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Welcome to the Second Grade Back to School Night!


Welcome to the Second Grade Back to School Night! Hosted by: Mr. Martin Mrs. Watkins Ms. Sherry Reading 90 minutes in the afternoons. Shared Reading: A mini-lesson ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to the Second Grade Back to School Night!

Welcome to the Second Grade Back to School Night!
  • Hosted by
  • Mr. Martin
  • Mrs. Watkins
  • Ms. Sherry

  • 90 minutes in the afternoons.
  • Shared Reading A mini-lesson about a topic
  • Guided Reading Small group instruction at
    students reading level
  • Centers/Anchor Packets Independent/
    Differentiated activities
  • Brief Constructed Responses (BCRs) Showing
    comprehension through writing.

Junior Great Books
  • Junior Great Books will be incorporated into our
    reading program.
  • Exposes students to challenging pieces of
  • Encourages group discussion, reflection and
    analysis of the texts.

  • Six Units Numeration, Geometry, Number Sense,
    Fractions, Measurement, Money and Multiplication
    and Division
  • Small group instruction With teachers,
    paraeducators and Dr. Hammond, our staff
    development teacher.
  • Math BCRs This is an assessment of how well
    students can explain how they solve problems.
  • Switching for Math Based on assessments and
    consultation with Grade 1 teachers, some second
    graders will be placed in an accelerated class.
    Regrouping students allows for increased
    differentiation and will help us to meet the
    needs of all children.

Basic Math Facts
  • Our Quarter 1 goal is for ALL students to know
    complete a sheet of 30 addition facts with sums
    to 10 in under 5 minutes.
  • Practice fact flash cards at home nightly.
  • Students will be quizzed on their basic facts
    weekly and monitor their progress.
  • We will practice daily in class with drills and
    games for 5-10 minutes.

  • Writers Workshop They write independently each
    day without critiquing each piece. All students
    are keeping a second grade journal this year.
  • Writing Process We take one or two pieces of
    writing through the writing process.
    (pre-writing, drafting, proof reading/revising,
    editing, re-writing, publishing)
  • Portfolio/Data Notebook A notebook including
    some finished pieces of writing will be kept
    throughout the year. Students will bring this
    home at the end of the year as a keepsake.

Social Studies CurriculumUnit 1
  • Study of Government and Democracy
  • Rules and Laws
  • The voting process
  • 2. Reading Maps and Geography
  • 3. Wampanoag Native American Study

Social Studies Unit 2 Economics
  • Students learn about producers, consumers and
  • We will study how to save money and make
    decisions about how to spend money.

Social Studies Unit 3
  • Students will create a State Report at home.
  • Students will study the biographies of
    influential American leaders who helped to bring
    about or adapt to change.
  • Students will read about George Washington, Rosa
    Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson
    and the leaders of today.

Terrific Tuesdays (formerly known as Freaky
  • Last Tuesday or
  • Wednesday of each month.
  • Second grade team selects a theme and each
    teacher designs an integrated, interactive lesson
    plan related to the theme. Classes rotate
    through each classroom.
  • Some of the themes from last year were bubble
    day, planets day, and plant day.

Terrific Tuesdays/ Wonderful Wednesdays
  • These monthly activities expose students to
    learning in an age appropriate, interactive,
    thematic way.
  • Many are science-related topics not covered in
    our regular science units.
  • Our first will be next Friday-
  • the 24th and will focus on Nutrition.

Dining with the Stars
  • To raise funds for these activities, we have
    second grade night-time outings.
  • The first will be next Tuesday, September 21 from
    6-730pm at the McDonalds in Briggs Chaney
    Plaza. Kids can come and eat with their teachers
    and friends. This is not a drop off event.
  • Our grade will get 20 of the sales from Page
    families dining out. There will be a free
    dessert for each child, raffles and prizes!

  • Terra Nova II This is a national test that will
    be given at the end of April to all second
    graders in Montgomery County. Students will
    begin preparing for this exam early in the school
    year. The results will be mailed to your home at
    the end of the school year.
  • MCPSAP-PR (Montgomery County Public Schools
    Assessment Program- Primary) This is a
    Montgomery County test that is given three times
    a year. Once in the Fall, Winter and Spring. It
    is a reading test of comprehension and word
  • Unit Tests These are county designed assessments
    given at the end of each of the six Math Units.
  • Global Screening All second graders go through
    this process in the spring to identify students
    of high ability and thinking skills. The process
    includes a parent survey, teacher recommendations
    and a variety of tests. The results will be
    mailed to your home at the end of the school

Reading At Home Program
  • Students receive a sheet to fill in 250 minutes
    of reading. Parent signs a square for each 10
    minutes of reading.
  • Students record the titles of the books they have
    read on the back of the sheet and summarize one
    book per sheet.
  • When sheet is complete, students bring it in and
    receive a prize and a new sheet.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 3 sheets per
    marking period and will earn an extra recess
    period for doing so. Additional reading will
    also be recognized and rewarded.
  • This is a requirement and is counted as part of
    the homework grade.

Homework Policies
  • Homework every night Monday through Thursday
  • Homework Sheet There will be a sheet that goes
    home every night to explain the homework.
  • Homework alternates between language and math
    activity practice, test practice or journal
  • Spelling words should be reviewed and practiced
  • Reading at Home is part of nightly homework.
  • Quarterly Projects Students will complete one at
    home project per quarter. This quarters
    project, Read All About Me, is due this Friday.
    These projects count as a homework grade and
    also a subject grade.

  • Homework, although not graded, is checked and is
    important practice.
  • Homework relates to that days lessons and
    reinforces skills that have not yet been
  • When your child does not complete his/her
    homework, they are missing out on practice that
    the other students are getting, and therefore
    falling behind.

Grade 2 Store
  • Each class will visit the store about once a
  • Students will get paid in Penguin Points for good
    behavior and work completion.
  • Students get a bonus of Penguin Points monthly
    for doing their homework and 1 Penguin Point for
    each reading at home sheet.

Grade 2 Store
  • This will help students
  • Learn to take responsibility for their behavior
  • Learn about opportunity cost (making decisions
    about saving vs. spending).
  • Goes along with our second unit of Social
    Studies Economics

Grade 2 Discipline Policy
  • Students receive clear and consistent
    consequences for breaking basic second grade
    ground rules including disrespectful/disruptive
    behavior, theft, destruction of property, verbal
    bullying and non-verbal bullying.
  • The consequences increase in severity with each
    infraction of the rule.
  • Consequences include student/teacher
    conferences, written apology, contact with
    parents, written reflection and loss of recess,
    and referral to office.
  • Letter explaining the new policies went home
    first week of school. Please ask your childs
    homeroom teacher if you would like another copy
    of the policy.

Standards Based Grading and Reporting
  • Students are graded based on mastering the
    standards in each subject area.
  • Grades are not based on effort.
  • Students are graded on a 1-4 scale
  • 1minimal understanding
  • 2 developing understanding
  • 3 general understanding
  • 4 complete understanding
  • Students will continue to receive O, S, N on
    report cards
  • N 1,2
  • S 3
  • O 4

  • Freaky Friday activities cost between 20-30 each
    month. We spend money on art, cooking, gardening
    supplies and much more!
  • Please help us to continue this great program!

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