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Amadeus Software Download | Amadeus API Integration


Amadeus is at the forefront of Global Distribution Systems in the travel and tourist industry. This cost-effective system is an extremely preferred business tool among the world's leading players in the travel and tourism industry due to its advanced automation technology, highly synchronous real-time information, efficient consumer information management, quick seat confirmation, and frequent-flyer program. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amadeus Software Download | Amadeus API Integration

Amadeus Training Software Download
  • Amadeus Software offers training solutions to fit
    all learner types and assist you in improving
    your performance.
  • Travelopro provides Amadeus Software Download,
    Amadeus API Integration, Amadeus GDS to travel
    agencies, tour operators, and travel companies

What exactly is Amadeus GDS, and why is it so
  • Amadeus is at the forefront of Global
    Distribution Systems in the travel and tourist
    industry. This cost-effective system is an
    extremely preferred business tool among the
    world's leading players in the travel and tourism
    industry due to its advanced automation
    technology, highly synchronous real-time
    information, efficient consumer information
    management, quick seat confirmation, and
    frequent-flyer program.
  • The platform supports business-to-business (B2B)
    and business-to-consumer (B2C) distribution and
    gives travel companies 24-hour access to hotel
    inventory. Amadeus is a leading transaction
    processor and provider of innovative
    technological solutions to the worldwide travel
    and tourism sector.

  • Amadeus connects you to the travel ecosystem,
    which provides new business travel opportunities
    for you and your travel partners to grow.
    Amadeus' Central Reservation System allows you to
    control and manage distributions, pricing, and
    bookings. It is made feasible by the Amadeus CRS
    system's broad capabilities.
  • Integrating with Amadeus Travel Software improves
    the online booking system of the travel agency
    website and provides the best rates and
    facilities for online flight bookings, hotel
    bookings, rail bookings, vacation rentals, and
    insurance. It increases the chances of offering a
    better service through the technical
    implementation that helps the travel agent
    company grow in the long run

  • The primary goal of Amadeus Software was to link
    end customers with various airline inventories.
    However, it has evolved significantly since then
    and now provides access to various travel
    services, including vehicle rentals and hotel
    rooms. With our extensive Amadeus software
    integration services, our experts at
    Travelopro can help you acquire a decisive
    competitive edge.
  • Using the Amadeus API, you may dramatically
    reduce expenses while saving a significant amount
    of time. We can construct remarkable and entirely
    bespoke apps with safe and stable access to a
    range of GDS content using the Amadeus Software
    API toolkit.

  • Over 90,000 agencies use Amadeus airline
    software. These web services are integrated into
    certain web apps and travel portals, giving them
    access to the various Amadeus capabilities
    through XML data. Amadeus provides a highly
    efficient and interactive booking technology that
    assists OTAs in developing booking fields by
    providing air and non-airline content to broad
    distribution channels.
  • The Amadeus Global Distribution System has a
    great deal of valuable data that OTAs may use to
    provide to customers. Travel agents may access
    real-time inventory and pricing for airlines,
    among other things, via a single platform.

Benefits of Amadeus GDS Integration
  • Real-time access to inventories and pricing.
  • Simple secured channel for distribution and
  • Automated content update
  • Increased interaction time with travel agencies
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • PNR and ticket generations on the spot
  • Centralized payment processing via BSP
  • Acts as a single source of aggregated data of
    airlines loyalty programs extended via APICan
    show extensive series of airline/car/hotel deals
  • Single point of access to the booking management
  • Complete control of inventory and booking

Hotel, Car, And Flight Booking API Integration
  • Travelopro specializes in integrating Amadeus
    software and creating the best content and
    features for a single portal or website. By
    delivering a powerful and user-friendly
    software-based solution, we aim to assist travel
    agencies in increasing their revenues and sales
  • We provide Amadeus GDS Integration, which gives
    travel solution companies real-time availability
    and the opportunity to connect to hundreds of
    travel products via a consolidated data display.
    The whole global travel business benefits from an
    Amadeus travel management software reservation.

  • Our Travel Technology Solution is widely regarded
    as one of the best Amadeus Booking System /
    Amadeus Software development companies worldwide.
    We provide design and development for all aspects
    of B2B and B2C Amadeus GDS/Amadeus XML/Amadeus
    API Integration.
  • We provide ideal solutions that assist airlines
    and airports, hotels and railways, search
    engines, travel agents, and tour operators and
    improve the travel experience all over the globe.
    Our next-generation Amadeus software platform
    (with GDS integration) is pre-loaded with
    best-in-class modules to keep your agency ahead
    of the competition.

  • Using our online booking engine platform, you can
    integrate Amadeus GDS XML API web services
    directly into your website, allowing you to keep
    your site's identity, original design, and
    branding. Our GDS-based airline reservation
    system links to several airlines and displays
    availability and pricing information in a single
  • We also provide information to multiple
    distributors and travel companies operating
    concurrently over the globe. Our Airline Booking
    System supports its position as a worldwide
    leader in the travel and tourist industry by
    developing unique solution sets such as e power
    suites, web services, APIs, and other value-added
    help. Amadeus GDS assists you in managing your
    travel business by lowering expenses and
    increasing profits.

Amadeus GDS Booking System Implementation Process
  • Evaluation Phase Exact requirement analysis
  • System Architecture and Inventory Management
  • Revenue and Yield Management strategy
  • Project Management and Team allocation
  • Web Application implementation
  • Amadeus GDS Integration (Through Web Services
  • Live certification process
  • End to End Testing
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Security and Support
  • Go live
  • Technical Support

How To Download Amadeus Ticketing Software?
  • Travelopro is a renowned travel portal
    development company dedicated to providing the
    travel industry with travel portal development
    and integration with Amadeus and other major GDS
  • Amadeus has a massive business that operates on a
    global basis. As a travel development company, we
    can provide travel businesses with tools to help
    them simplify their online booking systems.
    Amadeus software efficiently meets the day-to-day
    needs of travel businesses.
  • We assist clients in connecting with Amadeus so
    that they may access a worldwide travel community
    and conduct business together. By linking with
    the Amadeus hotel booking system/Amadeus flight
    reservation system, you have access to the
    community and a vast unified data source. We can
    help travel partners integrate this excellent GDS
    to enhance their business.

  • As a leading travel technology company, we strive
    to provide a B2B, B2C, or corporate travel portal
    solution or bespoke travel software. By
    integrating the Amadeus booking portal login into
    your travel site, you get access to over 500,000
    hotels and 900 airlines.
  • Using the Amadeus airline reservation system, it
    is now possible to aggregate data on various
    aspects. It includes seat availability, ticket
    prices, and travel itineraries from several
    airlines. We can help you use Amadeus GDS to
    acquire online access to a large inventory of
    hotels, flights, car rentals, transfers,
    holidays, and even sightseeing. In addition, the
    Amadeus GDS enables travel agencies to generate
    and deliver complete itineraries with a single
  • We provide pre-integrated solutions for the
    Amadeus airline booking system so that you can
    get started fast and effectively. Travel agents
    can use web services to incorporate important
    travel content into their portals like websites,
    booking engines, corporate tools, or even the
    travel agency's front office. Once linked, the
    GDS will aggregate all relevant data, such as
    pricing and availability.

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