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An opinion essay


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: An opinion essay

An opinion essayIt is believed that young
people today are not as healthy as they were
fifty years ago.What is your opinion? Do you
agree or disagree?
  • May 2011
  • 11 form
  • Teacher Tkacheva S.V.
  • Lyceum 95
  • Saint Petersburg

The purposes for the lesson
  • Students ??????????

The purposes of the lesson
  • Students ??????????
  • Teachers
  • to teach how to write an opinion essay (
    general strategies content, structure, linking
  • to encourage the students to improve their
    speaking and critical thinking skills
  • to encourage the students to revise and use
    the vocabulary of the previous lessons.

Possible plans of the lesson
Plan 1 1.Revise vocabulary ( exercises). 2.Get the plan of an opinion essay and compare it with the plan of a for and against essay. 3.Discuss the content of the future essay( in groups). Introduce the results. 4.Analyze the structure of a sample essay and using linking words.(exercises). 5.Home task.( to write your own essay, 3 topics for choice) 6.Reflection ( your opinions about the lessons results) Plan 2 1.Get the plan of an opinion essay and analyze the title. 2.Analyze a sample essay(???????) 3.Write your own essay ( consulting the teacher, dictionaries) 4.No home task.
Revision exercise 1
Health addiction
Bad consequences
drug habit
high food
dangerous service
Genetically modified restaurant
Fast food price
Revision exercise 1
Health service
Bad habit
drug addiction
high price
dangerous consequences
Genetically modified food
Fast food restaurant
Revision exercise 2
1.More and more sport centers are being built nowadays in Russia. Although For example In spite of Because More than that However Moreover
Revision exercise 2
2. Families on low income are provided with some kinds of benefits . Although For example In spite of Because More than that However Moreover
Revision exercise 2
3. Teenagers spend a lot of time in front of the computer screens .. Although For example In spite of Because More than that However Moreover
Revision exercise 2
4. People often prefer having a private health insurance Although For example In spite of Because More than that However Moreover
Compare plans
A for and against essay 200-250 words. 1.Make an introduction(state the problem). 2. Give arguments For. 3. Give arguments Against. 4.Draw a conclusion.( your own opinion). An opinion essay 200-250 words 1.Make an introduction (state the problem) 2.Express your personal opinion and give reasons for it. 3.Give arguments for the other point of view and explain why you dont agree with it. 4.Draw a conclusion.
Group discussionIt is believed that young people
today are not as healthy as they were fifty years
ago.What is your opinion? Do you agree or
  • Group 1 doctors, teachers, parents, who are
    sure that young people nowadays are not as
    healthy as they used to be.
  • Group 2 the members of the government, local
    authorities, some light-minded men, who dont
    pay attention on that problem.

Linking words
to list points of view to add more points to express your opinion to contrast opinions Other linking words to conclude
Firstly Secondly Finally More than that What is more In my opinion, I do not think I strongly believe However As a result In conclusion
A sample essay
  • We often hear a statement that the health of
    modern teenagers is much more worse than that of
    their counterparts who lived fifty years ago. Is
    it really so?
  • 1.In my opinion, nowadays young people are
    not as healthy as they used to be. 2.Firstly,
    young people today eat lots of genetically
    modified and junk food, which is definitely
    harmful. 3.Secondly, modern teenagers often
    smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs, which leads
    to serious diseases. 4.Finally, lots of teenagers
    are addicted to computers or watch TV all day
    long instead of walking and doing sports. 5.As a
    result, according to the statistics, high rate of
    young people are overweight and suffer from
    heart diseases.
  • 6.However, there is another point of view.
    Many people ignore these facts claiming that
    teenagers health is steadily improving due to
    modern health care and better nutrition.7. I do
    not think they are right. Of course, young
    people do not die today of such diseases as
    pneumonia and tuberculosis but their health is
    definitely getting worse because they breath
    polluted air, drink polluted water and eat food
    with different harmful additives.8. More than
    that , teenagers usually eat what they want or
    even skip meals.9. What is more, we must admit
    that today we are threatened by such incurable
    diseases as AIDS or hepatitis.
  • 10.In conclusion, I want to say that our
    society should pay more attention to the health
    of younger generation because they are the basis
    of our future development.11. I strongly believe
    that teenagers should be actively involved in
    various health projects.

Home task
  • Topics for choice
  • Should teenagers be tested on drug at school?
    What is your opinion?
  • Should people be responsible for their own
    health care and have private health insurance?
    What is your opinion?
  • Today some scientists claim that governments
    should not control cloning experiments. What is
    your opinion? Do you agree or disagree?

Useful information
  • Models for writers. Short essays for
    compositions. Alfred Rosa, Paul Eschholz.Bedford\
    St.Martins. New York, 2004.

  • Have you achieved your aims?
  • Was there anything useful for you in the lesson?
  • What was difficult for you in the lesson?
  • What did you like in the lesson?

  • Good luck!

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