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Digital Citizenship for 21st Century Learners


Digital Citizenship for 21st Century Learners Brent Howard ESD 101 Technology Integration Specialist – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Digital Citizenship for 21st Century Learners

Digital Citizenship for 21st Century Learners
  • Brent Howard
  • ESD 101
  • Technology Integration Specialist

  • 21st Century Learning Environments
  • Personal Safety social networking your digital
  • Digital Harassment in Schools cyberbullying,
    sexting, textual harassment
  • Internet Safety Curriculum Resources

ISTEP Internet Safety and Training Education
  • Grant provided from
  • Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
  • U.S Department of Justice
  • In Partnership with
  • Educational Service District 101
  • United States Attorney's Office Eastern Division
    of WA
  • Northwest Council of Computer Education
  • Northeast Washington Education Council

Cell Phones In Schools...

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12th Graders' Perceptions About School
Source United States. Dept. of Education.
National Center for Education Statistics
What changes are happening?
  • Immediate access to information in real time
  • Wikipedia Vision
  • Socialization no longer requires F2F interactions
    at school 
  • Access to school related information is readily
  • Why should I memorize the atomic number of Fe
    (iron) when I can Google itand learn so much

What about online gaming?
  • Video game designers have created such an
    engaging system that kids dont care if they
    have to fail 100 times before they actually
    succeed, says Etuk. If you ask any teacher how
    she would feel about a child failing 100 times at
    algebra, but never giving up and even asking his
    friends to help him succeed at algebra, that
    teacher would say, Thats the dream. 

The Internet landscape is changing
What is Web 1.0? Think of web 1.0 as a library
filled with content a few skilled  people wrote
for the masses to  enjoy.   Books Time and
knowledge to write an entire book and
the resources to have it published and
marketed. Web1.0 Skill in writing HTML code and
the resources of a Web server.
Web 2.0
  • The code being used is different than in 1.0
    allowing for
  • The pull of content from one source to another.
  •  RSS feeds, Mash-ups, and Podcasts for example
  • Pushing content back to the web without technical
    skills or resource (Collaborating and Creating)
  • YouTube, MySpace, Ustream, Wikipedia

What does this all mean?
School 1.0 teachers held the information and
shared it with students...
School 2.0 Teachers and students working
collaboratively while teaching and learning.
The focus is on relevant and authentic content
that creates real life learning experiences..
Real Life Learning
Elementary kids posting to the web?
Classroom Blog
MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Lecture Notes, Exams and Lectures FREE - No
    Registration Required!
  • Over 1800 Courses Available Online
  • Want to learn Single Variable Calculus?
  • What about Computer Language Engineering?

Growing Up Online
Online access in schools
  • What changes has online access made to
    students in your school?
  • In what ways are you addressing these issues?

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Social Networking
  • Social networking refers to a broad class of
    web sites and services that allow you to connect
    with friends, family, and colleagues online, as
    well as meet people with similar interests or
  • Many, such as Facebook and MySpace, let you
    create a profile where you can post photos,
    information about yourself like location,
    hobbies, and relationship status, and send and
    receive correspondence with online contacts.

Online Communities
  • Bebo
  • MySpace
  • hi5
  • Facebook
  • Livejournal
  • YouTube

Social Networking Sites for Educators
Social Bookmarking
What should your kids know about social
  • One in five employers search social networking
    sites before hiring
  • One-third of those said they found information
    that caused them to toss out potential candidates
  • Universities and colleges are also searching
    sites when reviewing applications
  • Many teachers, administrators, and coaches are
    also reviewing these sites

Maybe the user agreement is worth reading!
  • By posting User Content to any part of the Site,
    you automatically grant, and you represent and
    warrant that you have the right to grant, to the
    Company an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive,
    transferable, fully paid, worldwide license (with
    the right to sublicense) to use, copy, publicly
    perform, publicly display, reformat, translate,
    excerpt (in whole or in part)and distribute such
    User Content for any purposeon or in connection
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    remove your User Content from the Site at any
    time. If you choose to remove your User Content,
    the license granted above will automatically
    expire, however you acknowledge that the Company
    may retain archived copies of your User Content.

Digital Dossier
Think Before You Post
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Cyberbullying Ad Council- Talent Show
  • Definition
  • Cyber-bullying sending or posting harmful
    material or engaging in other forms of social
    aggression using the Internet or other digital
  • (Nancy Willard, 2007)

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Textual Harassment?
Gossip G
I wont tell you who I am, but check up on my
profile for the latest gossip CMS Students
I Ah-bviously cant tell you who I am, but I can
tell you that I go to CMS hmmm or maybe CHS.?
People tell me things, I find out I blog it here
Known as B Personality intelligent, shy, but
can teat anyone to pieces. Known for Her cute
looks (not exactly hot by any means) Cold hazel
eyes that change color from dark brown to the
deepest blue. That adorable pigeon-toed gait and
her mocking cat-like smile that everyone knows so
well. Of course, how could we forget her love of
shorts and sports wear? Does she know track
season isnt until spring? Signature Her jeering
smile, and pigeon toed step Love life Not
exactly single, everyone knows she is after
N Friends with everyone except a few choice
people like D and the Ice Queen A soccer ball is
usually by her side as she as she is strutting
with her shorts and hoodie (is that all she
owns?) down the hall beside J. S is always in her
space and is always sucking Js butt. Bs short
gleaming black hair is of course, routinely
placed on top of her head in a small pony-tail.
Her fringe is in her bitter hazel eyes as she
smiles at her friends and pretends to know what
is going on but is really lost in her own
thoughts. Known as The Ice Queen Personality
Cruel, can be sweet if she likes you which she
probably doesnt Known for her beautiful misty
sea green eyes, stunning physique and disgusting
pitilessness that she has had since kindergarten
I guess she is just a people person? Signature
Dreamy green eyes Love life This girl can get
whoever she wants if you are currently with her
prepare to be out in a matter of days. Friends
everyone who knows not to stand in her way
Gossip G
I wont tell you who I am, but check up on my
profile for the latest gossip CMS Students
I Ah-bviously cant tell you who I am, but I can
tell you that I go to CMS hmmm or maybe CHS.?
People tell me things, I find out I blog it here
  • Hello Loves, Halloween is tomorrow
  • I wonder what everyone will be wearing
  • B looked pissed at the end of 7th period
    apparently she had to play goalie. Hmm lets all
    shed a tear for her. (Notice freshly dyed hair)
  • J was caught throwing a fit in the hall today
    over what you may ask? Ask her yourself.
  • Apparently the Twins were both whispering to A
    and the Ice Queen aboutme? I told you all I
    would never tell my name.
  • B flirting with N again, I personally think he
    doesnt like her that much you all know its
  • K was hugging one of the twins today. I wonder
    if it was the one who is going out with J- or are
    they still together?
  • Looks like A got a haircutthe layers dont
    really work for her. She would have been better
    off getting a dye job or her highlights

Sep 7, 2008 938 AM
Virgin lisssst.
This is the VIRGIN LIST! What you do is repost
this list with your name and tell if you think
that the person b4 you is a virgin or not...AND
Amandaf im first ( Amber (yaya)f no this
girl aint no virgin Nikk--Not a chance. Savannah-
No way. Jimmy-- Ain't no way unless she is the
Virgan Marry!!! lol -- Umm, Im going to have
to, prolly not Wendy Cutlip- nawi doubt
it Chuck - hook me up with this girl above
wendylol.. and nope Alexandria-ahhh probably not
must guys aint virgins anymore SLUTShaha samantha-
i think shes not Josh- ummm doubt it ashley-yep
all virgnal
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Tips to Stop Cyber-bullies
  • Tell a trusted adult and keep telling them until
    they take action.
  • Never open, read or respond to messages from
    cyber-bullies - dont retaliate!
  • If it is school related, tell someone at your
  • Do not erase the messages. They may be needed to
    take action.
  • If bullied through chat or IM, the bully can
    often be blocked.
  • If you are threatened with harm, call the police.

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Kids in Spokane sexting?
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Internet Safety Resources
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//