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Essay Writing Help in UK

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Title: Essay Writing Help in UK

Essay Writing Help
Types of Essay
  • There are several types of essays, but they are
    majorly categorized into two divisions one,
    character-based and the other structure-based.
    Lets first discuss the essay types that are
    character-based. Character-based essays seek to
    determine the writers goals. If the writer wants
    to describe something, it should be descriptive
    essay. If it comes down to convincing audience,
    the writer should take persuasive approach.
    Similarly, based on this principle, there are 11
    types of character-based essays.

Expository Essay
  • Expository essay requires you to explain an
    issue. The purpose of expository essay writing is
    to set forth an argument for investigating an
    idea, evaluating relevant evidence and expounding
    on the idea. This type of essay presents a
    balanced analysis eassy for the subject without
    involving any emotion or biased opinion. This can
    be accomplished through comparison, discussion,
    analysis or story telling based on the selected
    topic. When you see an essay prompt with
    explain or define, be certain that you are
    asked to write an expository essay.

Persuasive Essay
  • Persuasive essay is based on reasons and logic in
    order to convey that one idea is more legitimate
    than the other. This essay is designed to
    persuade the readers to adopt a certain point of
    view or to take a particular action either in
    favor of or against the selected topic. This type
    of essay aims to show why the idea presented by
    the writer is better than the existing opinions.
    The argument in persuasive essay always uses
    examples, logical reasoning and solid evidences
    to back your ideas that you plan to present in
    the essay.

Analytical Essay
  • Analytical essay represents an analysis of a
    text. But sometimes it is mistaken as the summary
    of the assigned text. Analytical essay
    concentrates on the smaller parts of the
    work/text and shed light on the larger picture.
    It mainly focuses on how a book or poem was
    written or how certain themes present themselves
    in the story, how certain phrases unfold certain
    meaning to the story/poem. Summarizing events in
    the story/poem is not the ideal way to approach
    analytical essay writing help.

Argumentative Essay
  • Argumentative essay is a type of academic writing
    in which the authors communicate their opinion on
    a topic using evidence from personal experience,
    literature and research to support their
    viewpoint. The writer should clearly take a stand
    and try to persuade audience to adopt new beliefs
    or behavior that requires investigating the given
    topic, collecting relevant data, evaluating
    evidence from reliable sources and establishing a
    position on the topic in a concise manner.

Descriptive Essay
  • As the name suggests, the essay is about a
    description of an object, location, person or
    experience. Descriptive essay carries details of
    something in terms of its physical appearance.
    This type of essay mainly describes what
    something looks or how something happened, or how
    something smells, tastes, feels or sounds. The
    writing style should be expressive and may
    include opinions, comparisons and personal

Narrative Essay
  • Narrative essays offer an account of something to
    readers from the authors perspectives. In this
    form of essay, the writers tell a story in the
    narrative manner along with specific details. The
    writer mainly shares a personal experience with
    audience, most commonly written in the form of
    first person I. The essay could talk about
    single, life-shaping event, or simply mundane
    experience or anything that the writer chooses.

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