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Top Floor Tile Grout Cleaning Tips


There’s nothing more attractive in a home than a beautiful, clean tiled floor, but when dirty, stained grouting becomes a problem, it can quickly spoil the look of it. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Floor Tile Grout Cleaning Tips

Top Floor Tile Grout Cleaning Tips
  • Theres nothing more attractive in a home than a
    beautiful, clean tiled floor, but when dirty,
    stained grouting becomes a problem, it can
    quickly spoil the look of it.
  • To help keep your tiled floor looking beautiful
    at all times, here are some simple grout cleaning
  • Firstly, its important to understand that there
    are different types of grouts, and each type will
    require a slightly different method of cleaning,
    due to the way in which they react to certain
    chemicals or cleaning products.

  • Sanded grout gritty and typically used for
    larger sections like 1/8 to 1 inch fillings, this
    is a cement filling used most commonly for floors
    that experience high levels of foot traffic.
  • Unsanded grout this is also a cement filling,
    but is more commonly used for narrower spaces,
    and cleaning it is usually easier than sanded
  • Epoxy grout this is usually found in any areas
    of the home that might be exposed to water, such
    as bathrooms and mudrooms, and is the easiest
    type to clean.

  • Cleaning floor grout without the need for
  • Floor grout is prone to disintegrating when you
    scrub at it too often, so try to avoid this.
    Instead, make a solution of 1/3 cup of baking
    soda and ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide, add a
    teaspoon of liquid dish soap and apply it to the
    grout. Leave it for around 10 minutes and using a
    towel or sponge, simply wipe it gently off and
    leave the grout to dry.
  • Will a professional cleaning service clean my
    floor grout?
  • Absolutely, and this is often how they will do

  • With a solution of vinegar and water (11 ratio),
    theyll simply spray it onto the grout and use a
    soft toothbrush to loosen the grime.
  • They may also use a lint-free cloth or sponge to
    wipe the solution away, but will never scrub
  • How to clean floor grout without damaging it
  • The best way to avoid damaging your floor grout
    is to use the non-scrubbing method mentioned at
    the top of this article, but there are a few
    other tips you can use, too

  • Never use high friction brushes, sandpaper or
    anything else that will scrape the grout
  • Try to use homemade cleaners that are less harsh
    after all, theyre cheaper and you probably have
    those things in your store cupboard anyway.
  • Even if youre cleaning water-resistant grout,
    its best not to let the grout sit for too long
    with lots of cleaning solution on it dab at it
    to soak it up with a strong cloth.
  • With these tips, your floor grout can be
    spotlessly clean in next to no time, and if you
    already have a cleaning service that you use, why
    not add cleaning the grout to their list of
    duties, when the need arises.

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