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Georgia Habitats


Georgia Habitats The mountain region of Georgia contains some of the oldest rocks in the state. The Blue Ridge mountain range is part of the Appalachian Range. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Georgia Habitats

Georgia Habitats
Georgia Mountains Habitat
The mountains in Georgia were formed over a
billion years ago! Brasstown Bald is in the
Georgia mountains. It is the highest point in
Georgia rising over 4,784 feet above sea level.
The mountain region of Georgia contains
some of the oldest rocks in the state. The Blue
Ridge mountain range is part of the Appalachian
Range. It is older than both the Rockies and the
Himalayas. The base of the Blue Ridge formed over
a billion years ago, but the bulk of our
mountains was created from oceanic sediments
between 200 and 450 million years ago. This
means that our mountains were once under sea!
Mountain Habitat
The trees and plants in the mountain habitat are
the same as the Piedmont!
The mountain region is known for its cove
forests, which are unique to the Appalachian
mountains. The upper story of trees include
basswood, tulip poplar, maples, and hemlock.
Smaller trees in the understory are magnolia,
dogwood and redbud. Wildflowers bloom from March
until May, making a colorful carpet for the
forest floor.
tulip poplar
Mountain HabitatLand Animals
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
Mountain Lions
  • The black bear is found in the mountain region,
    and also in the swamp and marsh region. It can
    reach almost 500 pounds. Humans are the only
    known predators of the black bear. The bears are
    not usually aggressive to people, but they do
    like to hang around camping sites looking for
    food to eat. They will eat plants, insects, and
    smaller animals. Bears sometimes hibernate in
    order to survive during the cold mountain winters.

The mountain region is popular because of its
many hiking trails and trout streams for fishing.
There are also over 27 species of salamanders
found in this area, more than anywhere else in
the world. A salamander is an amphibian, and
begins its life in water but moves onto land as
it grows. Animals that live in the mountains can
include bobcats, gray foxes, beavers and
Mountain Habitat Land Animals
Black Bear
Red Fox
Mountain Habitat Water Animals
Brown trout
River Otters

American Toad This frog prefers to be in rocky,
mountainous places, but you can find it in lots
of other habitats too!
Mountain AnimalsBirds
  • The mountain forests are home to many different
    types of birds. Some of them are the woodpecker,
    the nuthatch and various species of warblers.
    The forest provides food and shelter for these
    birds. Their curved beaks help these birds find
    seeds and insects in the forest trees. Their
    short claws are good for gripping and resting on
    the tree branches.

Mountain AnimalsBirds
Great Horned Owl
What Am I?
  • Test your knowledge of mountain wildlife and
    plants! Decide with your elbow partner if the
    list below is a mammal (M), fish (F), bird (B),
    amphibian (A), or a plant (P)
  • nuthatch black bear
  • salamander magnolia
  • woodpecker bobcat
  • gray fox warbler
  • maple trout

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Answer Key
B nuthatch M
black bear A salamander
P magnolia B woodpecker
M bobcat M gray fox
B warbler P maple
F trout
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