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15 Cool 3D Printer Projects


You, like us, are enthralled by the possibilities of 3D printing. Unfortunately, the scenery is cluttered with trinkets, doodads, and decorations. We risk drowning in 3D-printed objects that no one wants or needs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 15 Cool 3D Printer Projects

15 Amazing Projects That You Can Do With 3D
You, like us, are enthralled by the
possibilities of 3D printing. Unfortunately, the
scenery is cluttered with trinkets, doodads, and
decorations. We risk drowning in 3 D-printed
objects that no one wants or needs. Fight
against the tide of mediocrity! Let's make
something useful! Here's a list of interesting
things to 3D print right now, right now.
Demonstrate to your loved ones that this
wonderful technology has an everyday and
practical application. Each month, we remove the
five least clicked models and replace them with
five new printables under the guise of our very
own printocracy. As the year progresses, there
will always be something new to look forward to,
while the uninteresting items will fade away.
15 Amazing Projects That You Can Do With 3D
Chopstick Hanger There are numerous ways to reuse
PET bottles, but what about the billions of
chopsticks discarded after just one meal? You can
now make something useful out of them by using a
3D printer to create a coat hanger. It's best to
3D print the end stops with a raft, but
otherwise, no support structures are required.
Insert both ends of the chopsticks into the holes
of the parts and squeeze some glue into them.
One meal equals one hanger. Wind-up Boat This
print is sure to please both small children and
their parents. The wind-up boat is completely 3D
printed, including the winding mechanism all you
need are some screws to hold everything
together. It can be launched in small lakes or
bathtubs. The mechanical 3D printed boat has
advanced significantly in its fifth version.
Because the winding mechanism is larger, you can
wind it with wet hands. A rudder was added to
make the movement less lopsided, the transmission
was greatly improved, sharp edges were rounded,
and buttons now have a better grip. Headlights
for Glasses If you need some light in your life,
here's a low-tech DIY headlamp solution. Most
glasses should work with the headlight. A 5 mm
LED and a CR 2032 button battery is required to
get those photons moving. Trim the LED
connectors before inserting the LED into the cap.
then screw the cap onto the mount to connect the
LED to the battery One side will be in contact
with its positive side, while the other will be
in contact with its negative side. You now
possess a headlamp. Zippy Bag Clip We would
never have imagined 3D printing a zipper a few
years ago, but here we are! This free model
includes rows of small fingers for cinching a bag
shut. It does necessitate some assembly. You
fold your bag over to form a straight edge after
40 pivot joints and 40 hinge pins. Open the
zipper and feed the bag's edge into your fingers
towards the bottom. Close the zipper so that your
fingers grip the bag's edge. Repeat as needed
because it's so much fun. Labyrinth Coaster A
simple but entertaining idea Instead of simply
placing your mug or glass on a boring coaster,
this easy-to-print design adds some flair to the
occasion. The goal is to tilt the coaster to
move a small metal ball from the side to the
center of the labyrinth. The only issue we see
is where you put your beer while playing. So,
better print two of them.
15 Amazing Projects That You Can Do With 3D
Remote Spring Mount What happened to the remote?
What's that under the sofa? Did the dog take it
and tear it up? Is it gone to another dimension?
It makes life so much easier when your
belongings have a designated space, especially
for remote controls. This model has an
interesting trick up its sleeve It's not just a
Chromecast TV remote holder that fits nicely
under a coffee table. This print allows you to
add a spring, and with a satisfying click, your
remote will jump out for easy access. Just
remember to put it back after you've finished
with it. Maker Lamp Agustin "Flowalistik" Arroyo
has become one of the most amazing product
designers for 3D printing to date, beginning
with his popular low-poly Pokemon in the late
2010s. His designs are elegant and stylish, and
he frequently shares his 3D printing files with
the community for free, such as this maker
lamp. Refrigerator Note Toggle Some concepts are
as clever as they are simple. You can use this 3D
print to attach notes to your fridge without
having to remove the magnet - simply toggle
it! "I don't like that most of them put the
magnet dangerously close to the finish on that
expensive fridge, and removing them to put up a
new note or change a picture can be a hassle if
your hands are full," designer Zelrick says. He
solved the problem by embedding two magnets on
both ends of the print. So instead of pulling the
part from your fridge, you toggle it to free or
place your item. Bee Hotel Bees and other
insects have a difficult time finding a place to
live, especially in cities. Aside from honey
bees, which prefer hives, many other species live
on their own they lack a beehive and live in
their little hole in a piece of wood, stone, or
earth. Tunnels between 3 and 10 mm in diameter
and up to 150 mm in length are required,
depending on their size. In the winter, they use
it for hibernation, in the autumn for shelter,
and in the summer and spring for a nursery. Last
word from the designer hang it a few millimeters
away from the wall, so it slants slightly
downward. Rain will flow out rather than in this
way. PET Bottle Watering Funnel PET bottles can
be recycled in a variety of ways. One option is
to 3D print this funnel and turn any ordinary
plastic bottle into a useful watering tool.
15 Amazing Projects That You Can Do With 3D
Book-Style SD Card Cases What do you do with your
SD cards? Is it in a desk drawer? When you shake
a box, it rattles. How many times have you
looked for a specific card in this mess? Here's
a nice way to keep track of them Make a small
knowledge library out of these book-style SD
card cases. You'll quickly be able to identify
the card you require. There are five design
options, and by printing them in two or more
colors, you can create some unique book covers.
To get the best results, read the tips and
tricks. CYCLO VALVE COVER Here's a 3D-printed
eyecatcher if you're looking for some nice design
touches for your bicycle. They fit 6- and 8-mm
valves and should be printed in fine detail to
ensure proper fit. There are four lovely designs
to choose from, some of which look even better
if the filament color is changed
mid-print. Container Box Capsule Here's a
stylish way to store your everyday carry items.
Fill this container with pills, coins, hearing
protection, matches, drops, banknotes, or
batteries, then attach it to your rucksack or
wear it around your neck with a lanyard. The
container can be made waterproof by using an O
ring. Side Table The beauty of 3D printing is
that you don't have to print everything at once
just the parts are sufficient. That is the case
with this DIY side table, which, once assembled,
is much larger than the bed volume of your
printer. After printing the two connectors and a
handle, you'll need to make a wooden panel,
base, and curtain rod. All wooden parts have
cutting templates included. Once put together,
this is a great way to watch videos in bed or
place a coffee mug next to the sofa. Hexx Case
Tool Roll Davie came up with this ingenious
design for storing your tools after seeing an
old Dutch Rolykit Toolbox. These individual
compartments can be rolled into a small
hexagonal toolbox and everything stays put.
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