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The 6 Main Causes of Workplace Injuries


Workplace injuries can be caused by a variety of factors, including slips and falls, overexertion, repetitive motion, machinery accidents, exposure to harmful substances, and workplace violence. To prevent these incidents, it's essential to enroll in safety training programs that teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to stay safe on the job. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The 6 Main Causes of Workplace Injuries

The 6 Main Causes of Workplace Injuries
Excessive Exertion
These injuries occur when a person applies too
much force while handling or carrying objects.
These injuries may be caused by lifting or
carrying heavy loads, repetitive motions,
discomfiting postures, and inadequate rest
Hit by an Object
Such injuries occur when workers are struck by
moving vehicles or tools or when they collide
with immovable heavy equipment, as well as
working in areas where objects may fall from a
higher level (for example, scaffolding).
Falls, Slips, Trips
It is not necessary that a person only gets
injured when falling from an elevated surface,
such as a ladder or scaffold. Workplace injuries
also occur by slipping or falling on the same
level due to a wet floor, uneven walking path,
or an area with insufficient lighting.
Accidents may occur outside of the traditional
roadway system, such as at a construction site,
an industrial facility, or private property.
These incidents are not only caused by vehicles,
but also other heavy equipment, driver or
operator error, malfunctioning of machinery,
hazardous conditions, unsuitable weather
conditions, and non- compliance with safety
regulations or law enforcement.
Non-Roadside Incidents
Roadside Accidents
Roadway accidents occur on public roads, such as
highways, streets, and intersections and can
involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and
pedestrians. Distracted, impaired, or reckless
driving, unsatisfactory road conditions, traffic
congestion, and mechanical failure are common
causes of such incidents. Workers involved in
transportation jobs are most often exposed to
such hazards. However, any person, working in
any job in any industry is at risk because roads
are used to travel to the workplace and back.
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Caught in, or Compressed by an Object or
Examples of injuries
Crush Injuries - When a body part is caught
between two heavy objects, such as a person's
hand being caught in a machine.
Fractures - When a bone is broken because of
the force of equipment or objects within
which a link is stuck.
Amputations - When a body part is chopped off
by machinery or equipment.
Lacerations - When a person's skin is cut by
equipment, tools, or objects.
How to Reduce Workplace Injuries?
Safety Training
One tried and tested method to reduce workplace
injuries and accidents is to provide workers
with mandated online training and on-the-job
training. OSHA specifies training for employees
to understand hazards when exposed to various
job roles and tasks. These range from 2-hour
safety training courses to 40-hour courses.
Enroll in Safety Training Today!
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