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Female Infanticide in India


Female Infanticide: the intentional killing of baby girls because of a preference for male babies. This is murder. A parent does not wish to harm their own children. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Female Infanticide in India

Female Infanticide in India
  • Female Infanticide the intentional killing of
    baby girls because of a preference for male

  • This is murder.
  • A parent does not wish to harm their own
    children. This is an act of desperation.

Why Does This Murder Happen?
  • Males are considered better than women in some
    parts of Indian society.
  • Women are considered sub-serviant.
  • They are thought of as the legal and economic
    properties of men.

What is the Cause of This Sexism?
  • 83 of Indias population is Hindu.
  • The Hindu texts, The Ramayana and The Laws of
    Manu, represent a good woman as being obedient,
    submissive, and dependent.
  • This demeans the value of women.

What is the Cause of This Sexism?
  • Islam, another major religion in India, promotes
    men over women.
  • Islam permits polygamy and gives women fewer
    rights than men.

What Drives People to Such Desperation?
  • The institution of a dowry is a tradition in
  • The dowry is a large sum of money given to the
    husbands family from the wifes family.
  • Sometimes, when the amount of money is not seen
    as suitable, the husband will murder his wife so
    that he may marry again and collect another dowry.

  • The institution of a dowry has been made illegal.
  • However, it is estimated that every 93 minutes a
    dowry death occurs.

Having a girl is considered an economic burden.
Where Does This Murder Happen?
  • Newborn baby girls are often killed in the poorer
    regions of India.
  • Over the past few years, more than 4,500 baby
    girls have been killed in the Salem District of
    Southern India.
  • These women kill their children by forcing them
    to swallow rice husks and choke, by feeding them
    poisonous fertilizer powders, by drowning them,
    or by letting them starve.
  • "Instead of her suffering the way I do, I thought
    it was better to get rid of her. Lakshmi, a
    woman living in Tamil Nadu.

As recently as 1998, 200 baby girls were killed
annually in Tamil Nadu.
The Alternative
  • Murdering babies is obviously morally incorrect.
  • So how about selectively aborting female fetuses?

Technology Makes an Impact
  • This practice was originally only done by the
    upper class, who had access to the medical
  • Now, ultra-sound machines have become cheaper and
    therefore more readily available to the lower
    class as well.
  • This practice of aborting fetuses based on gender
    has been illegal since 1994.

Is This the Solution?
  • In India, 500,000 female fetuses are aborted
    every year.
  • Does this violate womens rights?
  • It is violence against women.
  • But is it better than murdering newborn female

  • A poster in Bombay reads It is better to pay
    500 Rs now than 50,000 Rs (in dowry) later.

Multiple Views
  • Some people are in strong support of making
    ultra-sound machines and abortion readily
    available to all, believing that this will lower
    the cases of killing newborn girls.
  • Others believe that this is violence against all
    women, and that further measures should be taken
    to end sexism in India.

The Effect
  • Selectively aborting female fetuses and killing
    baby girls has caused a severe gender imbalance
    in India.
  • There are 880 females for every 1,000 males.
  • In the United States, there are 955 females for
    every 1,000 males.

Laws Alone Cannot Stop This
  • The government in India has not been blind to
    this issue.
  • Laws have been made to prevent female infanticide
    and the selective abortion of female fetuses.
  • But it is still going on, right now.

Its Up to You
  • These murders are happening halfway across the
    world, but that does not mean you cant help.
  • It is up to you to decide what the best solution
    is. To decide the best way you can help.

  • You can save these girls.

You can give these girls a future
Support an Individual
  • A 30 monthly donation to the Promiseland
    Orphanage will support a child. Sending this
    young girl letters will show her support, and
    give her the love that she needs to grow up
    feeling wanted. Below is the website.
  • http//www.abolishfemaleinfanticide.com/donations.

Relief Projects India
  • This organization has a variety of projects that
    it supports.
  • The Mercy Home is located in Tamil Nadu and takes
    in abandoned children.
  • The SHE Program helps mothers find government aid
    and get medical check-ups. They also help aid
    children and mothers in obtaining an education.
    This program actively reports any unnatural
    deaths so as to put a stop to the female
  • These are a few of the programs. To donate and
    find out more, visit
  • http//www.reliefprojects.org/index.html.

  • There are many ways in which you can show your
  • Decide where you stand on the issue, and take
  • You can help these girls.

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