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Hotel XML API Integration


Travelopro offers XML API Integration for Hotels, Hotel Chains, Resorts, and other types of accommodation. Travel Wholesalers, Destination Management Companies, Online Travel Agencies, and other travel suppliers provide the inventory. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hotel XML API Integration

Get the Most Effective Hotel XML API Integration
  • Hotel XML Integration offers online travel
    companies access the hotel data such as
    geolocation, room availability, facilities, and
    extra services, among other things.
  • Travelopro offers XML API Integration for Hotels,
    Hotel Chains, Resorts, and other types of
    accommodation. Travel Wholesalers, Destination
    Management Companies, Online Travel Agencies, and
    other travel suppliers provide the inventory.
  • Our travel integration services enable consumers
    to find the most affordable negotiated prices by
    searching many providers concurrently and
    displaying the best results for a specific
    location or product type. You get your net rates,
    apply your markup, and sell further all through
    our Booking Engine.

  • Travelopro has gained rich experience in API
    Integrations over the years by connecting more
    than 150 travel providers and third-party
    services to its clients all over the globe. Our
    XML/JSON API allows for unique sorted hotels with
    affordable pricing from various API vendors and
  • We integrate hotel APIs and XMLs from all
    wholesalers, aggregators, and hotel XML API
    providers to create best-in-class B2C, B2B, and
    corporate flight booking websites and online
    travel booking engines. Multiple hotel XML
    integration services enable end customers to
    locate the best pricing and availability for any
    specified destination. To connect several hotel
    APIs, we send and receive travel data in
    compressed format (GZIP) and implement XML
    binding to create output XML.

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Why Should You Choose Travelopro as a Hotel XML
API Provider?
  • Travelopro is a leading travel technology company
    that provides clients with the best hotel API
    integration services and brings revolutionary
    changes to the hotel booking process. With Hotel
    API implementation, we give clients the ability
    to manage prices, hotel services, and hotel
    packages to meet the needs of their guests. Our
    solution is an easy-to-use travel portal
    development that ultimately improves user
    engagement through payment gateway integration.
  • Our hotel XML API integration solution can help
    hotels and travel organizations integrate
    excellent travel search functionality into their
    websites. Integrating third-party hotel APIs into
    your hotel booking website will give a wide
    variety of hotel information such as hotel brand
    names, names, rates, star ratings, lodging types,
    facilities, and so on. You can help your business
    grow smoothly by utilizing an exceptional hotel
    XML integration solution.

  • We provide a standardized XML API interface via
    which you can manage your entire third-party
    supplier inventory from a single window instead
    of logging into several systems and traveling
    through multiple panels to obtain actual fares.
    It reduces your effort and helps you concentrate
    on selling more.
  • Travelopro Hotel API integration has been carried
    out to make hotel reservations easier for all of
    our small, medium-large travel agencies and tour
    operators. Using our API integration, you can now
    connect with hotel providers and channel managers
    and incorporate all of your accommodation content
    into your business.
  • Our hotel API gives you fast, seamless and
    accurate access to search and book more than
    50,0000 hotels/properties, along with rich
    content via your integrated mapping system. These
    Hotel APIs manage rates, availability, and a wide
    range of accommodations, allowing you to provide
    clients with the best options for their ideal
    stay in a specific city.

  • Travelopro is a complete Hotel Booking IT
    Solution that includes a Hotel Quotation Booking
    System for travel agents, tour operators, and
    hotel chains to collect hotel inventory from
    multiple sources and present the best prices to
    their clients, including bed banks, channel
    managers, and direct contracts. Our XML API
    integration aggregates inventory from several
    hoteliers, aggregators, and online travel
    agencies onto a single platform.
  • Our XML/JSON API allows for a distinct sorted
    hotel with low prices from multiple API suppliers
    and wholesalers. At Travelopro, we are constantly
    striving to improve our services. Implementing
    our Hotel API allows travel agencies to save time
    when sending booking notifications.

  • Here are a few reasons to choose us
  • Outstanding specialized services
  • Affordable and Cost-effective
  • Real-time interfaces with leading APIs like
    Sabre, Amadeus, and Travelport
  • Robust, scalable web portals with real-time
  • 50,000 accommodations, 190 vehicle rentals,
    sightseeing in over 50 countries
  • Unparalleled experience in the travel technology
  • Multi-language and multi-payment options are
  • Secured admin panel and backend

How to Improve Your Online Booking System with
Hotels XML API Integration?
  • Many travel management companies use online
    booking to compete and maximize their travel
    business. Hotel XML API Integration is an
    excellent choice for travel companies and hotels
    to increase their visibility to give travelers
    the most effective and favorable search results.
  • When you utilize travel API Integration, you will
    have access to a web service that allows you to
    book and search for hotels online. This
    functionality significantly improves and expands
    the usability of your online booking website. It
    provides clients with more options from which to
    select their favorite location to stay in any
    given city.
  • In short, you receive a wide selection of lodging
    possibilities and a very user-friendly layout.
    Hotel Booking API is a web service that allows
    you to search for and book hotels online.

  • Hotel XML API Integration can enhance the client
    experience and various types of business
    processes. Hotel API Integration Solution can
    make operations smoother, and the hotel business
    may benefit greatly. It has the potential to help
    many hotel and tourism businesses expand.
  • With the integration of Hotel API, travel agents
    can access all hotel data from global hotel
    suppliers, such as hotel name, location,
    longitude, latitude, hotel room pricing, hotel
    room accessibility, hotel facilities, and other
    features. Hotel API integration allows travel
    agents to obtain all hotel data from global hotel
    suppliers like hotel name, location, longitude,
    latitude, hotel room pricing, hotel room
    accessibility, hotel facilities, and other
  • Hotel APIs have taken the travel business from
    the traditional booking process to one of the
    most complex OTA processes, enhancing efficiency
    and customer service. Travel agents can get
    direct hotel bookings through online booking
    portals using these Hotel APIs.

 Features Of Hotel API Integration
  • Integrated booking engines
  • Multilingual and Multi-currency support
  • Browse, book, and confirm all with single API
  • Real-time pricing and availability
  • Clean and accurate data
  • Hotel Image Gallery
  • Room Types Amenities
  • Booking is simple
  • Mapping and De-duplication
  • Dynamic packaging
  • Flexible markups
  • Integrated booking engine
  • Real-Time Voucher Generation

Benefits of Hotel API Integration
  • It allows you to select from a variety of module
  • Price Quotation from numerous hotels.
  • A one-stop shop for hotel searches, booking,
    payment, and stay.
  • Real-time and instant booking confirmation
  • Effortless Integration
  • Seamless booking process
  • Multiple stay options
  • Reliability
  • Latest updated data
  • Customized solution
  • Real-time integration assistance.
  • Save time and cost.

If you need a hotel booking website, a customized
booking solution, or third-party XML and JSON API
connectivity, Travelopro can help.
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