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Getting the Balance Right COACHING IN THE MODERN ERA


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Title: Getting the Balance Right COACHING IN THE MODERN ERA

Getting the Balance RightCOACHING IN THE MODERN
  • Champions arent made in the gyms. Champions are
    made from something deep inside thema desire, a
    dream, a vision
  • (Muhammad Ali)

Traits of the Elite performer
  • The Warrior within
  • Basic Instincts
  • Basics at pace
  • Ruthlessly Simple
  • Presence Belief in action
  • Original
  • A point of difference

  • What is it ?
  • Its alive
  • Its organic
  • Its unpredictable
  • Its non linear
  • Solution based

What do we want
  • Creativity or Conformity
  • Skill or Efficiency
  • Flair or Reliability
  • Instinctive or Safe
  • Freedom or Structure
  • Simple or Complex
  • Spontaneous or Planned

Coaching Audit
  • Are you Fundamentally
  • Outside to in or Inside to out
  • Do as I did or Find your way
  • Technique or Method
  • Forward or Backward
  • Action or Intention

Coaching v Managing
  • Coaching / Leading / Educating
  • Teaching / Managing / Training
  • Inductive
  • Tentative
  • Dynamic
  • Understanding
  • Ideas
  • Broad
  • Deep
  • Experiential
  • Active
  • Questions
  • Process
  • Strategy
  • Deductive
  • Firm
  • Static
  • Memorizing
  • Facts
  • Narrow
  • Surface
  • Rote
  • Passive
  • Answers
  • Content
  • Tactics

Coaching v Managing
  • Coaching / Leading / Educating
  • Teaching / Managing / Training
  • Exploration
  • Discovery
  • Active
  • Initiative
  • Whole brain
  • Life
  • Long term
  • Change
  • Content
  • Flexible
  • Open
  • Prediction
  • Dogma
  • Reactive
  • Direction
  • Left brain
  • Job
  • Short term
  • Stability
  • Form
  • Rigid
  • Closed

Sat Nav Coaching
  • Gets you to your destination
  • Its quick and efficient
  • It has an annoying voice
  • If you put in the wrong destination at the
    beginning then you end up somewhere you dont
    want to be
  • If you end up where you dont want to be and you
    dont know how you got there, then its difficult
    to find the way out
  • Because someone else took you there its not your

  • Coaching is not a how to manual it is not
    about following a set of rules or directions
    its all about people. And people demand to be
    treated with great respect. Each is an
    individual, each has their own world and tries to
    have that in harmony with everything and
    everybody else around them. They are constantly
    subject to the uncertainties and vagaries of life
    which effect their decisions, emotions and needs.
    The role of the Coach is to listen to this
    diversity and interpret all the signals in order
    to produce the best possible outcome for the
    person being coached
  • (John Buchanan)

  • Create the right environment
  • The goal is to build confidence
  • The application of what you know, rather than the
    fountain of all knowledge.
  • Coach the intention rather than the action or
    start with the end in mind
  • The principle of drawing excellence out rather
    than trying to put it in.

  • The use of context to develop basics and
  • To have energy and enthusiasm and support the
    learning process
  • To allow the necessary time frame for learning
  • To develop basics at pace
  • To provide challenging pieces of music

  • Positive Challenge (Negative Complacency)
  • Support Team (Individual Survival)
  • Enthusiasm Giving (Apathy Taking)
  • Belief Enjoyment (Doubt Frustration)
  • Facts Honesty (Myth Bullshit)

Belief and ConfidenceWinners confirm
probabilityLosers Chase possibility
  • True belief comes from performance accomplishment
  • The fuel in your engine
  • Build it Protect it
  • Belief is the enemy of Doubt
  • Performance Potential - interference

  • Change the pace
  • Change the angle
  • Change the amount of lateral movement
  • Physically challenge
  • Change the consequence
  • Change the time frame
  • Change the target

  • Where does it come from?
  • Energy is created rather than saved
  • Imagination is crucial in helping to create
    focus and energy
  • Giver, Taker or Neutral
  • What you give out will be returned and
    multiplied, so watch what you give out
  • Winning teams and players give energy dont take

Basics at pace
  • Basics are the foundations of all sport
  • They allow the natural order of movement to flow
  • Elite sport is basics done at pace
  • Relax Relax Relax
  • Elite sports people already have them they just
    need to be let out
  • Balance Alignment Rhythm

  • Imagine you were me how would you feel possibly
    sympathy, worried
  • Imagine you had coached me ready for today how
    would you feel possibly supportive
  • Imagine you were my examiner marking how well I
    did possibly critical

Wearing your players shoes
  • As a coach we wear different hats
  • We support, sympathise and criticise
  • Write a players name a the top of the paper and
    think about him.
  • Stay open minded
  • Wear his shoes
  • See his strengths
  • See the player he could be not who he is now
  • How can you help him discover his way

  • Before I get in the ring, Ive already won or
    lost it out on the road. The real part is won or
    lost somewhere away from witnesses behind the
    lines, in the gym and out on the road long before
    dance under the lights
  • (Muhammad Ali)
  • Improve Basics
  • Build Confidence
  • Increase skill
  • Raise tactical awareness
  • Pressure Test

  • Goal to crush the opposition still legal
  • Top flight sport played closer to nature can
    you tap into your basic instincts
  • Be prepared to work for the win poking
  • Clarity leads Ruthlessly Simple
  • Relax Relax Relax

  • Its not about us
  • Its not about the model
  • Its not about what it should be, its about what
    it is
  • It is about the player
  • It is about them being unique
  • It is about the model fitting the player, rather
    than the player having to fit the model
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