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Mandatory things that are to be taught at schools:


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Title: Mandatory things that are to be taught at schools:

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  • Mandatory things that are to be taught at School

  • There are some useful information and skill sets
    that should be acquainted in schools with
    particular emphasis on the present generation.
  • However, the Best School in Bangalore will not
    only teach what is present in the syllabus but,
    also trains with the moral values that are
    especially required for the present generation of

  • Below mentioned are some of the essential
    subjects that today's students should be taught
    in schools
  • Digital literacy Students must learn and
    understand how to utilize digital tools and
    platforms efficiently and responsibly given the
    growing usage of technology in many facets of
  • Media literacy
  • Students need to learn how to critically assess
    and analyze media material since we live in a
    society where information can be readily twisted
    and misinterpreted.

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Climate change is one of the most critical
    matters confronting our planet today, and
    students must comprehend the influence of human
    activity on the environment as well as learn how
    to live sustainably.
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Students need to possess the abilities and
    mentality to be inventive and entrepreneurial in
    order to generate their own opportunities and
    succeed in the workforce in a prompt changing

  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Students must cultivate their creativity and
    critical thinking abilities to be able to tackle
    complicated issues and come up with novel ideas
    in the future when computers can perform many
    things better than people.
  • Health and wellness
  • Students must learn how to preserve their
    physical and mental health via suitable food,
    exercise, and self-care in an era of increased
    screen media and a languid lifestyle.
  • Financial literacy
  • To become financially durable and independent,
    students must learn how to supervise their money
    responsibly, especially budgets, saving, and

  • Above mentioned are the most significant factors
    that present-generation kids must be taught at
    schools. Not every school will teach these
    crucial skills to their students, instead, they
    just focus only on academics and results. One
    such Best School in Bangalore which gives equal
    importance to each and every aspect of a childs
    development is Harvest International School.
  • The site of the school is stretched across acres
    of rich vegetation, creating a tranquil and
    beneficial study atmosphere. Modern classrooms,
    science and computer laboratories, a library,
    music and dance studios, an auditorium, and
    sports facilities are all part of the

  • Reasons to choose Harvest International School
  • Affiliated to CBSE IGCSE
  • Specially designed equipment for kids
  • Medical facilities
  • Computer Lab
  • Cafeteria
  • Activity Center
  • Dance Studio
  • Auditorium
  • Music
  • Art

  • A thorough curriculum that incorporates both
    Indian and foreign viewpoints is provided by
    Harvest International School. From kindergarten
    to grade 12, the school uses the CBSE curriculum,
    which offers a solid foundation in topics
    including English, math, science, and social
    studies. Also, the school provides students in
    grades 11 and 12 with the IB curriculum, which is
    intended to prepare them for further study and
    global citizenship.
  • Harvest International School places a heavy focus
    on co-curricular activities and offers several
    chances for students to pursue their interests
    and expand their abilities. Sports, music, dance,
    theatre, and visual arts programs are available,
    as well as organizations and societies
    concentrating on leadership, community service,
    and environmental awareness.

  • The instructors at Harvest International School
    are committed to giving their kids a top-notch
    education. They are all highly certified and
    experienced. To stay current with the newest
    instructional techniques and technology, the
    teachers participate in ongoing professional
    development programs.
  • Conclusion
  • Harvest International School is undoubtedly the
    Best School in Bangalore. They provide thorough
    instruction that combines Indian and global
    viewpoints. Modern facilities, acquainted
    instructors, and attention to extracurricular
    activities make the school a great option for
    parents who want to provide their kids with a
    high-quality education that will prepare them for
    success in a globalized world.

  • Contact 08067331884
  • Website
  • E-Mail admissions_at_harvestinternationalschool.i
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