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Successful Leadership And Championship Team Building


Successful Leadership And Championship Team Building making those around us better Stan Laing Executive Director of Athletics Northside ISD, San Antonio ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Successful Leadership And Championship Team Building

Successful Leadership And
Championship Team Buildingmaking those around
us better
  • Stan Laing
  • Executive Director of Athletics
  • Northside ISD, San Antonio, Texas
  • (210) 397-7507

Be A Game Changer!
  • Everyone wins when a leader gets better.
  • -DW Rutledge
  • Leadership is about others success.
  • -Brad McCoy
  • The greatest thing youll ever do is make someone
    else great.
  • -Derwin Gray
  • School and Family is all our kids have
  • -DW Rutledge

Coaches - Mentors
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The Heart and Soul of Leadership is a Shared
  • The Northside Independent School District
    Athletic Program plays an integral part in
    student learning and the development of well
    rounded students.  The purpose of our athletic
    program is to promote high academic standards
    along with developing strong character. Our
    coaches are committed to developing our young men
    and women to be the best possible student,
    athlete, and citizen they can possibly become
    through the spirit of competition. Coaches will
    motivate our student/athletes to always put forth
    their best effort in the development of their
    character, talents, and academic success. 
  • http//

What To Look For In A Strong Leader
  • ___ Administrator
  • Adheres to details / Supervision / Timeliness
  • ___ Accessibility
  • Willing to meet people / Family
  • ___ Authority Figure
  • Have power / Legal authority /
    Accountable /
  • Doesnt have to use power to prove
  • ___ Disciplinarian
  • Establishes rules of behavior /
    Creates controlled
  • atmosphere

  • ___ Educational Leader
  • Head teacher / Respected
    coaching/teaching ability
  • Gives direction
  • ___ Instructional Leader
  • Knows what is good coaching / Athletic
    philosophy /
  • Coaching methodology / Knows research
    of effective
  • programs
  • ___ Communicator
  • To student/athletes, teachers,
    parents, community
  • ___ Problem Solver
  • Solves problems / Creative / Doesnt
    make snap
  • judgments

  • ___ Decision Maker
  • Makes tough decisions / Sound
    decisions /
  • Seeks input
  • ___ Advocate For Student/Athletes
  • Schools exist for students /
  • Stands up for what is right
  • ___ Identity As A Person
  • Be yourself / Be real / Athletics is
  • ___ Loyalty Hard Work
  • To organization, goals, people /
  • No substitute for hard work

Roles Of An Inspirational Leader
  • ___ Must have a vision.
  • What is your shared purpose?
  • ___ Must have goals.
  • What is your purpose?
  • ___ Recognize, Recognize, Recognize
  • How do you recognize those that you lead?
  • ___ Motivate others to put forth their best
  • How do you motivate others?

How you lead does make a difference Whatever
it is, be yourself
  • What can you learn as a leader from
  • General Colin Powells Way

Some things to think about from General Powell
  • ___ Always look forward.
  • ___ Put people in position for success.
  • ___ Have a purpose What are we here for?
  • ___ Take care of the troops they will get the
  • job done.
  • ___ Commend them.
  • ___ Be ready to discipline / Get rid of.
  • ___ All about connecting We are in this
  • together.

To be the best leader, dont practice like the
  • Do the things you really dont want to do.
  • To be the best leader
  • Be more humble
  • Have more courage
  • Care more

Leadership Lessons Learned
  • Hire The Best Available
  • Recruit
  • Sell Your School District
  • Develop Who You Have
  • Coachem up
  • Coachem out
  • Give Support To Receive Support
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Empowerment
  • Relationships Have a sense of awareness
  • Strong Cohesive Teams PLC Process

Championship Team Building The PLC Way / The
Coachs Way
  • What does your team look like?
  • You are only as good as those around you

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The BIG IDEAS of our PLC
  • We are committed to working together to achieve
    our collective purpose. We cultivate a
    collaborative culture through development of
    high-performing teams.
  • We assess our effectiveness on the basis of
    results rather than intentions. We will look at
    relevant data and information to promote
    continuous improvement.
  • Dufour,Dufour,Eaker

The Coachs Way To Championship Team Building
  • Teamwork is taught. You dont just lump a group
    of people together in a room and call them a team
    and expect them to behave like one.
  • Coach Pat Summitt
  • Attitude and chemistry are the factors that
    control winning, no matter what the talent
  • Coach Gary Barnett

Four Stages Of Team Development
The Seven Cs(Common Characteristics of
Championship Teams)
  • ___ Common Goal common focus
  • ___ Commitment ownership
  • ___ Complementary Roles all roles critical
  • ___ Clear Communication open and honest
  • ___ Constructive Conflict strengthens team
  • ___ Cohesion respect
  • ___ Credible Coaching belief in leader
  • Championship Team Building - Jeff Janssen

Assess Your Team(How well do you know your team?)
  • List your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • List the biggest obstacles which could keep your
    team from being successful.
  • List the most important keys to your teams
    success this year.
  • List your team leaders.
  • Take an inventory of each team member
    strengths, limitations, obstacles, keys to
    coachem up (out).

Coming together is a beginning,Keeping together
is progress,Working together is success.-
Henry Ford
No Secret To Success
  • Talent Teamwork Success
  • A Coachs Way
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