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Common signs that you need root canal


MB Dental Home provides root canal treatment in Ahmedabad where infected tooth structure and infected pulp both are removed in a painless procedure. For more information, please visit - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Common signs that you need root canal

Common Signs That You Need a Root Canal
  • Endodontists are the ones who specialise in root
    canal treatment. In root canal, the infected
    tooth's pulp is removed and is filled with a
    sealant. Once it heals a porcelain crown is
    placed over the tooth.
  • If you tooth is giving a persistent pain, if the
    gums are swollen, you know something is
    definitely wrong. Well, it is. These are the
    signs of you having a need for root canal. You
    need to get root canal done on time to avoid
    further decays and expensive treatments. Below
    are the common signs that suggest that you need a
    root canal

A. Pain
  • If you are having throbbing pain, then this is a
    strong indication that something is wrong with
    the root of the tooth.
  • It will also give you trouble in routine
    activities of eating and drinking. See your
    dentist at the soonest to get this examined as it
    may had already caused swelling of tissues.

B. Cracked Tooth Decay
  • Do not wait it your tooth is cracked. A cracked
    tooth creates room for bacteria to enter into
    your tooth and also it can affect the surrounding
    bone causing further decay.

C. Sensitivity to heat/cold
  • Another sign is tooth sensitivity. People dont
    take it seriously but if your tooth aches with an
    ice-cream or hot drinks like tea/coffee it should
    not be taken lightly.
  • It indicated there is some issue with the nerve
    tissue. Ignorance of this can intensify the pain.

D. Swollen gum
  • If you are experiencing pain in your gums or they
    have become swollen, there are strong chances
    that there is some infection that has lead to

E. Teeth Discolouration
  • This is the most visible sign. If you tooth turns
    grey or black, it is a clear sign of infection.
    You need root canal done to treat the infection
    and regain your original colour.

  • Dont panic if you are having in troubled tooth.
    Not every dental experience is scary. Schedule
    your appointment at MB Dental Clinic, the best
    dentist in South Bopal.
  • We use latest techniques to provide painless
    dentistry by opting for laser root canal
    treatment in Ahmedabad.

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