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Amadeus Flight API integration


Global GDS is the leading travel tech service provider in the industry. We offer excellent software solutions through a team of skilled and experienced professionals. You can incorporate our Amadeus Flight API into your existing system. For more details, Pls visit our website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amadeus Flight API integration

Amadeus Flight API integration
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What is Amadeus Flights API?
  • Amadeus Flight API integration refers to the
    process of connecting an application or website
    with the Amadeus Flight API to obtain
    flight-related information and features.
  • Amadeus flight booking API integration ranges
    from initial flight search to booking completion.
    With the Amadeus GDS API, online flight booking
    is now easier.
  • Amadeus is a leading provider of travel
    technology solutions and services, providing a
    wide range of APIs for developers to access
    travel-related data, such as flights, hotels, and
    car rentals. The Amadeus Flight API provides
    real-time access to flight schedules,
    availability, fares, and bookings from more than
    900 international airlines.
  • Travel agencies can provide their users with a
    seamless and personalized travel experience by
    integrating Amadeus Flight API into an
    application or website, allowing them to search
    for and book flights, compare prices, view seat
    maps, and access other travel-related details.

Why is it necessary for every OTA to have Flight
API Integration?
  • Amadeus flight APIs enable travel companies to
    gain global access to flight deals and related
    information. They have access to numerous
    airlines both internationally and locally.
  • That way, offering the best deals to customers
    become easy. With global access to airline
    inventory, you can easily generate more revenue
    through more bookings.
  • Our sophisticated and efficient Amadeus GDS API
    integration service will help you manage your
    travel business. Travel agencies can have global
    market reach with connections to hundreds of
    airlines and a global network of travel agents
    using the airlines global distribution system.
  • GDS offers extensive integration with websites,
    allowing users to obtain flight information, book
    flights, and receive real-time updates on seat
  • Amadeus has integration with many airlines around
    the world, allowing any website to gain access to
    those airlines through their website.
  • Amadeus airlines API allows for online flight
    booking and supports all standards and
    fundamentals of the airline industries booking
    system. Major features like transactions,
    booking, ticket reservation, inventory control,
    exit e-commerce will be enabled by Amadeus
    API Integration. This will allow travel agencies
    to grow and expand their online services. They
    can also earn profits on a large scale.
  • The Amadeus Flight API provides travel agencies
    with access to a wide range of flight-related
    data, such as real-time flight schedules,
    availability, pricing, booking, and more.
    Developers can use this data to develop
    applications and services that cater to the needs
    of travelers, such as flight search
    engines, travel booking platforms, and mobile

Why should you choose us as Amadeus Flight API
  • Global GDS is the leading travel tech service
    provider in the industry. We offer excellent
    software solutions through a team of skilled and
    experienced professionals. You can incorporate
    our Flight API into your existing system.
  • Our flight search API collects data from multiple
    airlines, consolidates it into a single solution,
    and enables travel agencies to browse, book, and
    manage all travel service content for users. It
    benefits not only travel agencies but also
    travelers by making it easier to book airline
  • From us, you can expect high-quality results. We
    aim to simplify travel-related business processes
    while also assisting your business's growth and
  • Highly experienced in integrating flight ticket
    booking API with B2B, B2C, and B2B2C options,
    that are ideal for travel agents, tour operators,
    and travel management companies.
  • Airlines and global travel agencies prefer online
    Airline API Integration for their businesses due
    to real-time airline data, wide network, and 24/7

Our team provides the following types of
reservations through Amadeus flight API
integration services
  • Flight
  • FlightHotel
  • FlightCar
  • FlightHotelCar
  • FlightHotelCarHolidays

Why choose our Flight API Integration Services?
  • Global GDS connects all airline distributors
    worldwide and allows travelers to compare airline
    prices and service deals. We are gained in the
    XML API integration system to provide
    efficient Flight XML API Integration to the B2B
    and B2C travel agencies worldwide.
  • Our flight API partnership will assist you in
    increasing revenue while efficiently automating
    services. Travel agents using our flight API and
    GDS can grow their businesses by utilizing their
    B2B and B2C online travel portals. You can get
    instant access to various flights and bookings
    all over the world with our flight API services.
  • Our primary goal at Global GDS is to provide our
    clients with increased adaptability at the most
    affordable price. Our flight API integration
    supports Web 2.0, allowing your business to take
    full advantage of these features. With our
    assistance, you will be able to optimize
    your online flight booking system. Our API
    integration services ensure excellent service
    every day.
  • Our solutions offer the convenience of online air
    ticket booking to the end user and contribute to
    the tremendous growth of airlines. Global GDS
    Flight Search API integration solution helps our
    clients maximize their riches and reduces air
    ticket booking time by providing a centralized
    reservation system.
  • Global GDS Flight Booking System integrates
    multiple sources such as GDS (Global Distribution
    System) integration such as Amadeus, Sabre, and
    Travelport, LCCs (low-cost carriers), NDC API
    Integration (New Distribution Capability),
    business fleets, hybrid airlines, and so on.

Why Amadeus Flights API is important in flight
ticket booking?
  • The Amadeus Flights API is an essential tool in
    flight ticket booking as it provides travel
    agencies with access to Amadeus' global
    distribution system (GDS) for the airline
    industry. This GDS contains a wealth of
    information about flight schedules, availability,
    prices, and bookings from airlines all over the
  • Travel agencies can integrate this data into
    their applications, websites, or booking engines
    by using the Amadeus API, making it easier for
    travelers to search for and book flights. This
    allows for a more efficient and simplified the
    booking process, as customers can access
    real-time information and pricing, and compare
    options from multiple airlines all in one place.

What does Amadeus Flight API provide?
  • The Amadeus Flight API provides travel agencies
    with access to a wide range of data related to
    flights, including
  • Flight Schedules Real-time flight schedule
    information, including departure and arrival
    times, flight numbers, and airport codes.
  • Flight Availability Real-time data on flight
    availability, including the number of seats
    available for a specific flight, flight status,
    and more.
  • Flight Pricing Real-time flight pricing
    information, including fares, taxes, and fees.
  • Flight Booking The ability to create and manage
    flight bookings, along with reservation,
    ticketing, and payment process.
  • Airline Content Access to airline content such
    as seat maps, meal options, baggage allowances,
    and more.
  • Flight Status Real-time flight status
    information, including delays, cancellations, and
  • Flight Tracking The ability to track flights in
    real-time, including flight routes, altitude,
    speed, and more.
  • Airport Content Access to airport information
    such as terminal maps, amenities, and
    transportation options.
  • Traveler Data The ability to retrieve and store
    traveler data, such as passenger names, contact
    information, and frequent flyer details.

Features of Amadeus Flight API
  • Real-Time Data The Amadeus Flight API provides
    travel agencies real-time access to flight
    schedules, availability, pricing, and booking
    information from over 900 airlines around the
    world. This allows developers to create
    applications and services that provide travelers
    with up-to-date information on flights, fares,
    and more.
  • Comprehensive Documentation Amadeus provides
    comprehensive documentation for the Flight API,
    including API reference guides, code samples, and
    SDKs (Software Development Kits). This makes it
    easier for developers to get initiated with the
    API and integrate it into their applications.
  • Authentication and Security The Amadeus Flight
    API uses 2.0 for authentication, ensuring that
    only authorized users can access the API. This
    helps to protect sensitive data and ensure that
    user information is secure.
  • Flexibility The Amadeus Flight API provides
    developers with a variety of endpoints and
    parameters, allowing them to customize their API
    requests and retrieve only the information they
  • Rich Content The Amadeus Flight API provides
    developers with access to rich content such as
    airline logos, seat maps, and more, in addition
    to flight-related data. This assists developers
    in developing engaging and informative
    travel-related applications and services.
  • Multilingual Support The Amadeus Flight API
    supports multiple languages, making it easier for
    travel agencies to build applications and
    services that cater to travelers from different
    regions and countries.
  • 24/7 Support Amadeus provides 24/7 support for
    the Flight API, assure that developers can get
    help when they need it, and fix any issues that
    may arise during the integration process.

Benefits of Amadeus Flight API
  • Amadeus Flight API is a powerful tool that
    provides developers with access to real-time
    information about flights, airlines, airports,
    and more. Some of the benefits of using Amadeus
    Flight API include
  • Real-time flight data The Amadeus Flight API
    provides real-time flight data such as flight
    schedules, flight status updates, and flight
  • Easy integration The Amadeus Flight API is easy
    to integrate into your application, with
    comprehensive documentation and code samples
  • Wide range of data The Amadeus Flight API
    provides access to a wide range of data, such as
    flight schedules, flight status updates, flight
    availability, airline details, airport
    information, and more.
  • Better user experience By incorporating the
    Amadeus Flight API into your app, you can provide
    your users with a more seamless and enjoyable
    travel experience, including up-to-date flight
    information and the ability to book flights
    directly from your app.
  • Increased revenue By allowing your users to book
    flights directly from your app, you can
    potentially increase your revenue through flight
    booking commissions.
  • Improved decision-making The Amadeus Flight API
    provides useful information for making informed
    decisions about flight schedules, routes, and

Is adding the Amadeus Flights API a beneficial
idea for your travel business?
  • Integrating the Amadeus API into your system
    provides several advantages to your business.
    Firstly, you get access to a diverse inventory
    worldwide. Moreover, you can provide real-time
    online booking information to your customers.
    Offering the best deals and discounts will help
    you gain more customers.
  • Customers can book everything they need quickly
    since a wide range of travel products are
    available on a single platform. The booking
    process is simple and only takes a few minutes.
    Travel operators can increase sales with
    interactive offers and choose the best workflow
    structure for their needs.
  • Global GDS operates a GDS and integrates the
    Amadeus GDS API into a travel booking website. We
    are experts in integrating Amadeus software and
    developing the best content and functions into a
    single portal or website.
  • Amadeus focuses not only on airlines but also on
    hotel/accommodation reservations, rail tickets,
    cruises, car rentals, and other services. The
    Amadeus airline booking system is available in
    over 200 locations throughout India, with over
    45000 terminal installations and 5200 online
    travel agents using the Amadeus API in travel
    software or websites. Amadeus Software works with
    over 300,000 hotels and 288 hotel chains in 195
  • When we design your travel portal, we make
    certain that it allows for easy online booking.
    This is why you need Amadeus Software integration
    for your travel portal.
  • Amadeus Flight API is an airline API that helps
    travelers find the best flights by comparing
    flight deals from 400 global airlines through
    flight search APIs with access to advanced flight
    bookings features like flight inspiration,
    calendar view, multi-city search option, and
  • With our help, you can utilize the Amadeus
    booking engine for running your business
    effectively and efficiently. We hope to assist
    you in obtaining all of Amadeus' features, such
    as real-time availability, booking, pricing, and
    centralized data display. After all, we are
    solely dedicated to meeting the requirements of
    the global travel sector.

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