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6 Tips On How To Create An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy


Create A Great Digital Marketing Strategy August 29, 2018 6 Tips On How To Create An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy In this fast-paced and dynamic global industry, businesses need to constantly update their strategies and plan of action in order to establish their brand name. At Hemraj Infocom, we have a team of experts who can offer professional guidance for creating effective social media strategy and content that can boost customer engagement. here is a resources to check out – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 6 Tips On How To Create An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

What is Digital Marketing?
  • Digital marketing encompasses all marketing
    efforts that use an electronic device or the
    internet. Businesses leverage digital channels
    such as search engines, social media, email, and
    their websites to connect with current and
    prospective customers.

Why Digital Marketing?
  • Digital marketing  is emerging as a powerful tool
    for building a strong brand image and for meeting
    marketing needs effectively.
  • A robust digital marketing strategy can help
    brands create a strong online presence and reach
    out to potential customers globally
  • Digital Marketing is more cost-effective than
    traditional marketing
  • Online Marketing lets you reach your target
    audience effectively.

Why Digital Marketing?
  • Digital Analytics lets you track and measure the
    performance of your online marketing campaigns.
    This allows you to effectively use your resources
    and allocate marketing budget
  • Digital marketing levels the playing field,
    allowing your business to be more competitive.
  • It allows you to connect with consumers who are
    browsing your content on their mobile devices
  • Seo and local seo helps you reach more qualified
    buyers online.

Did You Know?
  • 53 of marketers say blogging is their
    top content marketing priority.
  • 94 of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of
    their content strategy. Other popular platforms
    include Twitter (87), Facebook (84), YouTube
    (74) and Google (62)
  • 70 of internet users want to learn about
    products through content versus traditional
  • Mobile will account for 72 of digital ad spend
    by 2019. 

Steps to Create Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Set your goals
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Create Content Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Implement your strategy
  • Monitor and Respond

  • 1. Set your goals You need to set goals that are
    SMART, i.e., Specific, Measurable, Achievable,
    Relevant and Timely. Setting SMART goals allows
    you to give structure to your objectives,
    effectively track your performance and achieve
    your business goals.

Set realistic goals and ask yourself some
key questions like
  • What business goal do you wish to achieve?
  • What are the geographical locations that you are
    targeting? Are you targeting global or local
  • What is the demographic profile of your target
    customers? Age, Gender, Income, and other
  • What digital platforms and social media channels
    do they use?

  • 2. Social Media Strategy In order to build an
    online presence and brand identity, it is crucial
    to engage with your audience and communicate your
    brand message through powerful content. Your
    brand identity and online presence are defined by
    your website and social media platforms, so make
    sure to chalk out an appropriate social media
    strategy that is in line with your business goals.

  • 3. Create Content Strategy The next step is to
    strategize the content strategy you are going to
    publish in your digital channels. A good content
    strategy can help your brand stand out among the

You Need To Decide
  • The topics or themes around which you are going
    to create the content. For instance, if own a
    fashion boutique, you can write on topics like
    the latest fashions trends or the best-dressed
  • The tone or the pitch of your message. Tone of
    your messaging plays a key role in building your
    brand image. A law firms tone of the message
    will be different from a shop that sells pizza.
  • What will be the type of media? All the creative
    assets that you display must be consistent so
    that its easier for potential customers to
    recognize and relate to your brand. Although the
    type of media you chose will depend on the media
    channel, try including a lot of pictures and/or
    videos in your media mix.

  • 4. User Experience You must focus on improving
    the user experience if you want to attract your
    target audience. If you dont pay attention to
    the user experience, you may lose out on a lot of
    potential customers.
  • So to ensure that you dont drive away your
    customers, make sure that you develop a client
    management strategy that helps you to effectively
    connect with your customers. The loading speed of
    your website, the intuitive menu navigation,
    chatbots that assist in communication, and the
    simplicity of your tone of message are some of
    the key factors that determine a great user

  • 5. Implement your strategy Proper implementation
    of your strategies is crucial for the success of
    your digital marketing campaigns.

Before You Put Your Plans To Action
  • Arrange human resources and materials.
  • Organize a digital marketing unit and ensure
    everyone is updated on what is happening and has
    full knowledge of your plans.
  • Brainstorm ideas with your team and give them the
    resources to fulfill their roles.
  • Anticipate and analyze the problems or glitches
    that you could face and find solutions to that.
  • Start building a presence on the digital channels
    that you are targeting according to your
  • Source, curate and share content according to
    your content marketing strategy and plans.

  • 6. Monitor and Respond It is very important to
    monitor and analyze your data and make changes to
    your plans accordingly. Technology has made it
    possible to get a clear picture of how your
    digital marketing campaigns are performing.

  • A good digital marketing strategy can help you
    attract the right kind of audience to your
    business. In order to survive in this faced-paced
    and competitive business environment, you need to
    be consistent and regular in your digital
    marketing efforts. An effective content strategy
    and a result-oriented team of SEO professionals
    can help you drive more traffic and increase your
    brands visibility.

We Can Help
  • At Hemraj Infocom, we have a team of experts who
    can offer professional guidance for creating
    effective social media strategy and content that
    can boost customer engagement. We can help you
    enhance your brand image and build an online
    presence through our creative solutions.

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