the
interactive whiteboard solution?
  • Increased interactivity increased awareness and
    use of outside resources for students and much
  • Everything I teach is now presented on the
    SmartBoard. I pull videos from the NASA website
    for science. The writing process and editing of
    student work are all displayed on the SmartBoard.
  • it is great for science... harder with math
  • I use the Interactive classroom (Math) every day,
    as well as numerous sites for math practice.
    Students love the ability to compete with one
    another on these interactive sites.
  • It's made me plan more ahead of time because
    slides have to be ready. Kids are much more
    technology savvy. Able to use the manipulatives
    and have the students "see" the concepts on the
    board. Made it easier from year to year because
    you can save lessons.
  • It has helped engage all students in learning by
    keeping their attention and allowing them the
    opportunity to work with technology.
  • I'm getting to use one next year due to change of
    grade haven't had the opportunity
  • It's become easier, more organized, and
    interesting for the students.
  • My teaching has changed drastically now that I
    have the SMART board. I am able to project
    educational movies and pictures to add to lessons
    and concepts, but most importantly, I have gotten
    many interactive lessons from the SMART Exchange
    Website and can have students come up to the
    SMART board and do hands on activities and
    lessons....The technology is amazing!

How has your teaching changed due to the
interactive whiteboard solution?
  • I now use the smart board instead of the white
    board. I have been able to show interactive
    material for the kids and they are much more
  • My lessons are more interactive and the children
    are more engaged. Information can be shared with
    students easier through pictures, text, and
  • I can't remember how I taught before the
    SmartBoard! The children are engaged and exposed
    to technology everyday.
  • I can use a variety of ways to introduce
    concepts, especially in math. It has made the use
    of premade PowerPoint presentations that go along
    with our science social studies more
    accessible. It offers student interaction by
    creating slides with manipulatives. It makes it
    easier to go back to previously learned concepts
    when needing an extra day or two to review. The
    slides are there, not erased on whiteboard. I
    have been able to share folders with teammates to
    use in their rooms. This lightens the load in
    creating slides.
  • I am not in charge as much as I used to be. I am
    letting the students drive the lesson and using
    it for supplemental lessons and knowledge
  • 1. More integration into multi-media. 2. Faster
    check for understanding (use of activotes) 3.
    Idea generator from Promethean Planet
  • Lessons are much more engaging. Students love to
    use the board.

  • Welcome Introductions Marco Baeza
  • Technology can be used to either maintain the
    status quo OR to promote more active,
    student-centered instruction
  • Instructional Evolution Apple Classrooms of
  • Roseville City Elementary School District Support
    5 Stages
  • Demonstrations
  • Jolene Wegsteen Cirby
  • Heather Hoffman Woodbridge
  • SAFARI Montage Need to know and Use
  • Next Steps

Teachers Experiences Attitudes Towards Using
Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom Can
Interactive Whiteboards Help?
  1. What do teachers see as the value of using
    interactive whiteboards in their classrooms and
    what beliefs do they hold about this technology?
  2. What are the factors constrain or enhance the use
    of this technology in teaching and learning?
  3. What learning outcomes are supported by the use
    of this technology?
  4. What pedagogy approaches are being used with this

Evolution and Support
  • Instructional Evolution
  • Support
  • Entry Stage - Pre occupied with own adequacy
  • Adoption Stage - Anticipate problems and develop
    strategies to solve
  • Adaptation Stage - Focus on effects of their
    teaching on pupils and utilize technology to
    their advantage
  • Appropriation Stage - Experiment with a new
    instructional patterns and ways of relating to
    students and other teachers
  • Collegial Sharing
  • Emotional Support
  • Technical Assistance
  • Instructional Sharing
  • Team Teaching

Awesome Resource
Most Downloaded March 2010
  • Heather Hoffman
  • Jolene Wegsteen
  • SMART Trainer
  • Woodbridge Fundamental
  • SMART Trainer
  • Cirby Elementary

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