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Signs that you may need Root Canal


At World of Dentistry, we specialize in identifying signs that indicate you may need root canal treatment. From persistent toothaches to sensitivity to hot or cold, our experienced team can provide the care you need to restore your oral health. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Signs that you may need Root Canal

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Root canal, these two words sound interesting but
might have a lot of apprehension and sometimes
even more fear in your future. The problem of
root canals is a very devastating and painful
experience. As per the report, more than 41,000
root canal treatments are performed each day.
Some of the readers might be wondering about
root canal. Root canal refers to the dental
procedure that cleans out tooth decay, pulp, and
root while on the other hand knowing about root
canal needs the eyes of an experienced doctor.
So, it is advised to keep regular visits to the
dentist for preventive care to avoid root
canals. However, everything in the body comes
with several warnings. So, to help you in the
early detection of root canal symptoms, here are
5 signs that indicate root canal treatment.
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Signs of Root Canal
Swollen Gums If you notice any swollen gums
around the painful tooth, then it can be a sign
to address root canal treatment. The swelling of
gums depends on the type of bacteria in the
infection and it might go or come over time. The
swelling of gums is caused by the acidic waste
products of dead pulp or may arise with little
pimples. This also leads to an unpleasant taste
or bad breath.
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Discoloured Tooth As discussed above, an
infection(pimple) in your pulp might cause your
tooth to become discoloured. It can also damage
the internal root tissue to give blackish
appearance. However, the discolouration of teeth
may happen due to different oral causes and can
be treated through teeth whitening and bleaching.
So, the best way to inspect it is to consult with
the dentist.
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Persistent Toothache Persistent toothache is one
of the major signs that specifies the need for a
root canal. A toothache may come with
inflammation in the teeth or the pain might
capture your mind peace. These types of pain
might go away after some time but always return.
So, if you are also suffering from persistent
toothache, there are high possibility that you
need a root canal treatment.
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Sensitivity to Heat and Cold Do you feel
sensitivity or hurt in your teeth while eating
hot or cold items? If yes, then the root canal
persists. The sensitivity after eating may cause
extreme pain and if the pain lasts for an
extended period even after stopping eating or
drinking, then it may be an indication of
infected or damaged nerves and vessels in your
Tooth Pain When Biting or Chewing While biting or
chewing any foodstuffs, if your tooth is causing
sensitivity and if the sensitivity persists for a
longer time, it further clarifies the need for
root canal treatment.
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Conclusion The swelling of gums around the tooth
and infection inside the tooth pulp cause
discomfort or pain in the tooth. Root canal
treatment is the most painful dental treatment
where symptoms vary depending on the type of
bacteria in the tooth. If you have an infection
inside your tooth, get proper diagnosis and
treatment at the World of Dentistry. World of
Dentistry is the best dental clinic in Gurgaon
that offers specialised treatment to help you
with any dental concern. Our prominent team of
dentists has performed countless root canals,
which help them to bring perfection in root canal
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