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GDS Flight API Integration


Global GDS provides one of the top GDS Flight API Integration at an affordable price. It allows your customers to browse for and book flights at the best rates from the comfort of their own homes or on the go. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: GDS Flight API Integration

GDS Flight API Integration
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What is GDS Flight API Integration?
GDS Flight API Integration is an online tool used
by travel agencies (both IATA and non-IATA
agents) to deliver a hassle-free flight booking
experience to their consumers and partner travel
agents. The system connects with major GDS
systems such as Amadeus, Sabre, and Galileo to
give real-time inventory and the best prices to
end-users (B2B or B2C). Furthermore, the system
supports multiple currencies and payment
gateways. It offers real-time data, access to
real-time flight status and pricing, and online
booking. You will get access to numerous key
features with GDS airline solutions, including
booking, inventory management, passenger
profiling, and PNR generation. Agents can
integrate GDS Airline into their existing online
travel booking system to gain access to the huge
airline content availability and make it easier
for their consumers to book their preferred
airline. Agents use airline global distribution
systems to provide real-time airline booking
information and stay competitive. Global travel
companies are not complete today unless they have
integrated the GDS Flight API. Integration of GDS
flight APIs is popular for travel operators,
destination management businesses, hotels,
etc. With airlines' global distribution systems,
travel companies can have a global market reach
with connections to hundreds of airlines and
large network of travel agents across the
globe. Airlines and worldwide travel agencies
prefer Online Airline API Integration for their
businesses because of real-time airline data,
wide network and 24/7 availability.  To book a
flight, the customer does need to use the Amadeus
airline booking system. Amadeus Flights
integration offers online flight ticket
reservations to GDS Amadeus through XML
API. Customers and sub-agencies can use our
Flight API Integration to look for and book
flight deals online. It has cutting-edge features
including one-way, round-trip, multi-city,
airfare calendar, live ticketing and
cancellation, SMS/email ticket and invoice to the
customer and admin, travel date reminder, and
many more. Through Flight API Integration, travel
agencies can consolidate all flight-related
searches in one location and provide their
clients with the best deals on flights from
worldwide travel suppliers.
What do you get with our GDS Flight API
Global GDS will assist you in leveraging our
airline GDS services to expand the reach of your
business, attract new customers, and provide
opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.
We help businesses better serve their clients by
integrating GDS reservation systems. Our Global
GDS team provides complete assistance with
maintenance and regular updates related to the
already implemented XML API. We have extensive
experience with XML API Integration solutions,
including different XML API Suppliers' XML/JSON
integration. With our help and support, you can
take full advantage of GDS Airline's numerous
benefits and features. With the GDS airline
software, you get access to several important
factors such as booking, inventory management,
passenger profiling, and PNR generation. By
utilizing our comprehensive GDS airline
integration services, you can acquire a decisive
market position. One of the most significant
benefits of GDS flight booking software is that
it provides a single platform for all. Travel
companies can access inventory and even pricing
in real-time via this single platform. By putting
all of these facts together in one place via a
user-friendly interface, you will increase brand
loyalty and competitiveness. As a result, we
encourage our worldwide clients to visit us and
discuss their ideas for us to provide the best
GDS Flight API integration services with greater
support and market value.

Why GDS is good for flight bookings for travel
GDS, or Global Distribution System, is a vital
part of the travel business. Travel operators,
agencies, and agents require access to flight
data, including schedules, pricing, and seat
availability, to provide flight deals to end
customers. The GDS stores and accesses airline
information. Without a doubt, GDS is the backbone
of the travel business. GDS connection helps
everyone, whether you are a travel service
provider, travel company, travel agency, or
client. Booking flight tickets, hotel rooms,
vehicle rentals, and vacation packages are now
convenient. Global GDS, as a leading travel
portal development company, develops a
GDS-integrated booking system for flights,
hotels, cruises, cars, trains, and much more.
Being specialists in our field, we recognize our
clients needs better and develop a dynamic
solutions for them. We offer consultation at
every step to online and offline travel agencies,
suppliers/ Aggregators/ distributors, holiday
package providers, etc. Global GDS provides
exceptional GDS integration services that exceed
the expectations of numerous clients in the
travel sector. With our years of experience, we
can evaluate the exact need of your business. Our
GDS integration solution provides a simple
platform for travel agents to manage their
reservations. Airline APIs enable travel
companies to obtain worldwide access to flight
offers and related information. They have global
access to a wide range of airline companies. That
way, delivering exceptional deals to customers
becomes easy. With worldwide access to airline
inventory, you can easily generate additional
revenue through more bookings. Global GDS has GDS
Flight API integration, allowing travel agents
and portal websites to book flights online. We've
also created and built booking engines that are
connected with GDS functionality and are quite
beneficial for airlines. Global GDS's specialized
team delivers the best Flight XML API integration
based on your requirements. We have a robust and
secure mapping with static data and it will also
help in increasing the volume of XML API
integration. Our Global GDS team offers dedicated
support with maintenance and regular updates
related to the already implemented XML API. We
have extensive experience with XML API
Integration solutions, incorporating all sorts of
XML/JSON integration from various XML API
Suppliers. We have a track record of successfully
integrating GDS systems for airline, hotel, car
rental, and vacation reservations with B2B, B2C,
and B2B2C options, as well as an admin module.
Our GDS Integration Service will assist your
travel business in booking thousands of flights,
hotel rooms, and vacations online.

GDS APIs For Full Booking Capabilities Amadeus,
Sabre, Travelport, and Others
GDS (Global Distribution System) is a global
computerized booking network that serves as a
single access point for accommodating airline
seats, hotel rooms, car rentals, and other travel
products for travel agents, online booking
websites, and major corporations. The Global
distribution system will provide instant access
to the rates of flight tickets, hotel rooms,
rental cars, cruise reservations, trains, and
other services for small travel agencies. When
this GDS is linked to a travel web portal,
clients can browse for travel books and book
tickets online. This is a win-win situation for
both clients and travel agencies. The travel
agencies can earn enormous profits while the
customers can search for different airlines and
book flight tickets with the airline that is
providing the best fare. The GDS system powers
the travel portals, allowing them to give
consumers rates, discounts, rooms, and other
details in real time.

Amadeus GDS integration for the flight booking
  • Amadeus is a major GDS system founded in
    partnership with Air France, Lufthansa, SAS, and
    Iberia airlines. This was established in 1987
    with the main goal of connecting and making
    airlines available to customers worldwide.
    Amadeus GDS assists travel agents and agencies in
    serving travelers and enhancing their worldwide
    business by assisting their clients in finding
    the best deal. Amadeus GDS assists you in
    managing your travel business by lowering costs
    and increasing profits.
  • This enables the travel agency to have airline
    tickets available on their portal so that clients
    can book them from anywhere in the world at the
    cheapest price online. It also gives customers
    access to discounts. With the Amadeus GDS flight
    API integration, users can gain access to global
    airline data from more than 700 airlines.
    Furthermore, the business integrates with GDSs
    Travelport and Sabre. The flight API allows users
    to access data on flights, such as their
    availability, pricing, ancillary services, and so
    on. It also makes booking flights easier.
  • Amadeus offers a highly effective and interactive
    reservation solution that enables OTAs to broaden
    their booking scopes by providing air and
    non-airline content to a wide range of
    distribution channels. Accessing real-time and
    updated information on flight status, actual
    prices, and making reservations instantly - while
    also lowering your overheads.
  • Integrating the Amadeus global distribution
    system into your travel site or booking engine
    can give massive real-time data and the ability
    to book flights online with a plethora of
    options, as listed below
  • One Way/Return/Multi City search option
  • View hundreds of airlines
  • Advance filter search
  • Get every detail about the flights like Flight
    Name, Flight Number, Segment Information,
    Departure Details (City, Date, Time), Arrival
    Details (City, Date, Time), Trip Duration, No. Of
  • Fare details
  • Baggage details
  • Scope for seat selection
  • Provision for frequent flier
  • Check PNR status
  • PNR to actual ticket generation

Sabre GDS integration for the flight booking
  • The next prominent GDS player in the industry is
    Sabre. Sabre is an efficient and cost-effective
    distribution platform that assists airlines in
    expanding their market reach to leisure and
    corporate travelers. Users can obtain
    flight-related data using the Sabre flight API.
  • Sabre offers users schedules, availability,
    prices, regulations, and guidelines, as well as
    reservation and ticketing capabilities for travel
    suppliers. The Sabre travel network has been
    utilized by 400 airlines, 175,000 hotel
    properties, 200 tour operators, 50 rail carriers,
    40 car rental agencies, and 17 cruise lines.
  • Sabre offers a wide range of data solutions to
    assist airlines in effectively serving their
    customers and marketing themselves. Sabre Air
    APIs provide seat and flight schedule
    availability, low-fare flights, pricing changes,
    and online ticketing. Sabre Airline API fulfills
    all requirements, from browsing to flight
  • Access to 3,50,000 travel agents and popular
    travel agencies globally
  • Travel agencies can expand their brand beyond
    their local market.
  • Sell more seats consistently
  • Get real-time information on seat availability
    and pricing changes.
  • Make effective decisions with accurate data
  • Steady revenue stream
  • Allow your business to run smoothly.

Travelport GDS integration for the flight booking
Travelport is another well-known GDS service
provider. It displays data from three well-known
GDSs Worldspan, Apollo, and Galileo. It has also
allied with the AXESS International Network. The
Travelport Universal API is an XML-based API that
provides outstanding booking capability. Users
can consider high-quality flights, auxiliary
services, connected routes, etc. Apart from
these, there are several other GDS API providers
in the market. Besides global API companies,
travel businesses can opt for local or regional
GDS APIs. Travel agencies and management
companies can aggregate their business with more
upgraded and diverse selections of travel content
for booking flights with real-time flight data
and best deals using Travelport Airlines
GDS. Network airlines Travelport Platform can get
linked with new API technologies via proven
industry standards. Airlines can start sharing
and advertising their unique content with
Travelport-registered travel agencies, corporate
travel buyers, and travel developers that wish to
access airline inventory. Low-cost airlines can
connect to the Galileo Travel Commerce Platform
using API technologies. Low-cost carriers can
promote their content to travel agents, corporate
travelers, and leisure travelers who are looking
to book low-cost flights. Travel agents and
travel corporations can give full airline content
to their consumers using the Travelport XML API
interface. This enables travel businesses to
expand their business by providing both leisure
and corporate travelers with a worldwide
reach. With the Travelport travel network travel
companies can get a large selection of airlines
with amazing deals with real-time seat
availability, price changes, and status of
flights. In other words, this is the most
advanced technique for travel agents to directly
show availability, rates, fare regulations and
routings, schedules, seat maps, flight
information, and PNRs. Integrating Travelport GDS
in travel agency applications or websites can
assist travelers in finding the lowest-cost

What are the benefits of GDS flight API
  • Here are a few benefits of our Flight API
  • Allows you to search for domestic and
    international flights.
  • Simple to use the portal
  • Support for multiple languages and payment
  • Real-time booking, as well as an airfare calendar
  • Has extra luggage allowance options
  • Easy-to-use admin panel
  • Made secure and safe with SSL security and virus
  • Provides competitive payments for portal users
  • It is simple to manage the entire inventory using
    a single system.
  • All of your bookings can be booked, confirmed,
    and modified using a single API interface.

Features of GDS Flight API Integration
  • Displays Global Hotels, Cars, and Airlines
  • Both B2B and B2C can be accessed
  • GDS allows you to book the best seat and
  • Increase your reach by partnering with travel
    companies and agents.
  • Single window Interface
  • Quick and simple connectivity
  • Targeting all travel companies and agents
    successfully with the greatest rates and
  • GDS makes information management simple.
  • Easier content connection and mapping
  • Exposure of inventory on new distribution
  • Travel agents agencies can view inventory
    anytime, anywhere

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