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Georgia Regions and Habitats


Georgia Regions and Habitats Why don t polar bears live in Georgia? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Georgia Regions and Habitats

Georgia Regionsand Habitats
  • Why dont polar bears live in Georgia?

Before we get started, where in the world is
Georgia?Do you know?
Georgia is in the Southeastern part of the United
States, on the continent of North America.
There it is!
Lets start in Georgias Mountain Region! Have
you ever been to the mountains? Lets take a
little field trip, shall we?
The mountain region in Georgia is very beautiful.
These photos are of Brasstown Bald Mountain. It
is the highest mountain peak in Georgia. The
Cherokee called it Enotah.
Brasstown Bald
  • How would you describe this region from this
    photo of Brasstown Bald Mountain?

The Appalachian Range in Georgia
  • The Appalachian Mountain Range runs through many
    states. Can you see where it runs through the
    state of
  • Georgia? Which other states have the Appalachian

Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Blue Ridge Mountain is part of the Appalachian
    Range. It is older than both the Rockies and

The Georgia mountains are very beautiful and are
filled with many exciting things to see. Many
kinds of plants and animals are a part of this
The Georgia Mountains
  • The Georgia Mountains
  • The elevation is higher in the mountains than in
    the Piedmont Region of Georgia. Its shaded by
    trees. These things make the temperature cooler.
  • The terrain also makes it harder to get around.
    Some people live in the mountains, but its not
    highly populated. Can you think of some reasons
    why few people live in this region?

In the mountains, you might see..
beautiful waterfalls. This is Amicola Falls in
the North Georgia Mountains.
In the mountains, you might see..
really tall trees like the Tulip Poplar and the
Magnolia Tree
  • This is just one of the beautiful trees that you
    can find in the Georgia mountains.

What do you think about this orange and red
leafed maple tree?
  • Compare and contrast the magnolia tree on the
    left with the maple tree on the right? How are
    they alike? How are they different?

More Trees from Georgia Mountains
  • The Georgia redbud and Georgia dogwood are both
    beautiful trees from this region also. Which one
    is your favorite?

Compare and Contrast Magnolia and Dogwood Trees
You might also see some cool animals that call
the Georgia Mountains their home. Lets see
what we can find!

Mudpuppies and American Toads are two amphibians
which live in this habitat.
Both need to live by mountain streams, but they
love to hang out in the woods!
Georgia Salamanders Over 27 Species!
Salamander Facts
  • A salamander is an amphibian, and begins its life
    in water but then moves onto land as it grows.

Box Turtles and Copperhead Snakes are two
reptiles which live in this mountain habitat.
Can you think of a reason why these two would be
perfectly at home in the woods?
Lots of animals love to be high in the trees of
the Georgia Mountains! Can you name these three?
Black Bears, Mountain Lions, and Coyotes are
major predators in the mountains!
Theyre so furry! Why?? (animal adaptations)
Georgias Black Bears
  • The black bear is found in the mountain region,
    and also in the swamp and marsh regions. Humans
    are the only known predators of the black bear.
    The bears are usually not aggressive.
  • They do like to hang out at camping sites looking
    for food. They will eat plants, insects, and
    smaller animals. What type of eater are these
    animals? What would their teeth look
  • Like?

  • Bears also hibernate in the winter. What does
    hibernate mean?

The Black Vulture is a scavenger that keeps this
habitat clean- they have an important job here!
Sadly, they were almost wiped out due to DDT- it
made their eggs too soft to hatch. Now they are
on the Endangered List. They are beginning to
make a comeback. How does being on the endangered
list help a species to survive?
Humans use of DDT changed this habitat just
enough to almost kill off an entire species of
bird. DDT is poison. DDT was a pesticide used on
crops to kill mosquitoes. At the time people
where afraid of getting malaria from mosquitoes.
People thought DDT did not hurt any animals
because it did not effect humans, but they were
wrong. Can you think of other ways humans could
possibly change this habitat, thus affecting the
plants and animals that thrive here?
Georgia Birds
  • These are just a few
  • Georgia birds the
  • Nuthatch, the warbler,
  • and the woodpecker.

Forests in the Mountains
  • The forests in the mountains provide food and
    shelter for many animals and birds. How does a
    forest fire effect these habitats? What might
    happen to the plants and animals in a forest

Compare and Contrast
  • How are the Piedmont and Mountain Regions alike
    and different?
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