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Strength Training for Women Over 50 + Full-Body Workout


Exercise is good for everybody’s body. Young, old, male, and female; everyone can benefit from regular workouts. But what type of exercise should you do? In general, men tend to gravitate toward strength training, while women often prefer group workout programs and cardio. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Strength Training for Women Over 50 + Full-Body Workout

Strength Training for Women Over 50 Full-Body
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  • Exercise is good for everybodys body.
  • Young, old, male, and female everyone can
    benefit from regular workouts. But what type of
    exercise should you do? In general, men tend to
    gravitate toward strength training, while women
    often prefer group workout programs and cardio. 

  • Of course, there are exceptions to this
    observation, and some men enjoy things like
    spinning and step aerobics, and there are plenty
    of female bodybuilders and powerlifters, even
    over 80, like the phenomenal Shirley Webb!
  • But, in many cases, there is a workout division,
    and men and women tend to enjoy different kinds
    of exercise. 
  • This is unfortunate because the type of workout
    you ARENT doing could be the thing you need

  • If you skip cardio in favor of weights,
    your cardiovascular fitness and long-term health
    may suffer.
  • On the flip side, if you do a lot of cardio but
    seldom lift anything heavier than your water
    bottle, you could become weak and susceptible to
  • So, most people need to do cardio AND weights to
    achieve a decent all-around fitness level. 
  • But what if you are a woman in her 50s?
  • Is it too late to start strength training?

  • Should you just stick with yoga, Pilates, and
  • Absolutely not! 
  • This article explains the benefits of strength
    training for women over 50, reveals some of the
    best exercises, and provides you with a simple
    full-body beginner workout routine to follow. 

The Benefits of Strength Training for Women Over
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Muscle mass tends to peak while you are in your
    early 30s.
  • After that, muscles start to get smaller and
    weaker with every passing decade.
  • This is a part of the aging process. 
  • However, women tend to be more lightly muscled
    than men and experience a dramatic change in
    hormonal levels during menopause.

  • This means they tend to lose muscle faster and
    sooner than most men. 
  • Lifting weights regularly will help preserve and
    even increase muscle mass as you age.
  • Itll also help tone and condition your muscles,
    so you look and feel better. 

Increased strength 
  • Losing muscle means losing strength.
  • While you probably have no interest in being able
    to lift massive weights in your 50s, being weak
    can have an adverse effect on many aspects of
    your life. 
  • Muscle weakness can make everyday tasks more
    difficult than they need to be, from walking up
    stairs to carrying groceries to just getting out
    of bed in the morning.
  • The longer you can preserve your strength, the
    longer youll be able to live an independent and
    fulfilling life.

Stronger bones 
  • Lifting weights doesnt just affect your muscles
    it also affects your bones.
  • Like muscle mass, bone mass tends to decrease
    with age, especially during and after menopause.
  • Left untreated, loss of bone mass can become
    osteoporosis, which is a medical condition
    characterized by weak, porous bones that are
    prone to fracture. 
  • Combined with a healthy diet, strength training
    can help minimize and even reverse bone loss. 

Weight control 
  • Many women gain weight and fat during their
    50s.This is partly the fault of menopause and
    also the result of being less physically active.
  • Middle-age spread doesnt just affect men! 
  • Strength training increases muscle mass, which
    will have a positive impact on your resting
    metabolic rate.Also, lifting weights burns
    calories just as effectively as cardio. 

Better balance and coordination 
  • Balance and coordination tend to decrease with
  • Balance is your ability to keep your weight over
    your base of support, while coordination is your
    ability to move and control your limbs. 
  • Poor balance and coordination will increase your
    risk of suffering a fall.
  • Unexpected falls can be catastrophic in older
    people and often lead to injuries and fractures. 

  • Lifting weights will improve your balance,
    enhance coordination, and reduce your risk of
    suffering a fall.
  • And, if you are unlucky enough to take a tumble,
    having stronger muscles and bones will make your
    body more injury-proof. 
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