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Airlines API Integration


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Title: Airlines API Integration

Airlines API Integration
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  • In today's fast-paced world, airline booking
    needs to be simple, efficient, and seamless.
    Airlines understand the importance of providing a
    smooth booking experience to attract and retain
  • This is where the power of seamless API
    integration comes into play. Integrating APIs
    (Application Programming Interfaces) allows
    different software systems to communicate and
    share information, resulting in a more
    streamlined booking process.
  • Travelopros flights XML API Integration links
    your travel agents and travelers to all major
    airlines. The Airlines API will assist your
    travel business to enrich its inventory and offer
    travelers a complete set of services. 
  • Expand the global market and grow your revenue by
    offering flight reservation services from the
    world-renowned GDSs, consolidators and low-cost
    carriers. Provide competitive airfares and top
    scheduled flight deals.
  • As the best Airline API Integration Flight API
    Provider, we integrate with top Global
    Distribution Systems (GDS), Flight Consolidators
    and XML providers for flight booking and
    ticketing requirements. We develop best Flight
    Integration solution for Travel Agents, OTA and
    Travel Management companies to attract more
    consumers for their business.

  • How Airlines API Integration Work?
  • Airlines API integration is the global
    distribution system that allows the travel agents
    to offer all services in one single place.
    Airline API integrates all the flight services in
    one place and assists travellers to find the most
    convenient deals. 
  • It's specially designed for Travel Agents, OTA
    and Travel Management companies to integrate
    with top Global Distribution Systems (GDS),
    Flight Consolidators and Single source API
    suppliers for their flight booking and ticketing
  • The process begins when a customer initiates a
    flight search or booking on a travel website or
    mobile app. The website or app sends a request to
    the airline's API, specifying the search criteria
    such as destination, dates, and passenger
    details. The API then retrieves the relevant
    flight information from the airline's reservation
    system and sends it back to the website or app.
  • Once the customer selects flight and proceeds to
    book, the website or app sends a booking request
    to the airline's API. The API validates the
    information, checks the availability, and sends
    the necessary details to the airline's
    reservation system. 

  • Best Flight APIs Provider
  • The Flight APIs directly permits travel agents to
    integrate all flight-related content from
    multiple flight suppliers. That delivers their
    customers with the best curated flight deals and
    competitive airfares. We deliver Flight API
    integration within your new or existing online
    travel website.
  • Amadeus Flight API
  • Amadeus is a leading travel API provider of
    computer reservation systems (also known as
    global distribution systems) that permit
    companies to sell tickets for multiple airlines.
    Travelopro provides Amadeus API Integration,
    Amadeus Travel API, Amadeus Flight API, Amadeus
    Hotel Booking System to the global travel
  • Travelport Flight API
  • Being listed as one of the main GDS integrations,
    Travelport brings our great solution and the
    latest technologies for online travel agencies
    (OTAs) and tour operators. The integration of
    this GDS in the booking system provides travel
    agencies access to the data of airlines, hotels,
    vehicle rental, sightseeing, and other travel
    service providers.

  • Sabre Flight API
  • Travelopro provides integration services for the
    Sabre GDS API, linking flight providers and
    online travel agencies. The API offers a
    real-time catalog interface for online travel
    agents, enhancing their ability to view and book
    flight offerings through Amar Infotechs
    expertise in Sabre GDS API integration.
  • Mystifly Flight API
  • With headquarters based in Singapore, Mystifly
    came into actuality in 2009. It starts a market
    for airlines to sell their tickets and other
    services to OTAs, tour operators, and TMCs. In
    some way or another, it empowered the airlines
    and travel agencies. 
  • Skyscanner API
  • Skyscanner is a popular fare finder engine that
    provides its own APIs for searching for the
    cheapest flights and comparing prices. Travelopro
    provides integration of the Skyscanner API,
    including Skyscanner flight search API,
    Skyscanner flights API, and Skyscanner travel
  • Travelfusion API
  • Travel Fusion is the best online travel content
    aggregator and a pioneer of Direct Connect
    distribution solutions. The companys innovative
    model aggregates information from hundreds of
    providers, making it one of the largest
    metasearch systems globally.

  • Choosing The Right API Provider for Airline
  • Choosing the right API provider is crucial for
    successful Airline API integration. There are
    several factors to consider when evaluating API
  • Firstly, the provider should have a proven track
    record in the airline industry. They should have
    experience working with airlines and a deep
    understanding of the specific requirements and
    challenges in the industry. This domain expertise
    ensures that the API provider can deliver a
    solution tailored to the needs of airlines.
  • Reliability and performance are also critical
    factors. The API provider should have a robust
    infrastructure and high availability to ensure
    uninterrupted service. Downtime or slow response
    times can negatively impact the customer
    experience and result in lost bookings.
  • Comprehensive documentation and support are
    essential for smooth integration. The API
    provider should offer clear and detailed
    documentation that guides developers through the
    integration process. They should also provide
    prompt and helpful support to assist with any
    issues or questions that may arise during the

  • Security is a paramount consideration when
    handling customer data. The API provider should
    have stringent security measures in place to
    protect customer information. This includes
    encryption, secure transmission protocols, and
    compliance with industry standards and
  • Pricing is another factor to consider. The API
    provider should offer transparent and competitive
    pricing that aligns with the airline's budget and
    business model. It is important to evaluate the
    pricing structure, including any transaction fees
    or volume-based pricing, to ensure that it is
    cost-effective for the airline.
  • Lastly, it is valuable to consider the reputation
    and reviews of the API provider. Look for
    testimonials or case studies from other airlines
    that have successfully implemented the API
    integration. This can provide insights into the
    provider's reliability, performance, and customer

  • Advantages of Airline API Integration -
  • Fast and error free online reservation facility.
  • Increase Profitability.
  • Instant Booking Confirmation.
  • Personalised service.
  • Easy Integration.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Easy Management.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway.
  • Live Tracking
  • Social Media Integration

  • Features of Airline API Integration
  • Reliable and Robust
  • Build and update customized travel booking script
  • Custom designed solutions which maximize
  • Independent of language and application framework
  • Browse and live prices feeds
  • Continually optimized product solutions
  • Real time streaming of prices or your consumers
  • Decreased development costs and time to market
  • Built on scalable open system architecture
  • Flexible, scalable and easy to integrate and

  • Why Choose Travelopro?
  • At Travelopro, we provide the most Robust Airline
    API Integration Solution to Modify and enhance
    your Online Travel Business Capability.
    Travelopro is the leading Flight API Provider
    delivering the best Airline API integration
    solution for business in the travel industry. 
  • Travelopro is a leading flight API company having
    a fully owned subsidiary. We can help you to
    maximize your flight inventory through a single
    flight booking API flight b2b travel portal and
    b2c travel portal, multiple flight booking API
    and more. 
  • Our Flight API Integration permits travellers to
    book flight tickets online. This plays an
    essential role in the development of
    technology enabled Websites nowadays. Integration
    of Flight APIs permits travel portals to offer
    available airline options at a single place. 
  • We've connections with both IATA certified agents
    and also non-IATA consolidators. Along with
    Flight API, we also have API/XML suits for flight
    API, Hotel API, transfer API, API testing, and
    many more. At Travelopro, we have an online API
    integration team with experience of delivering
    extensive API integration support and live

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