Working%20out%20technology%20of%20the%20Strategic%20Plan%20of%20%20Health%20Promotion%20and%20Protection%20for%20the%20population%20of%20the%20city%20of%20Stavropol - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group on educational milieu formation .Group on financial and economical policy developing .Group on cultural and health-promotion milieu formation. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Working%20out%20technology%20of%20the%20Strategic%20Plan%20of%20%20Health%20Promotion%20and%20Protection%20for%20the%20population%20of%20the%20city%20of%20Stavropol

Working out technology of the Strategic Plan
of Health Promotion and Protection for the
population of the city of Stavropol

K. R. Amlaev Md. PhD - HCP
coordinator Stavropol, Russia -2008
  • The necessity of key life activity spheres
    reforming of the Russians became obvious for all
    society sectors. This resulted in working out
    priority national projects Health,
    Qualitative education, Available and
    comfortable housing, Agro-industrial complex

  • The goal of this research work was to make out
    structural and methodological approaches to the
    realization of municipal projects on peoples
    health promotion and protection on the basis of
    intersectoral cooperation.

The following tasks were set up in accordance
with the goal
  • to make an analysis of local health projects
    implementation and to find out potential
    intersectoral cooperation partners, leaders and
    experts capable to make up a municipal team
  • to form an organizational structure capable of
    providing intersectoral process of municipal
    health policy development and implementation
  • to work out and adopt indicators of city life
    activity assessment at a municipal level

  • to reveal priority problems of medical, social
    and socioeconomic health determinants of
    Stavropol city population on the basis of
    quantitative data received in accordance with
    indicators of city life activity assessment for a
    research period and sociological life quality
    study results
  • to work out intersectoral Strategic Plan of
    Health Promotion and Protection for the
    population of the city of Stavropol taking into
    account Health Profile analysis results.

  • At the first stage the analysis of socioeconomic
    municipal programmes was made. Then intersectoral
    expert groups in definite spheres of city life
    were formed aimed at defining social determinants
    indicators having an impact on citizens health
    and characterizing city vital activity. Adopted
    in the city of Stavropol the indicators system
    was worked out on the basis of indicators which
    had been offered by the Healthy Cities Support
    Russian Centre.

The development of socioeconomic determinants
study strategy was carried out in following
  • identification of phenomena and processes liable
    to statistical study
  • formulation of goals for calculation of indices,
    definition of data type demanding development
  • definition of the indicators contents
  • definition of indicators assessments methods and
    the procedure of primary data processing for
    getting aggregate data
  • definition of main data sources required for
    indicators calculation.

Scheme ?1 Organizational Healthy cities project
structure in the
city of Stavropol
  • Steering Committee (coordinative committee)-
    chairperson(the head of the city)
  • Project Bureau- Coordinator
  • Working groups on indicators working
    out and monitoring
  • .Group on city housing-municipal strategy and
    environmental well-being
  • .Group on informational policy development and
    relations with the public
  • .Group on public security strategy
  • .Group on educational milieu formation
  • .Group on financial and economical policy
  • .Group on cultural and health-promotion milieu
  • .Group on public health policy developing
  • Working groups on the IV Phase project key
  • .Healthy urban planning group
  • .Health impact assessment group
  • .Healthy ageing group
  • .Physical activity group

At the second stage
  • the qualitative and quantitative data on
    implemented programmes were collected and
    analysed in accordance with adopted indicators.
  • City Health Profile was worked out on the
    intersectoral cooperation basis, Healthy City
    Development Conception was worked out , the goals
    and tasks of its implementation were defined.
  • A number of projects were implemented on the
    intersectoral cooperation basis.

Finding out specialists in the
preventive medicine field. This project made it
possible to find partners in health institutions.
  • Participants -912 doctors, 788 nurses
  • (totally 1700 persons)

Tobacco consumption prevention action
Non-smoking class. This project made it
possible to establish intersectoral relations
with the Education Department.
  • Participants - pupils 13-14 years
  • Test with apparatus MicroCO
  • Totally - 457 persons

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HIV prevention integrated system in
youth milieu project promoted establishing
partner relations with Youth Department and
institutes of higher education
  • Participants - students of Stavropols high
    schools 18-20 years (327 persons)
  • Teaching volunteers 60 persons

City Health Festival project made it possible
to spread healthy city ideology among a great
number of citizens.
  • Participants - citizens of Stavropol
  • Applications from schools, factories, etc - 121
    enterprises - 78 000 persons

Health at work place project
implementation strengthened intersectoral
relations with partners at enterprises.
  • Totally 539 persons

Opinion project made it possible to make an
objective study of the Stavropol citizens life
  • In the course of study 2003 residents of
    Stavropol and people working in it were
    questioned. The method of study was holding a
    questionnaire which was published in the
    newspaper Evening Stavropol. The readers had to
    fill it by their own. The participants of the
    questionnaire got the prizes from the organizers.

The questionnaire included the following issues
  • Life style assessment (bad habits, physical
    culture activities, food quality, leisure).
  • Environmental situation assessment(quality of
    air, water, planting, noise)
  • Stavropol social infrastructure assessment
    (leisure places, sport facilities).
  • Key city problems estimation with negative health
    impact and ways of their solution.
  • City safety assessment.
  • Subjective assessment of city dwellers social
  • Study of citizens concrete proposals on a
    healthier urban environment and social
    infrastructure improvement.

Citys action Stop, hypertension! project
implementation strengthened intersectoral
relations with partners in health care service
11 000 residents checked free their blood
pressure at 130 checkpoints
At the third stage
  • intersectoral working groups on the IV phase
    Healthy cities project key strategies were set
    up as well as intersectoral plans of operation.
    Their main activities and Elderly People Health
    Profile were realized.

At the fourth stage
  • experts analytical activity was carried out,
    Healthy City Project preliminary results were
    discussed. The application forms for getting
    grants were sent to different organizations aimed
    at holding discussion at city community. A number
    of seminars, round table discussions and
    conferences resulted in priorities defining by
    communities representatives, the course was
    updated, a scheme-plan of municipal programmes
    implementation was made out. These activities
    influenced the Strategic Plan of Health
    Promotion and Protection for the population of
    the city of Stavropol.

  • Thus, in the course of this activity city
    life assessment indicators were adopted, strong
    horizontal intersectoral relations were
    established, city leaders raised awareness of
    health value as the most important life quality
    indicator. Most of the citizens were
  • involved in the
  • decision-making
  • process and
  • priorities defining.

  • The activity on the development of the Strategic
    Plan of Health Promotion and Protection for the
    population of the city of Stavropol promoted
    optimization of city activities on peoples
    health strengthening and civil society formation.

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