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Airline CRS System | Central Reservation System


FlightsLogic provides Airline CRS System, Central Reservation System, and Airline Reservation System to travel agencies, tour operators, and TMCs globally. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Airline CRS System | Central Reservation System

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  • Airline CRS System is a web-based booking
    solution that helps in consolidating data from
    all airlines through the use of the GDS System.
    The system provides inventory and rates in
    real-time to customers and travel agents.

A One-Stop Solution to Automate Airline Booking
  • What is Airline CRS System?
  • A Computer Reservation System (CRS) or central
    reservation system is an automated booking system
    used to store information, retrieve information,
    and conduct air travel transactions.
  • The airline CRS system is a web-based booking
    engine that is linked to global GDS systems such
    as Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre, and it
    consolidates data from all airlines. The booking
    engine connected with GDS systems offers improved
    inventory and pricing to end users and travel
    agents. Due to the 24/7 availability and
    real-time reservations, global travel
    organizations are turning to online airline
    reservation software.

  • How Does Airline CRS System Benefit Travel Agents
    and Tour Operators?
  • Technically, airline reservation systems are made
    up of data exchanges via global distribution
    systems like Amadeus, Galileo / Travelport, or
    Sabre, which combine and communicate worldwide
    airline availability and pricing information via
    web services APIs / XMLs. The airline
    availability and pricing information may be
    provided on a user-friendly GUI interface using
    these web services on the airline reservation
    system interface.
  • The end user can choose a flight and proceed with
    the booking. It enables you to use advanced
    availability management techniques, dynamic
    customer identification, and complex airline
    policy controls to implement the latest revenue
    and schedule management technologies.
  • Airlines may expand their global reach by using
    an efficient and cost-effective distribution
    channel that caters to leisure and business
    visitors. It also provides airlines with quick
    and easy access to organizations, travel
    management companies, and global travel
  • With the airline ticketing software solution, you
    may deliver stable and long-term airline
    ticketing services to your customers. The
    software solution automates the ticketing system
    and assists with tasks like boarding pass
    printing, online payments, and online check-in

Features of Airline Reservation System
  • Allow passengers to choose their seats.
  • Frequent flyer programs are supported.
  • Display all of your flight options and special
  • A highly personalized system
  • Reservation cancellation system
  • Assurance and dependability
  • Flight Investigation is a module.
  • API-integrated booking solution
  • Display baggage restrictions and fare rules.
  • Bookings can be made online using a payment
  • To view booking details, you can print e-tickets.
  • Produce financial and booking reports.

  • Configure service tax, markup, and supplier
  • With a complete fare summary, multi-stop/multi-cit
    y flights can be booked.
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Acceptance of various currencies
  • Online payment gateway security
  • Users have access to an online reservation
    service that is simple, quick, and error-free.
  • Notifications of ticket bookings, cancellations,
    and flight delays, among other things, are sent
    via email.
  • Airline CRS System enables users to make
    reservations online quickly and that too without

  • Fully Integrated, Comprehensive Airline
    Reservation System For Travel Industry.
  • FlightsLogic offers the best travel technology
    solutions to strengthen the businesses of online
    travel agencies, tour operators, and TMCs. Our
    flight API Integration solution aids our clients
    in wealth maximization and minimizes air ticket
    booking time by providing a centralized
    reservation system. We create our solutions using
    cutting-edge technology that enables feature
  • Central reservation systems can help you develop
    customer loyalty and stay competitive by
    providing superior services. We specialize in
    flight booking systems development we understand
    our clients' demands and provide the best
    solution to meet their needs. We provide airline
    GDS / White Label API Integration services to
    worldwide travel organizations.
  • With FlightsLogic, you can provide your consumers
    with a quick and trustworthy booking experience
    that allows them to explore, create travel
    itineraries, and manage their bookings according
    to their preferences. We provide comprehensive
    travel solutions to businesses of all sizes and
    types, including B2B, B2C, and B2B2C.

  • We understand that your online travel portal is
    the image of your business, and our experts
    listen to your specific needs and design
    best-in-class B2C or B2B travel portals
    (depending on your business model) to assist you
    in improving your ROIs.
  • Our Airline Booking Engine enables you to not
    only sell much more flight tickets but also to
    provide a choice of other travel services to
    increase your profit. With our Flight Booking
    System, you may increase your online ticket sales
    and direct flight bookings.
  • Most consolidators and travel content providers
    display the content through API or web service
    XML feed, which may be utilized by online travel
    businesses to integrate into their booking engine
    and sell relevant travel products to their
  • To empower your businesses, we can design and
    implement a fully customized white-label travel
    portal development. You will be able to deliver
    online travel reservations that exceed your
    client's expectations by providing a seamless and
    pleasant experience. We provide the best Tourism
    Portal Development services to all our clients
    based on their specific needs.

  • Why Choose FlightsLogic for the Development of an
    Airline Reservation System?
  • FlightsLogic's airline booking system offers
    discounts, booking deals, tariffs, reservation
    records, and ticketing values. Making bookings
    for a specific airline is simple whether you use
    airline ticket purchasing facilities or software
    management portals. We incorporate a centralized
    database design in the inventory management
    modules so that travel agents may look for
    real-time data, seating management, and
  • We provide complete airline booking system
    solutions for travel agents, tour operators,
    travel agencies, and travel organizations. Our
    Flight booking IT Solutions enable travel
    agencies to provide clients with dynamic packages
    such as Flight Holiday, Flight Hotel, and
    more, as well as the most comprehensive flight
    search and booking capacity. We are committed to
    providing our customers with the best flight
    reservation system available.
  • Our airline reservation system assists travel
    companies in integrating all flight-related data
    into an online platform, allowing customers to
    choose from a wide range of flight alternatives
    at affordable flight costs. We provide a
    completely automated airline ticketing system
    that allows you to book tickets whenever and
    wherever you want and assist you in increasing
    sales and improving customer satisfaction.

  • We work with all leading GDS suppliers to ensure
    that clients who visit your travel site receive
    the best service possible. This airline
    reservation system also enables you to book
    flights in conjunction with other travel services
    such as hotels, excursions, activities, dynamic
    packages, transfers, and more to improve customer
    experience, increase online reservations, and
    increase revenue.
  • Our flight booking engine was designed
    exclusively for businesses wishing to improve
    earnings by selling third-party Flights API
    inventories directly to clients. We provide
    online reservations and inventory management
    systems and incorporate flight schedules, rates,
    fare tariffs, seat availability, passenger
    reservations, and records of airline ticket
    bookings on our travel website.
  • We create the best airline booking engine with
    the help of a skilled staff that efficiently
    serves the B2B and B2C travel markets. It enables
    travel service providers, agents, and tour
    operators to handle the selling of flight tickets
    smoothly. The access to real-time availability
    and price rates of flights makes the booking
    process hassle-free.

  • Benefits of Airline CRS System
  • A single platform to search, book, and modify the
  • Provides a competitive edge to set up and run the
    business against competitors
  • It increases sales since customers can access it
    through mobile apps and book tickets from
  • The airline booking process comes with easy
  • Easy referral through the referral codes
  • The airline CRS System maximizes inventory
  • Get the booking history with just a single click
  • Responsive and can work on all platforms.
  • Provides 247 customer service and more.
  • Helps to ensure maximum reservation
  • Provides an easy and user-friendly interface
  • Helps to reduce maintenance cost

  • So, if you want to develop a fully integrated
    airline CRS system with the most advanced
    features, dynamic packing, real-time inventory,
    and more, contact FlightsLogic right now!
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  • Call 91 9731278600
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