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Jazz Music in the 1920s


Jazz Music in the 1920s Where Jazz Began Jazz originated in New Orleans and was among the most popular of music from the beginning of the century While musical ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Jazz Music in the 1920s

Jazz Music in the 1920s
Where Jazz Began
  • Jazz originated in New Orleans and was among the
    most popular of music from the beginning of the
  • While musical advances were well in progress the
    phonograph was most commonly used to play music
  • The 20s were widely known as the the Jazz Age
  • The 20s played host to the independence of
    musical record companies
  • Jazz music was being produced left, right, and

  • Chicago became the epicentre of jazz
    production, and it found its way into the hearts
    of everyone
  • Jazz was entirely influenced by the blues, and
    progressed along with the blues as the most
    popular of music at the time
  • Both the blues and jazz were inspired by the
    blacks and began being passed orally by them for
    plenty of unrecorded time
  • Although jazz music was dawned by the black
    people, most whites took ownership and
    responsibility for what was the most prominent
    music of the time

From Jazz Came
  • Many of the most famous and remembered dances of
    the 1920s were inspired by jazz music
  • Dances include The Charleston and the Black
  • These dances were the beginning of major musical
    entertainment that progressed into selections on
    Broadway, and hence the growing fame of jazz
    music, and later films and vidographic
    productions pertaining to the phenomenon of jazz

  • Jazz had infused so many parts of the economy
    and life in the 1920s, as of following the Great
    War and continuing the revolutionary influences
  • Now existing, there are many types of jazz, and
    variations of it
  • These variations have mixed cultural and urban
    style rhythm with raw instruments to create new
    funk, swing, and many others of which are still
    being altered

Jazz Composition
  • As mentioned earlier, jazz transpired from the
  • Jazz is described by the nature of improvised
    rhythm and an extrovert tendency
  • It can also be described as soul music
  • Because it was often played at first, in hidden
    clubs and more inconspicuous areas, instruments
    varied and were of what could be obtained
  • Later more developed instruments became the make
    up of jazz music
  • Instruments consisted of the trumpet,
    saxophones, pianos, tubas, clarinets, violas, and

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Jazz Massive
  • Formed from jazz were great musicals that
    revolved around the music and art of jazz
  • In the 1920s Broadway flourished due to the
    uprising interest of jazz music
  • Pianists also became well appreciated
    particularly during the 1920s
  • The biggest jazz musicians of the 20s were most
    often accompanied by a bad or group that helped
  • Jazz music appealed to everyone both upper
    class, and lower

  • It was considered one of the most innovative and
    creative styles of music, which threatened much
    of the others
  • In the 20s jazz seemed a very appropriate style
    of music that reflected on the conditions and
    subjects of the time
  • It was also thought a relatively seductive style
    of music that young men of the age utilised
  • The 1920s were the home of jazz music
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