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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ingen bildrubrik

Sahlgrenska akademin Waste Sorting at
There is more info in Swedish at
tering_inom_SA/ and the contact people are listed
on page 2
Cardboard/Styrofoamfrigolit /Soft
plastic wellpapp, frigolit, mjukplast
Hard Plastic Containers hårda plastförpackningar
Household (combustible) Waste hushållsavfall
Food containers, plastic bottles, PET-bottles,
plastic lids, containers for chemicals, etc.
Not PVC! Lunch room Sort in stapeln.
Lab Sort clean, uncontaminated plastic
containers in the recycling container found in
the corridor. Any labels must be removed or
marked over.
Food waste, plastic bags, pens, small amounts of
soft plastic, styrofoam and wood,
etc. Uncontaminated waste from the lab (for
example non-contaminated plastic
material). Office Place in the plastic bags
Sopi. Lab and lunch room Place in the waste
Cardboard is sorted in the
cardboard-carts, normally found in each corridor.
Put small amounts of Styrofoam frigolit and
soft plastic in the waste bins. For larger
amounts, put it with the cardboard (picked up by
FAS) or directly in container for combustible
Noncombustible Waste sorterat icke brännbart
avfall, metallskrot
Paper Containers pappersförpackningar
Glass Containers blandade glasförpackningar
Paper boxes, milk and juice containers, wrapping
paper, plastic/paper packing material with more
than 50 paper etc. Lunch room Sort in the
recycling cabinet stapeln. Lab Sort clean,
uncontaminated packing material in the recycling
container found in the corridor.
Clear and colored glass, bottles
etc. No light bulbs (sort as glödlampor),
porcelain (sort as sorterat icke brännbart) or
broken glass (sort as sorterat icke brännbart
or as sharps). Lunch room Sort in stapeln
Lab Sort clean, uncontaminated packing
materials in the recycling container found in the
corridor. Any labels must be removed or marked
Broken porcelain mug/stapler, etc. Place in the
small plastic box, often found close to the waste
sorting cabinet stapeln in the lunch room.
Office Paper kontorspapper
Newspapers, office paper,
brochures, etc. Sort in the grey plastic
recycling containers in each office. Empty this
container yourself in the larger container,
usually found in each corridor. This is then
picked-up by personnel from the fastighets- och
service avdelningen (FAS).
Metal Containers metallförpackningar
Cans, caps/tops, foil, lids, packages, forms,
etc. Lunch room Sort in the recycling cabinet
stapeln. Lab Sort clean, uncontaminated metal
packing materials in the recycling container
placed in the corridor.
Note! All recycled materials must be clean!
Additional containers can be ordered via
Liselotte Nilsson, tel 786 35 94, E-mail
Containers and labels for hazardous waste can be
collected from the rooms for dangerous and
hazardous waste.
Over ?
FAS Fastighets- och service avdelningen
Building and service department
continued Waste Sorting
Environmental Policy
More info (Swe) at http//
  • Göteborg University will be one of the leading
    universities in Europe in education and research
    within sustainable development and environmental
  • The University will endeavour to make its
    students and personnel aware of environmental and
    development problems and, through research,
    education and interaction with the community,
    stimulate concrete activities that promote
    sustainable development.
  • The University will, trough its systematic and
    focused environmental work, aim to prevent or
    reduce its negative environmental impact. The
    Environmental Management System at the University
    will be certified.
  • Environmental considerations will be incorporated
    into all decision-making processes. Research,
    teaching, administration, management and
    technical functions, will be characterised by
    environmental accountability.
  • The University's environmental work will be
    continually improved and evaluated by regular
    environmental audits.
  • The University will comply with applicable
    environmental legal requirements and with other
    environmental requirements to which the
    organisation subscribes.

Chemical Waste kemikalieavfall
DANGEROUS WASTE farligt avfall
General rule All (non-household) chemical waste
that is not, beyond all doubt, safe, should be
treated as dangerous waste. For more info see
(Swe) http//
24_44621sv.PDF For chemical waste use a durable
container. Mark the container with the white
label for chemical waste, Farligt avfall, and
place in the room for dangerous and hazardous
waste. Separate halogenated and non-halogenated
organic solvents. See also (Swe)
tering_inom_SA/ or ask a contact person.
Computers/Assessories datorer och tillbehör
Mail and call 786 37 44
for pick up.
Other Electronic Waste Refrigerators /
Freezers annat elektronikavfall kyl- och
Mail and call 786 37 44
for pick up.
Batteries, Low-Energy Lamps, Light Bulbs
batterier, lågenergilampor, glödlampor
HAZARDUS WASTE riskavfall Example
Smittförande (infectious), Radioaktivt,
Läkemedel (medicine), Skärande/stickande
(sharps), Biologiskt, Genetiskt modifierade
mikroorganismer. Use the brown card boardboxes
marked Riskavfall. Fill in the label. Place in
the room for dangerous and hazardous waste. New
boxes and labels are found in the rooms for
dangerous and hazardous waste. For more
information see http//
jo/arbetsmiljohandboken/atillo/Riskavfall/ or ask
a contact person.
Containers are found in each building which is
emptied by personnel from FAS.
Toner Cartridges tonerkassetter
Waste Sorting Contacts (Källsorteringskontakter), tel 786
3594 Gö, tel 786
3874 Environ. coordinator Mats.Sandberg_at_anatcell., tel 786 3395 Environmental representatives
Place toner and color cartridges in their
original packages and return to dealers. For more
information consult the waste sorting guide (Swe)
at http//
lsortering_inom_SA/ or somebody listed under
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