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How Much Does It Cost to Build Real Estate App Like Zillow


If you are looking for a cost to Build a Real Estate App Like Zillow, you are at the right spot.Get in touch with Zimble Code for a free consultation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Much Does It Cost to Build Real Estate App Like Zillow

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Real estate is transforming in line with emerging
digital trends and shifting customer tastes, just
like every other sector of the economy. If you
also work in real estate or own any other type of
property-related business, you must be well aware
of how difficult it is to attract new
clients. You must travel across cities for each
client, set up meetings, prove that your offer is
the best, and then engage in difficult
negotiation talks. Even so, there is no assurance
that you will be successful in sealing the deal.
After going through all these headaches, your
leads can end up contacting your rivals,
disclosing what you are providing, and completing
the transaction for a little less. Ultimately,
all of your efforts will become useless with no
more hope. Fortunately, things are now altering
with technological advancements. It is getting
easier for modern realtors to draw in and keep
leads as businesses adopt real estate app
development to handle all the heavy lifting. Why
Develop a Real Estate App Like Zillow?
The advantages of a website and a real estate app
are quite identical. However, the apps
architecture enables you with a more deliberate
design, alerts of trending bargains, and messages
and alike. Instead of continually interacting on
the site, even sellers and buyers feel more at
ease conversing in the app. Did you also
know? According to the National Association of
Realtors, more than 40 of people prefer to
search for homes online in 2022. Thus, it has
also become essential for everyone in real estate
to establish a presence online, especially in the
minds of mobile phone users. Thats why real
estate mobile app development has become a
lucrative segment for many aspiring entrepreneurs
with the success of apps like Zillow, Trulia,
Zumper,, etc. As the market is
booming, those with a clear plan of action can
take advantage of several opportunities with the
help of real estate apps like Zillow. But before
capturing and ruling, the real estate market,
lets understand the cost of developing the apps
like Zillow. Must-Have Features of a Real-Estate
Mobile App Like Zillow Here are some of the
must-have features that a real-estate mobile app
like Zillow should have
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What is the Cost of Developing A Real Estate
Online Application? There are numerous factors
that can impact your final real estate app
development cost. The size of your team and the
region in which you work are a few variables
contributing differently to your app development
costs. For instance, a developers hourly wage in
the United States is 110-150/hour.
Simultaneously, it is 35-55 per hour in Germany
and 30-35 per hour in Ukraine. To construct a
real estate mobile app available on all three
mobile operating systems, you need at least one
iOS developer, one Android developer, a QA
engineer, a UI UX designer, and one project
manager. If you also intend to have a web version
of your software, you need both a back-end and a
front-end developer from a reputed on-demand app
development company in Melbourne,
Australia. Approximately it takes at least 700
hours to build an application like Zillow.
Considering that your employees hourly rate is
30, an equivalent mobile application will cost
you roughly 21,000. But if you also intend to
have a web version, you need a different skill
set and additional time to build your real estate
app. Assuming 1200 hours of effort, including MLS
integration, database development, and APIs, your
mobile web app development will cost 36 000 to
construct from scratch. Note that the figures
can be drastically different if you hire
developers in the United States or Western Europe.
  • How to Make Money from your Real Estate Mobile
    App Development Project?
  • Real estate-based property listing apps can make
    money in a variety of ways, such as
  • Offering advertising space to
  • Property management firms as a premier service
  • Mortgage lenders and related companies
  • Providing a platform for the real estate brokers
  • Carving out a niche in this competitive mobile
    market is quintessential to getting the most out
    of your investment. So, make sure to conduct
    detailed research on apps like Zillow before
    giving your business an update with an app.
  • Conclusion
  • As you can see, creating a real estate mobile app
    requires precise objectives, careful planning,
    and thoughtful branding. Therefore, you should do
    complete research in and out before developing
    real estate apps like Zillow. Even if this
    development may take some time, it will always be
    worth working with a reputable real estate app
    development company like ZimbleCode, as real
    estate is a promising industry.

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