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The Six Wives of Henry VIII


The Six Wives of Henry VIII Who was Henry VIII? Henry Tudor, named after his father, Henry VII, was born by Elizabeth of York June 28, 1491 in Greenwich Palace. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Six Wives of Henry VIII

The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Who was Henry VIII?
  • Henry Tudor, named after his father, Henry VII,
    was born by Elizabeth of York June 28, 1491 in
    Greenwich Palace.
  • He took the throne when he was 18 and married
    Catherine of Aragon (his brothers wife).
  • When they were married, she had a son and named
    him Henry. Soon after he was born, he died.

Who was Henry VIII? Cont.
  • After Catherine had a string of miscarriages, he
    decided that he wanted a divorce.
  • Catherine had one child, Mary. Henry wanted a
    male heir to the throne.
  • Henry had fallen for Catherines lady-in-waiting,
    Anne Boleyn.
  • Thus starts the strings of wives of Henry VIII.

Englands Political/Religious Scene
  • During this time, Henry was trying desperately to
    change Englands religious stance.
  • England was affiliated with the Roman Catholic
    Church. After Henry tried to divorce Catherine of
    Aragon and the church said no, he decided to form
    his own church the Church of England. This is
    where we get protestant churches of today.

Catherine of Aragon Wife 1
  • Youngest child of Isabella and Ferdinand of
    Spain. Anyone remember them?
  • At 16, she married Arthur (Henrys brother). Six
    months later, Arthur died.
  • When Henry was 18, they married and she was
    crowned queen.
  • Soon after the marriage, she had a still-born
    daughter. After that, she had a son named Henry
    that died 52 days after he was born. Catherine
    had 3 other miscarriages and one other child that
    lived Mary.

Catherine of Aragon Cont.
  • King Henry was upset with no male heir, but
    remained a devoted husband.
  • When Catherine reached the age of 42, Henry began
    to petition for a divorce from the church.
  • Eventually Henry won and she was demoted to
    Princess Dowager instead of Queen.
  • She died in 1536.

Anne Boleyn Wife 2
  • No one knows exactly when she was born. She spent
    most of her life attending to the Royal Court in
    France and England.
  • Anne was not pretty. It was rumored that she had
    a sixth finger and had a large mole or goiter on
    her neck.
  • Anne was very pushy when it came to being queen.
  • When she and Henry started having their
    relationship, she pushed him to get rid of
    Catherine of Aragon.

Anne Boleyn Cont.
  • Anne wasnt popular with the people of England
    either. The King was starting to give her more
    precedence than his own sister.
  • She was finally made queen in 1533. She had her
    first child in August that year. The childs name
    was Elizabeth.
  • She knew to secure her place as queen, she needed
    to have a boy. After Elizabeth, she had several
    miscarriages. She also knew she needed to have a
    boy because her husbands eyes were starting to

Anne Boleyn Cont.
  • Henry needed to way to get rid of Anne because
    of his affections to Jane Seymour.
  • Anne was charged with treason, adultery and
    plotting to murder the King.
  • Anne was executed on May 19, 1536.

Jane Seymour Wife 3
  • Jane was Annes lady-in-waiting. Her favor grew
    with the King toward the end of Annes reign.
  • Within 24 hours of Annes execution, Henry and
    Jane were engaged.
  • Jane had a son, Edward, in 1537.
  • She died two weeks after he was born.
  • She was the only wife to be buried with King

Anne of Cleves Wife 4
  • After Jane died, Henry remained single for 2
    years. His court wanted him to marry a foreign
    bride to give him an alliance.
  • Henry sought brides who supported church
    reformation. He sent one of his advisors to seek
    brides for him.
  • Henry married Anne of Cleves (from France) and
    wanted out of the marriage from the start, saying
    she was ugly.

Anne of Cleves Cont.
  • Soon after, Henry fancied Annes lady-in-waiting,
    Kathryn Howard. He wanted the marriage annulled
  • Anne knew not to fight it, considering what
    happened to his other wives. Anne accepted the
    title as Kings Sister. She lived away from the
    court the rest of her time.

Kathryn Howard Wife 5
  • Kathryn was Anne Boleyns cousin (remember her?)
    She was Anne of Cleves lady-in-waiting. She was
    19 when she met Henry.
  • Sixteen days after Henry divorces Anne, he wed
  • Less than year after their marriage, rumors
    spread that she was cheating on him.
  • Enough evidence was gathered to convict her and
    she was executed in 1542.

Katherine Parr Wife 6
  • Katherine and Henry married in 1543. Not much is
    known about how they met or their courtship.
  • Since Henry was so old, she was more of his nurse
    than anything.
  • Katherine was more of a mother figure to her
    step-children than any other wife. She made sure
    they had the best education.
  • Henry died in 1547 and Prince Edward became King
    (Edward VI).
  • Katherine remarried and had a son in 1548, but
    died soon after childbirth.

Henry VIIIs Family Tree
Catherine of Aragon
Anne Boleyn
Jane Seymour
Anne of Cleves
Kathryn Howard
Katherine Parr
The Children of Henry VIII
Edward VI
  • When Henry VIII died, Edward became king at 10
    years old.
  • His uncle, Edward Seymour, became his Protector.
    His ulterior motive was to control England. Many
    in England feared that when Edward died, Mary
    would take over and return England back to
  • Edward died from tuberculosis in 1553, when he
    was 16.

Mary I (aka Bloody Mary)
  • Mary was crowned queen after the death of Edward.
  • Mary began searching for a suitable husband. She
    married Prince Philip of Spain (her cousins
  • There were also several plots to kill Mary and
    put Elizabeth as queen.

Mary I Cont.
  • Mary hung nearly 100 rebels and arrested
    Elizabeth. She was imprisoned in the Tower of
  • After she took care of the rebels who plotted
    against her life, she decided that England should
    return back to its original religious state
    Roman Catholicism. She burned, hung, imprisoned
    anyone who was deemed a heretic (a person who
    practiced Protestant faith.)
  • In all about 275 people died.

Mary I Cont.
  • Mary died when she was 58 from a ovarian cyst.
    Before she died, she named Elizabeth as her
  • Mary had hoped Elizabeth would keep England as a
    Catholic country, but many others rallied behind
    Elizabeth to return England to its Protestant

Elizabeth I
  • When Elizabeth was crowned queen, she restored
    England to its Protestant state.
  • She did not marry, even though the country wanted
    her to. There isnt one reason why she didnt
    marry and there is much speculation as to why she
  • During Elizabeths reign, the arts flourished
    among other things. Some call her reign a Golden
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