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BARKOTEL COMMUNICATIONS PREQUALIFICATION COMPANY BACKGROUND BarkoTel is one of the largest and most prominent communication companies in Egypt. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • BarkoTel is one of the largest and most
    prominent communication companies in Egypt.
  • The company was founded in 1979 by Eng. El Moataz
    El Barkouky.
  • The Company is mainly a system designer and
    integrator, but also a supplier for
    Telecommunication Equipment and distributor for
    international brands. Utilizing different types
    of communication equipment, and highly trained
    Technical Staff the company offers the best
    solutions for variety of applications.
  • Since 1979, BarkoTel established a large number
    of projects with a wide customer base. Most of
    the projects were on Turn Key basis. BarkoTel
    focused on Nationwide Networks.
  • These networks were completely Designed,
    Integrated, Supplied, Installed and Maintained by
    BarkoTel System Engineers and Technicians.

  • Our concern is to provide the Egyptian
    communication market with the latest state of the
    art in communication services.
  • Our attitude is to offer our customers the best
    solutions for their applications to support
    them with the technical seminars, studies and
    services. Also to update our customers with new
    technology applications that meets their
  • Our principle is commitment to our customers
    needs. We believe in the necessity of building a
    bridge of confidence between the company and our
    customers, providing continuous technical support
    and after sales services.
  • Our concept is decentralization, we believe that
    the best way to achieve our goals is to set
    specific responsibilities and duties for each
    department to carry. Each department is
    considered a profit center that has its own
    internal policy and administration style. Through
    the integration of our departments there appears
    the value of the service we offer.

  • BarkoTel is one of Barkouky International Group
  • This Group consists of Canadian Telecom Overseas
    (CTO) located in Canada, BarkoTel Canadian
    Engineering Company (CEC) located in Egypt, and
    CTO2000 located in Dubai. Through their
    co-operation, these companies interact support
    each other to offer the best service in
    Communication Market.

  • BarkoTel focuses on the after sales support,
    Installation maintenance, which establishes
    more customer satisfactions and stronger
  • We believe that establishing more reliable
    maintenance centers will enhance the over all
    company performance and profitability, as well as
    greater market penetration and understanding.
  • The company has increased its maintenance centers
    capabilities since the beginnings of its
  • BarkoTel has now fourteen maintenance centers
    distributed all over the country. These Centers
    are capable of providing maintenance services for
    all types of products and systems supplied by
    BarkoTel Communications including Wireless
    Networks, PABX Telephony Networks, Video
    Conferencing and Telemedicine systems etc.

Whom Do We Represent?
  • BarkoTel is mainly the authorized Distributor for
    M/ACOM USA-Tandberg ASA Norway.
  • BarkoTel is also a supplier for many suppliers
    for different communication equipment and
  • Harries Stratex MW
  • RFS
  • ROHN
  • Vidar Micro Systems
  • TYCO Electronics.

Governmental Sector
  • Ministry of Health Population 
  • Arab Contractors
  • Ministry of armed forces  
  • Alexandria Port Authority
  • Faculty Of Medicine Ain Shams University.
  • Nasser Institute Hospital
  • Abu El Reesh Hospital
  • Egyptian National Railroads
  • El Mansoura University Hospital
  • Technical Research Department.
  • Ministry Of Interior
  • Telecom Egypt  
  • Alexandria Ambulance Center
  • High Counsel of Monuments
  • Ministry of Communications I Technology
  • Central Bank of Egypt ( El Mohandseen Branch)   
  • Sharm El Sheikh Luxor   Infrastructure for
  • Multinational Forces Observers

Petroleum Sector
  • GASCO Co.  
  • Suez Oil Industries.
  • Qarun Oil Co.  
  • Badr El Din Petroleum Co.  
  • Khalda Petroleum Co.
  • petrogulf Oil Co.  
  • Egyptian Natural gas Co.
  • GUPCO Petroleum Co.
  • Petrojet
  • Petroleum Medical Center
  • Petrojet Petroleum Company Alexandria Branch
  • Schlumberger Egypt
  • Apache Petroleum Co.
  • Burullus Gas Company
  • Belayim Petroleum Company (Petrobel)  
  • AGIBA Petroleum Co.

Private Sector
  • Egyptian Aviation Service Co.
  • Kolaly Engineering
  •  Arab Organization Industries
  • System Engineering of Egypt (SEE)
  • Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC)
  • Care Service Limited
  • Arab Contractor
  • ACES
  • Dessco

Electricity Companies SCADA PROJECTS
  • East Cairo Electricity Project
  • Alexandria Electricity Distribution Co.
  • Canal Zone Electricity Distribution Co.
  • Middle Egypt Electricity Distribution Co.
  • Cairo Electricity Distribution Co.

Company Activities Projects
  • Ministry of Health Population since 1980-2008
  • Design Supply Installation of EMS Nation Wide
    Wireless Trunk Network (EDACS) from Cairo,
    Alexandria, Giza, to Aswan and from Port Said,
    Ismailia , Suez to Saloum.
  • South Sinai, North Sinai, Red Sea, New Valley
    Conventional networks.
  • HF network for desert area (CODAN)
  • Contact center for EMS(IVR,VCR,PABX.ETC)
  • Maintenance contract for all components.
  • We supplied and installed 1250 mobile radio for
    Ambulance Vehicle(2008-2009)
  • We have been awarded also for MOH Network upgrade
    to have EDACS IP Network nation wide and P25
    networks for the some conventional sites.

  • Egyptian National Railroads.
  • Design, Supply Installation of Wireless
    Communication Equipment for ENR Locomotives.
  • Ain Shams University Hospitals.
  • System Engineering, Supply Erection of Data
    Communication Integrated Voice, Data, and Video
    Network to be integrated with Faculty of Medicine
    Network Designed and Supplied also by BarkoTel.
  • BarkoTel as a main Contractor conducted the site
    survey, system design, supply, installation and
    commissioning of a fully integrated Hi Speed
    Voice Data Network for Ain Shams University
    Hospitals. The network included an outdoor
    indoor Alcatel Fiber Optic Data Network, Foundry
    Data Switches (GEGA Switches), Tandberg Video
    Conferencing Multi Site Network from Video
    Server, Ericsson MD110 PABX Telephone Network,
    and Ericsson Wireless DECT network. The system is
    fully integrated to cover the area of Ain Shams
    University Hospitals with reliable high speed
    communications to serve the administration as
    well as the medical educational applications

Company Activities Projects
  • Ministry Of Interior (2005-2009)
  • Supply, Design, Installing of Video
    Conferencing and Data Network for Upper Egypt
  • Supply, Design, Installing of Data Voice
    (CISCO) Network for the Core, Delta and Canal
    zone. (2005/2007)
  • Supply, Design, Installing of WIMAX network
  • More than 10 Milion US dollars
  • Supply, Design, Installing of WIMAX network
  • East Cairo Electricity Project
  • BarkoTel as the Sub-Contractor for Valmet
    Automations (Telvent Automation) carried out the
    site survey, system design, supply, installation,
    and commissioning of a complete Data transmission
    system. The system incorporated the supply
    installation of masts, towers, antennas, and MDS
    Data radio modems in 265 Sites (200 Kiosks 65
    DPs Substations)
  • Alexandria Electricity Project
  • BarkoTel as the Sub-Contractor for CAE ltd..
    carried out the installation, and commissioning
    of data transmission radios supplied by CAE.
    Barkotel also supplied installed a 3 channel
    EDACS Trunking Voice Communication System in
    order to achieve voice communications between the
    Kiosks, DPs, Substations and the Supervisory
    Control Center. 

Company Activities Projects
  • Canal Zone Electricity Project
  • BarkoTel as the Sub-Contractor for CAE ltd..
    carried out the installation, and commissioning
    of data transmission radios supplied by CAE.
    Barkotel also supplied installed a conventional
    Voice Communication System in order to achieve
    voice communications between the Kiosks, DPs,
    Substations and the Supervisory Control Center.
    The system is responsible for full monitoring and
    supervision of Electricity loads, connecting
    disconnecting the Cells inside the DPs.

Company Activities Projects
  • AGIBA Petroleum Co. 2007-2009
  • Design, Supply, Installing of Data, VOIP and
    IP Telephony using Call Manager (CISCO) Network
    for the Core and Branches.
  • Supply, Design, Installing of Microwave WIMAX
    network from El Hamra location to Meleha and from
    Meleha to Zareif ,Faras and Raml.
  • Supply, Design, Installing of Microwave
    WIMAX network from El Hamra location to Aghar ,
    Repeater 1,to Meleha.
  • Fiber optic backbone for the Main head quarter in
    Cairo with all necessary equipments (Routers, 3rd
    layer Switches,.etc)

Company Activities Projects2008/2011
  • Ministry of Health and Population (car radios)Sup
    ply . installation and operating of the wireless
    devices 1250 car.Supply . installation
    and operating of the wireless devices 675 a car.
  • Ministry of Health and Population (update the
    wireless network 2009)Supply installation of 3
    sites a major work of the P25 in each ofCairo,
    Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.
  • development of 32 competition key to working
    with EDACS IP system linked with each other.
  • Supply and installation of main control
    center for the wireless network.
  • Supply and installation of (HF) fixed and a car
  •  Petroment Company Maintenance Towers,
    Abu Razak Algradik.Tower Maintenance el
    madya.Maintenance 7 towers in Alexandria, Suez an
    d another for the benefit of GASCO.
  • Ain Shams University Hospitals new
    information network- for emergency building
    include fiber cables.Add  Cards for Central to
    increase capacity.

Company Activities Projects2008/2011
  • Signal management (Armed force)
  • Supply of 15 stations, strengthening Weber, Alcate
    l-Lucent SDH
  • Supply 100 car tracking device and control
    center through a network of armed forces.
  • Supply of spare parts clouds
  • Ministry of interior
  • Supply and installation of servers, network strate
    gy , Swichs  and main routers  in all provinces.
  • supply and installation of WiMAX ( a
    large-scale animated) for the first time
    in Egypt, produced by Korea's Samsung and
    include more than 24 site locations other than
    the main terminal
  • supply of handheld devices DMR
  • Agiba PetroleumSupply and installation of
    a microwave link between all of the company's
    sites in Western desert  and these
    sites are Maliha -Zarif - Raml - fars - aghar - al

Company Activities Projects2008/2011
  • Implementation of the Wimax network to cover drill
    ing rigs, wells, offices and other network link in
    formation and telephones.
  • Update the main center for the company ,supply and
    installation of network switches and fiber and
    major programs call manager Cisco.

Company Activities Projects
  • Nasser Institute Pilot Telemedicine Site
  • BarkoTel as a leading company in the field of
    Telemedicine, set the biases for a Telemedicine
    Site in Nasser institute Hospital. The site
    function is to perform Teleradiology (CT, MRI,
    X-Rays), Telepathology Video Conferencing
    Sessions. The site is capable of transmitting and
    receiving data Locally Internationally through
    ISDN Network. The Site utilizes 3 ISDN Lines for
    Video Conferencing, One ISDN Line for Internet
  • The Site Comprises an Image Digitizer for
    Radiology images, a Digital Camera Fixed over
    pathology microscope all attached to archiving
    terminal with Teleradiology Telepathology
  •  Sharm El Sheikh Luxor Telemedicine Sites  
  • BarkoTel is awarded a contract for designing,
    supplying and installing a telemedicine site in
    each of Sharm El Sheikh International Hospital
    Luxor International Hospital. The sites should be
    integrated with the Telemedicine site in Nasser
    institute. The sites will comprise the same type
    of Equipment as an initial to establish the first
    Teleradiology Telepathology Network between
    local sites where they can get connected
    internationally through Nasser Site.

Company Activities Projects
  • Ain Shams University Infrastructure for
  • BarkoTel as mentioned before has designed,
    supplied and erected the Integrated Voice, Video
    Data Network at Ain Shams University Hospitals.
  • The Network performs the infra-structure for a
    major Telemedicine Network for Consultancy
    Education purposes.
  • BarkoTel is now making the study for
    establishing fully Integrated Telemedicine Center
    with Operation remote monitoring, Teleradiology
    Telepathology activities.
  •  Middle Egypt Electricity Distribution Co.
  • BarkoTel as the Sub-Contractor for FOXBORO SCADA
    is carrying out the Surveying, System Design,
    Supplying, installing , and commissioning of data
    transmission radios supplied by Barkotel. This
    system is designed in order to achieve Data
    communications between the Kiosks, DPs,
    Substations and the Supervisory Control Center.
    The system is responsible for full monitoring and
    supervision of Electricity loads, connecting
    disconnecting the Cells inside the DPs

Company Activities Projects
  • Civil work
  • BarkoTel has it's own team for civil work
    specially in turn key projects, we had experience
    of more than 15 years and also we work with a lot
    of company for towers suppliers like Rohn ,Saber,
    CEE, Alan dicketc.
  • We supplied and install more than 210 towers
    complete with all civil work ,foundation design,
    foundation ,erection and antenna orientation for
    a lot of Customers
  • Ministry of Health 50 towers.
  • Petroleum companies 30 towers.
  • Electricity companies 30 towers.
  • Privet sector 100 towers.
  • 6,9,12 and 15meter mast at all locations more
    than 5000.
  • We also make the total maintenance for the towers
    material and foundation.

Prospect of Cooperation
  • Based on BarkoTel Long Experience in designing
    and supplying Nation wide and infrastructure
    networks. Barkotel Seeks the cooperation in
    Designing Wireless infrastructure network to act
    as the Communication Backbone between desired
  • The Recommended backbone will make available all
    the basic communications required, such as,
    Telephony, Data, and Video Conferencing
  • These types of connections will enable different
    applications such as classes collaboration,
    remote learning, online courses, as well as the
    enhancement of management tasks.
  • These connections will also make available
    services such as Data base Access and Internet
    Service providing.

6 Misr Development Co. Bldgs. Heliopolis
Sheraton Area 5th District. Heliopolis, Cairo -
Egypt. Postal Code 11361. P.O.Box 1 Abbassia
202 2266 4016 - 2266 4020 - 2266 4021
  • 202 2266 4015

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