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Communication Strategy


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Communication Strategy

Access to communication and information
Access to communication and information
Government wide communication system
International communication
International communication is getting more
coherent, and helping to improve South Africas
  • The International Marketing Council is
  • contributing to building consensus amongst South
    Africans on how we present ourselves to the world
  • helping co-ordinate the communications efforts of
    various state, public and private entities in
    marketing our country to the rest of the world.

Relations between government and media
Presidential Press Corps promotion of more
regular contact between the Executive and media
The SANEF-Cabinet Indaba mutual commitment to
improve relations and enhance skills and
professionalism on both sides Indabas between
some provincial executives and SANEF have been
Higher growth and development path
We need a major intervention to reinforce the
consolidation of democracy with measures aimed at
integrating all of society into a growing economy
from which they can benefit 
How can GCIS
  • Enhance the govt communication system and its
    operations in ways that contribute to that
  • In this period to best fulfil corporate mission
    to provide leadership in govt communications and
    ensure the public is informed of governments
    implementation of its mandate.

1. Framework of encompassing interest - a
Social Compact
2. Improving the performance of the State
3. Addressing the consequences of the
social transition
4. Improving the regional
environment and implementing NEPAD
1. Building a framework for communication
2. Providing leadership to govt communication
better communication performance by the state
3. Promoting awareness of opportunities
democracy has brought and how to access them
4. Promoting awareness of institutions
programmes of continental regional integration
5. Communication research and information
1. Providing Leadership in Govt Communications
and ensuring better performance by the
communication system
GCIS needs to
Take responsibility for ensuring govt is
communicating interactively with the public
  • Be at the forefront of analysis of the
    communication environment to
  • identify initiatives to be taken in enhancing the
    work of government
  • be also able to respond effectively when required

Strengthening and integrating the government
communication system remains of critical
2. Building a framework of communication
partnerships informed by an encompassing vision
around common development objectives
Active partnership
Articulating a shared vision and value system for
a caring society
Broadening access to the means of receiving and
imparting information and ideas
Improving relations with the media and with
communicators in parastatal bodies and the
private sector, including in international
marketing efforts.
3. Promoting awareness of the opportunities that
democracy has brought and how to access them
  • Provision of basic information to the public
  • the rights of citizens and how to take advantage
    of governments socio-economic programmes
  • the general process of policy development and
  • Improved quality of information products
  • Broaden communication platforms, develop new
    products, enhance effectiveness of distribution
    strategy in reaching all citizens, in every
    sector of society and every part of the country. 

3. Promoting awareness of the opportunities that
democracy has brought and how to access them
4. Promoting awareness of the institutions and
programmes of continental and regional
integration and development
  • Critical role of the regional environment and the
    development of our continent

GCIS should
  • encourage and lead campaigns across government
    and society to enhance public awareness of
    developments in the region and the continent
  • Promote engagement with regional and continental
    institutions and programmes

Special attention Sustained profiling of the
benefits of African development to South Africa
and the rest of the continent.
5. Communication research and information
  • Govt communication system as whole needs to give
    strategic weight to sound research
  • GCIS will play a key role in
  • identifying areas of communications research
  • receiving relevant research reports from other

Intimate knowledge of governments policies,
programmes and implementation is essential to
further enhance communication.
  • This perspective informs the Strategic Plan of
    GCIS which, in turn, informs
  • The approach to communication during the 2004/05
    financial year
  • The Budget which will be debated in Parliament on
    18 June 2004.

Detailed programme of action and timeframes to be
disseminated as quickly as possible
Major multi-media transversal campaign in all
languages, incl. a National Imbizo Focus Week
during September.
Thrust in government's programme of action
  • Multi-media campaigns appropriate to the fact
    that the economically marginalised have least
    access to the information which they could use to
    change their situation
  • New communication products, incl. mass
    publication on economic opportunities produced by
    the Economic Cluster.

  • Promoting participation of the public in
    implementing programmes to improve their own
  • Promoting partnership with those sectors of
    society whose command over resources is critical
    to the success of policies for a growing economy
  • Developing partnerships with communicators
    outside government
  • Articulation of values for a caring society by
    GCIS and other Departments concerned with this
    matter identifying areas of communications

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2004/05 Financial Year
Budget R203,1m
  • The 2004/05 Budget includes the following
  • IMC and MDDA allocations
  • An increased IMC allocation
  • An additional National Treasury allocation for
    10-Anniversary Communication.

2003/04 Financial Year
Budget (incl. IMC and MDDA allocations) spent Over-expenditure
R178,5m 100.06 R112,000 0,06
  • 0,06 overspend is equal to the required
    provision for Thefts and Losses
  • Technically this combines an over-expenditure of
    R1,6 million on Operations, and an
    under-expenditure of R1,5 million on Capital

2004/05 Financial Year
Establishment Funded Unfunded Filled
432 381 51 357
Filled posts Male Female
357 49.3 50,7
Senior Management Male Female
Senior Management 61.5 38,5
People with disability GCIS Govt target
People with disability 1.7 2
Total African Coloured Indian White
357 72,5 9.5 2.5 15.4
  • The Budget and Human Resources over the period
    covered by GCIS strategic plan will be informed
    by the perspective outlined in the presentation
  • The perspective is informed by the mandate and
    programme of action of government

Informed citizenry who are active agents in
shaping their own lives and the future of the
nation together.
Ultimate objective
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