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Five Books on God


Five Books on God s Reading List The Books of Men Of the making of many books there is no end (Eccl. 12:12) There are approximately 142 million books in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Five Books on God

Five Bookson Gods Reading List
The Books of Men
  • Of the making of many books there is no end
    (Eccl. 1212)
  • There are approximately 142 million books in the
    Library of Congress
  • Books are important to us (2 Tim. 413), but
    which books?
  • What are the five books on Gods reading list?

The Book of the Law
  • Gods law is recorded in a book - the 66 books of
    the Bible (Deut. 3124 Rev. 111)
  • It is important that we seek this book
    (Isa. 3416)
  • It is important to keep the words of this book
    (Rev. 2127 227,9)
  • It is important not to alter the words of this
    book (Rev. 2218-19)

The Book of Deeds
  • Many popular figures have written books recording
    their deeds (athletes, politicians, celebrities)
  • The deeds of great Bible characters have been
    recorded (2 Chron. 3526-27 Job
    1923-24 Neh. 1314)
  • But, the deeds of all mankind, good and bad, are
    recorded in a book held by God (Psa. 568 13916)

The Book of Deeds
  • The deeds of man will be the basis of Gods
    judgment (Mt. 1236-37 2 Cor. 510
    Rom. 26)
  • We cannot rewrite past pages in this book, but we
    can edit them (Isa. 4325)
  • We can control what is written on the future
    pages of this book (2 Peter 311)

The Book of Remembrance
  • Many memorials have been erected through the
    years to remember important persons
  • God has a book of remembrance in his hand of all
    his faithful children (Mal. 316-17)
  • God is not forgetful of the good works of his
    people (Heb. 610)

The Book of Judgment
  • God not only remembers the good of the righteous,
    but he also remembers the bad of the wicked (Ex.
  • God opens his book of judgment upon the wicked
    nations (Rev. 51-9 101-11)

The Book of Life
  • All the names of the righteous are in the book of
    life (Dan. 121 Lk. 1020 Phil. 43)
  • It is important to have our name written in this
    book (Rev. 138 178 2015 2127)
  • Ones name may be blotted out of this book
    through sinful living (Ex. 3232-33 Psa.
    6928 Rev. 35)

Gods Reading List
  • Open books are associated with divine judgment
    (Dan. 710 Rev. 2012)
  • Knowing what God is reading, what changes do we
    need to make today?
  • The judgment day will not be a pop quiz we
    already know what is on the test! (Jn. 1248
    Rom. 216)
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