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Guidance on the Management of Manual Handling in the Workplace


This guidance outlines the key parts of the Manual handling of loads regulation. It aims to give a better understanding of the risks associated with manual handling. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Guidance on the Management of Manual Handling in the Workplace

Guidance on the Management of Manual Handling in
the Workplace
Olive Safety
Manual handling is a risky task and can cause
many accidents and injuries in the workplace if
the workers do not have proper awareness about
handling or lifting heavy loads. Manual Handling
course is mainly designed to reduce or prevent
workplace injuries due to improper handling of
objects without proper knowledge and guidance. A
person who has completed this course can able to
complete their given task safely. By following
some easy steps will help them to reduce the
workplace risk up to a certain limit. There are
many advantages to taking a manual handling
course by each and every employee in the worksite
to secure their life. The main advantage is to
provide better and valuable training for
Employees. Manual handling injuries can have
dangerous connections for the employer and the
person who has been injured. They can happen
almost anyplace in the worksite and heavy manual
labour, awkward postures, legs and back or
previous injury can increase the risk. Six main
advantages to Manual Handling training programme
for employees 1. Raises Awareness among
workers 2. Good practice and guidance 3.
Employees in their suitable working
Environment 4. Teaching employees how to
operate Mechanical Aids 5. Learning through
Experience and practical sessions 6. Promotes
a healthy and productive workforce
The vital task for proper and accurate
implementation of manual handling task is a risk
assessment. It needs to be carried out to
determine what action
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can be taken to reduce the risk of injury. Risk
assessment is the best step to reduce the
injuries and accidents in the site, and also you
can reduce the risk of lifting heavy loads by
using machinery. Always make sure that you are
using the correct machine to lift different
loads. If manually lifting the object is the only
choice, the risk can be rapidly reduced
Make the load into smaller or lighter lifts
Split up a large consignment into smaller
Modify the workplace to prevent or reduce
the need to twist or lift from floor level or
high level
Provide suitable training that is relevant
to your workplace
It is important to know some factors in the
workplace may increase the risk of an injury
occurring. These hazards caused by improper
manual handling can be identified in different
Walk through the workplace and look for
possible dangers.
Talk over risk factors with workers.
Regularly monitor and update risk
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Consider this simple and effective method without
fail before carrying out a manual handling task
by each and everyone especially The
individual who carried out the task, e.g.
strength, fitness, underlying medical
conditions The weight to be lifted
manually The distance to be carried the
load The size and shape of the item to be
carried An uncomfortable posture has to be
taken to move the item Some safety suggestions
for a worker can assist them to make their work
more smooth and healthy and which are
Change the task with the convenience, always ask
the supervisor for the importance of the work and
Does this task need to be carried out?
Change the object or the size of the object
accordingly like, to repack a heavy load into
smaller parcels Change the workspace to the
suitable and convenient location for lifting load
and always make sure work benches are at Optimum
heights to limit bending or stretching
Change the environmental conditions which
including heat, cold and vibration that disturbs
the work Use machines such as wheelbarrows,
conveyor belts, cranes or forklifts for heavy
lifting Change the nature and method of the
work which offers frequent breaks or the chance
to do different tasks
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Take proper manual handling training because
inexperienced workers are more likely to be
injured. Manual Handling course for employees
which promotes efficient and safe practice by
good teaching by experienced professionals within
the workplace.
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