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Everything you should know about Root Canal Treatment


Discover everything you need to know about root canal treatment. Learn about the procedure, benefits, and aftercare for optimal dental health. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Everything you should know about Root Canal Treatment

Good dental health matters for your overall
well-being. Issues like cavities, gum disease,
and toothaches can hurt if not treated. Paying
attention to your teeth and seeing your dentist
in Vernon BC regularly helps stop problems down
the road. One common dental procedure many
misunderstand is a root canal. Root canals aren't
as bad as their reputation. Their goal is to save
your natural tooth rather than remove it. During
the procedure, the dentist takes out the infected
or inflamed pulp inside the tooth. They
thoroughly cleaned the area. The space gets
filled to prevent more infection. The idea of a
root canal may seem scary. But you get completely
numbed locally during the process.
What is a Root Canal?
A root canal is a procedure that fixes up and
saves an infected tooth instead of extracting it.
Inside the tooth crown and under the gums is the
pulp - this space has nerves and blood vessels.
Coming off the pulp are root canals that travel
down through the tooth roots. If the pulp gets
infected due to decay or injury, the only
solution is a root canal cleaning. This involves
clearing out infected/dead pulp, thoroughly
disinfecting the area, then sealing it up nicely
so the tooth can heal.
When Do You Need a Root Canal?
  • You should see your dentist right away if you
    notice any of the following signs of possible
    inner tooth infection
  • Constant toothache or pain triggered by
    eating/drinking hot or cold. Sensitivity that
    sticks around after the hot/cold is taken away
    signals trouble.
  • Discomfort when biting down that lingers after
    pressure is released.
  • Grey or brown tooth discoloration works from the
    gumline to the crown tip. This indicates a
    dead/dying nerve.
  • Puffy, inflamed gums around the cranky tooth.
    Infection and inflammation can set in.
  • A tooth chip or crack exposes inner surfaces to
    bacteria. Get this fixed fast before pulp
    infection occurs!

Why Go Straight to the Dentist?
Catching potential infections early gives the
best chance of avoiding tooth loss down the road.
If left alone, infections can spread from the
tooth pulp through the root canals into the
jawbone. This can cause severe oral health
issues. Seeing an endodontist promptly enables
quick diagnosis and treatment through a root
canal cleaning. This both alleviates current
symptoms and prevents worse complications like
dental abscesses requiring extraction. In most
cases, a standard root canal performed by an
experienced dentist or specialist costs
significantly less than tooth removal and
replacement with bridges or implants down the
road. Save your pearly whites and your money -
visit your dentist in Vernon at the first signs
of infection!
Benefits of Root Canal Treatment
Getting a root canal performed by your dentist
has multiple advantages over tooth extraction
when dealing with inner tooth infections. Relieves
Pain and Discomfort A root canal is a great
option for saving an infected or inflamed tooth
and letting you keep your natural smile. During
the procedure, your dentist will first numb up
the area well so you stay comfortable. Many
patients say the procedure is easier than they
expected, especially when specialist perform the
treatment. The whole process is temporary, and
soon you're back to chewing, smiling wide, and
enjoying your natural teeth once more! Modern
techniques make root canal success quite high if
the infected tooth gets prompt TLC. So if you
notice throbbing, swelling, etc. don't wait -
call your dentist and take care of it! They'll
have you covered and comfortable once more.
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