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How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Instagram in 2020


So, if the idea to build a social networking app like Instagram is crawling into your mind, you must follow this article to estimate the cost to develop an app like Instagram. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Instagram in 2020

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like
Instagram in 2020?
  • In this digitized period, social media
    applications like Instagram, Facebook, etc. have
    become indispensable and observed a marvelous
    success in their respective domains. People have
    started to consider them as the strongest and
    preeminent platforms to communicate with peers
    and family as well as a medium for online
    business promotion by engaging customers and
    dealers at a global level. So, if the idea
    to build a social networking app like
    Instagram is crawling into your mind, you must
    follow this article to estimate the cost to
    develop an app like Instagram.
  • Factors to keep in mind to estimate the cost of
    building an app like Instagram
  • To estimate the cost involved in developing a
    mobile application like Instagram, the following
    factors must be considered and calculated
  • Opting for a budget-friendly app development
  • Getting a unique idea for an app
  • Considering the technology platform to be used
    Android or iOS or both
  • Deciding on the user interface or app screen
  • Deciding on if the app will a hybrid or native in
  • Discussing the exceptional features
  • Implementing Geolocation options
  • Charges for Mobile backend as a service or MBaaS

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development cost for
an app like Instagram Now lets calculate MVP
development cost charged by a social media app
development company in the USA. Keep in mind that
this estimation is only based on basic features
that must be included in any photo-sharing
app. To add all the basic features that are
indispensable for a photo-sharing app like
Instagram, you will need around 1,180 hours of
development for each platform. Now to convert
human efforts into dollars, you need to multiply
the hours with a standard hourly rate of a
reputable software development company.
Typically, in the Android platform, the
development time is 5-10 higher compared to iOS
due to disintegration purposes. If we talk about
America, you should multiply 1180 by 150-200 and
the final cost of one application will range
between 177,000-236,000. Note This price does
not include the design services and admin panel
development. The additional estimated cost to
make an app like Instagram Depending on the
software development company the timeline to
develop an Instagram-like app can vary from
500-700 hours. Also, the hourly price may differ
based on the location of the company and the
skills provided.
Typically, the hourly price tag in the USA is up
to 100/hour. Therefore, the estimated cost to
make an app like Instagram would range within
50,000-70,000 depending on the team you are
hiring to develop your app. However, it is
equally important to be aware of the additional
expenses you may face throughout the development
process. Let us remind you that the previously
mentioned estimates were calculated for one
platform and they dont include preparatory
developmental steps like database architecture
and project setup which may take an additional
150 hours. Cloud computing expenses should also
be calculated separately. Also, there will be a
UI/UX app design and admin panel development
expenses that needed to be addressed. Finally,
some of the reputed social media app development
companies in the USA, charge for testing services
additionally. Therefore, it needs to be clarified
beforehand with your software development team or
QA engineer as some companies also include QA
services in the project cost itself. Conclusion
The market for social media apps is almost
saturated with a range of photo-sharing apps
similar to Instagram. For example Tumblr, Flickr,
Snapchat, etc. have been very popular with the
users for a very long time.
However, users still tend to seek diversified
social media platforms to meet their specific
social interaction needs. Many startup projects
fail to succeed as they lack global market
analysis. So, it becomes meaningless for them to
clone an app like Instagram instead, they should
seek some unique concepts and come up with
diversified options for social media interaction.
To build a social media app like Instagram you
need to go through a long path of trial and error
and have to face challenges steadily. Article
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