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Social-Religious Issues


Title: Islamic Religious Issues Author: Matt Cohen Last modified by: Richard Geib Created Date: 1/13/2000 1:46:47 AM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Social-Religious Issues

Social-Religious Issues
Women In the Quran
  • In the Quran, Allah warns the people of women
  • Allah also states women in the positive sense
  • Women believe the problem is the interpretation,
    not in the teachings of Allah

Islamic Women
  • Many uncomfortable talking about feminism,
    believe its a Western feeling
  • Men and Women have different roles and rules
  • Spiritual values, not Godly
  • Feel liberated by the veil
  • Dont believe in equal rights

Western Women
  • Believe the plights of women in the Middle East
    appear tenuous
  • Believe in equal rights and feminist movements
  • Able to dress freely
  • Equal to men
  • Have freedom
  • Women have individual choices to make

Islamic Extremists-Taliban
  • Women are beat if they are caught talking in
    public, or showing skin
  • Female circumcision
  • Banned from school only allowed in public with
    close male relative
  • Cant work
  • No access to healthcare

Iran, Revolution and Khomeini
  • Khomeini led the Islamic revolution because he
    perceived himself as the avenger of humiliations
  • Khomeini also banned all western music because it
    dulls the mind with happiness and ecstasy
  • Because of Sharia law, a Fatwa was declared on
    Salman Rushdie

Islamic Resurgence and Western Culture
  • Most people do not want to adopt technology
  • Most Muslim people are opposed to Western values
  • Some Muslims believe the West dominates them
  • Islamicist Muslims are making a resurgence
  • Islam is making a comeback in society

Sharia Law, Fundamentalist Approach
  • Sharia Law is when the written law, like the
    Quran and Hadith are made into civil law,
    exactly as it is written
  • Extremists want to replace civil law with Sharia
  • Over time, it has been elaborated on by schools
    of law to fit into life

  • Terrorists make up a very small part of Islam
  • Osama Bin Laden is one of the most famous
  • Some terrorism is caused because many Muslims
    feel that America is Anti-Islam

Early History 1948-1967
  • First Arab-Israeli war began on May 14, 1948
  • Israelis managed to occupy the Negev
  • Palestinians say Israelis forced them out at
  • Approximately 150,000 Arabs remained in Israel
    after the Independence war

The Hamas and Extremists
  • Hamas is an acronym that stands for Islamic
    Resistance Movement (in English)
  • The Hamas is a Jihadi movement (fighting for a
    holy purpose)
  • Hamas mostly is outside Israel, but some Israeli
    Arabs join it and help perform terrorist acts

Israeli-Arabs Complaints About their Civil Right
  • Some Arab-Muslims say that their human rights are
    denied and that they feel like second class
    citizens in Israel
  • They also say they are discriminated and if there
    is trouble, Arabs are the first to be blamed
  • Some say they want to be an equal part of the
    Israeli society but preserve their Arab identity

Arabs Today In Israel
  • Arabs make up about 18 of the population-about
    1,057,800 out of a total of about 5,757,900
  • They are full citizens of the state, meaning they
    have the right to vote and they were guaranteed
    equal religious and civil rights with the Jews

Islam in the West
  • Islam is a fast growing religion all around the
    world, but mostly in Britain, America and France
  • There are over 6,000,000 Muslims in the US
  • The US practices religious freedom in pluralistic
    societies that embrace many different religions

Terrorism in the US
  • Because of so many Muslims in the West there have
    been many media stereotypes.
  • Certain Muslims have been found guilty of
    terrorist acts in the U.S. and Europe in the name
    of Middle Eastern Islamicist causes.

Manners And Social Interaction
  • Extremely orthodox Muslims in America have
    certain dos and donts when it comes to social
  • But more Liberal Muslims are just like normal
    Americans only their skin is a different color.

U.S. vs. Iran Soccer Game in Southern California
  • On Sunday January 16 the American soccer team
    played Iran in the American Rose Bowl.
  • This game is being refered to as the diplomacy
  • It was a tie game of 1-1.

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