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Welcome to Curriculum Night


Mr. Swarthout 8th grade Honors English I Please pick up your student s SpringBoard Book and spiral or composition notebook from the white basket on the back table. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Curriculum Night

Welcome to Curriculum Night
Mr. Swarthout 8th grade Honors English I
Please pick up your students SpringBoard Book
and spiral or composition notebook from the white
basket on the back table. They are stored
alphabetically by the students last name.
About the Teacher
  • Graduated from Washington State University in
    December 2012
  • Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Minor in Sociology
  • Coach Cross-Country and Track and Field
  • Member of the Curriculum Adoption Committee and
    the Building Leadership Team (BLT)
  • Teaming with teachers who teach honors and AP
    classes here and at Jackson High School
  • Second year at Heatherwood Middle School

  • Here is an introduction to SpringBoard
  • http//www.springboardonline.com/pd/ela-module1/st

  • SpringBoard is the adopted curriculum for the
    Everett School District.
  • SpringBoard will drive the instruction in this
  • District Assessment data will be collected from
    the following SpringBoard Assessments
  • Unit 1 EA 2 (page 83) Argumentative Essay
  • Unit 4 EA 2 (page 315) Analyzing Poetry
  • Unit 2 EA 1 (page 126) Narrative/Creative
  • Unit 3 EA 2 (Page 249) Literary Analysis
  • Time permitting, the goal is to reach Unit 5
    Shakespeare by the end of the year.

Honors 1 Block What is it?
  • The course has been designed to mimic a 9th grade
    honors course at Jackson High School.
  • Students are using the 9th grade SpringBoard
  • Students will leave here prepared to enter 10th
    grade honors (Honors 2) at Jackson High School.

High School Credit
  • Students can receive high school credit for this
    class upon parent request at their high school.
  • The grade will be added to his/her high school
    transcript, and his/her high school GPA will be

  • Students will be expected to read everyday at
    home and keep a reading log.
  • They should read at least 60 pages per week.
  • Students should be completing vocabulary
    activities at home online at Wordsandtheirstories.
    com (about 10 minutes each night).
  • My Philosophy Besides the daily homework listed
    above, I try to limit homework to extensions of
    activities that are not completed in class. I
    understand that many students also have busy
    lives outside of class.

Independent Reading
  • Students will be expected to read at least 1,000
    pages and at least six novels per semester from
    the AP Book List now fixed.
  • They will keep a reading log as they are reading.
    Three reading logs are required for each novel
    read (around every 50-75 pages or every 1/3 of
    the novel).
  • Reading logs are due every 3-4 weeks.
  • You can find exact due dates and additional
    independent reading information on my webpage.
  • A summative assessment will be given in class at
    the end of each semester.

(No Transcript)
  • Grades are designed to reflect students
    knowledge of content standards.
  • As well as sending home progress reports in the
    middle of the semester, I will be posting grades
    online regularly.

Standard-Based Grades
  • Formative grades given for assignments usually
    done with partners or in groups after the initial
    modeling of a concept. They are weighted at 15
    of the students grade.
  • Summative grades given for assignments usually
    done individually to show learning after a
    concept has been taught and practiced. They make
    up 85 of the students grade.

(No Transcript)
Parent Involvement in Homework
  • Please discuss with your child the book they are
    currently reading for class and help them make a
    plan for which books to read this semester.
  • Please provide a quiet place for your child to
    read and to complete homework assignments.
  • Please check grades online as needed.
  • ALWAYS praise hard work.

  • Students will be expected to follow Heatherwoods
    code of conduct
  • Be Respectful
  • Act Responsibly
  • Be a Part of the Solution
  • I will contact you if your child needs to discuss
    behavior solutions with you.
  • Your support makes a big difference.

Mr. Swarthouts Webpage
  • http//www.everettsd.org/Domain/2181
  • On my webpage you will find calendars with due
    dates for major assignments, the AP Book List,
    and other independent reading documents.

  • REMIND is a one-way broadcast system. Teachers
    can send individual messages to students and
    guardians and they (students and guardians)
    cannot reply.
  • REMIND also keeps a log of all message history
    which can never be edited or deleted.
  • Teachers never see student or guardian phone
    numbers, and phone numbers cannot be seen by
    other students or guardians.
  • If you would like to receive these messages,
    please follow the instructions on the following

AM Block Parents
Mid Block Parents
PM Block Parents
  • You are invited to come and conference with your
    students first period teacher during the week of
    October 27.
  • If you need a conference before then, please
    contact me at 425-385-6300 or
  • jswarthout_at_everettsd.org
  • Unless I am out of the building, I will respond
    to your call within 24 hours.

Goal-Setting Conferences
  • Please sign up for your goal-setting conferences
    (1st period parents only) before leaving tonight.
  • Week of October 27
  • Sign-up forms are on a desk at the front of the

Thanks for coming! Your support is important to
your students success!
  • Please place your students SpringBoard book and
    notebook back in the basket before you leave.
  • If you have any additional questions, please feel
    free to stop by at the end of Curriculum night,
    or email me at any time!
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