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Modular Kitchen Designs


Since most lighting tends to highlight the upper cabinets, use acrylic finishes on them for a glossy, attractive look. Laminate is a good choice for lower cabinets since they are likely to see more wear and tear. Decide on the best finish for your kitchen cabinets depending on your use, budget and tastes. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Modular Kitchen Designs

Custom Kitchen Design
  • Would you like a custom kitchen without the
    expense in this Topic we're going to show you how
    to create a custom kitchen out of an Homular
    kitchen a good alternative is to simply bling up
    an Homular kitchen instead. So what we do is we
    use the Homular framework and customize the
    finishes so you get the look of a custom kitchen
    but without the price tag. We're going to share
    with you no less than twelve different custom
    designed kitchens. It's a mixture of renovations
    and extensions and each kitchen has been
    specifically designed for each situation. We've
    also got you covered for customized kitchen
    cabinets worktops kitchen units kitchen islands
    and a load more kitchen design ideas besides one
    thing you discover here is just how customizable
    kitchens really are and how you can tailor them
    for your home after you go through your brain
    will be exploding with what kitchen ideas and
    you'll be able to apply a lot of what you
    discover here to your own kitchen so let's get
    going custom Homular kitchen number one custom
    kitchen companies.
  • If you're looking for custom finishes for your
    kitchen and kitchen cabinets there are several
    large companies who specialize in doing that for
    kitchens and each offer a different aspect of
    kitchen design one is Coquina whose kitchen you
    can see in the picture I love the purple tones of
    this kitchen and the light blue. work top some
    walls another company is called reformed who
    would see later in with a gold kitchen yes you
    heard that right semi handmade is one of the
    larger ones who you'll also see later play is
    another one who's special in plywood. finishes
    they really thought long and hard about that name
    and for the more funkier designs. They're super
    front for minimalists there's interiors and
    inexpensive stick-on options is front Lea buy
    pretty pegs who sell finishes you simply stick
    onto your kitchen cabinets husk is a Bristol
    based company to customize everything from
    kitchen cabinet doors to work tops to sinks and
    handles but of course most kitchen carpenters.
    will be able to customize your kitchen for you
    custom kitchen number two is a very clever
    kitchen especially if you have small kids this
    kitchen has some interesting aspects to apply to
    every kitchen.

  • There are some really clever kitchen design tips
    here you enormous actor is lighting in all the
    kitchen cabinets and drawers which really
    brightens up the place not to mention make it
    easier to find stuff. They also have drawers
    pretty much everywhere instead of typical cabinet
    doors these are a great use of space and keep the
    place tidy or as a result there's also a soft
    close on the drawers which means you just touch
    them and they bring themselves. Back into place
    they did need to raise the ceiling to fit
    everything in and the kitchen space really
    benefits from that they have an induction hob a
    note here is that induction hobs don't stain like
    an electrical hub and a heat water 53 percent
    faster than gas and finally the cleverest. Thing
    about this kitchen is that you notice that the
    microwave is down beside the oven which does two
    things it gets it out of the way out of your face
    of the worktops and number two it is also a good
    level for kids to use and nicely tucked away
    custom. Homular kitchen number three bracketry as
    a design feature this kitchen cost to build a
    construct the first thing that catches the eye is
    the blue-green storage units and they look just
    great and the color works. Well with the pail
    timber floor and the dark grey kitchen panels the
    workspace is very functional between the hobs and
    the sink wanting to note about this particular
    kitchen is that it uses two bracketry as a design
    feature the black shelves support brackets
    contrasts nicely against the white tiles this
    could have been carried further to route the
    kitchen like having a black window frame up
    against the white jamb head and sill which would
    make it look even better custom kitchen number
    four dark grout lines to show off the tiling this
    kitchen has a quartz work tub which is a great
    alternative to marble and extremely durable -
    here's a tip for cleaning tough stains from
    worktops mix baking soda with water and I will
    start it out the direct route lines between the
    tiles also give a nice separation line between
    the tiles and they look great the pink rug in the
    middle makes a beautiful contrast.
  • with the white kitchen and is a nice feature
    although not sure how often they need to clean it
    a gripe I have with this kitchen is that the
    fridge isn't recessed and it sticks out quite a
    bit the white kitchen cabinets are from the for
    Barra range custom. kitchen number five is a
    stainless steel beauty this is an interesting
    kitchen in that it originally has work tiled work
    tops which make it look like a bathroom I'm not
    surprised they changed it the new kit design is
    completely different the new kitchen design has
    made the kitchen panels. stainless steel which
    reflect a lot of light around a kitchen and give
    it a professional kitchen feel the kitchen
    cabinet doors are custom made and attained to get
    from this is that kitchens are very customizable
    this is quite a big kitchen space and island in
    the middle breaks it up nicely and there is a
    good but usable distance between it and the sinks
    and Hobbs unlike a lot of the previous kitchens
    there are a lot of lights in the kitchen cabinets
    and drawers custom kitchen number six is an
    introduction to semi handmade on Homular frame
    this kitchen is partial Homular and partial the
    company semi handmade which is a company that
    makes custom finishes and doors for kitchens the
    kitchen cabinets here have an frame but have two
    semi handmade fronts.

  • Which again makes the points that you can
    customize your kitchen any way you want
    especially when it comes to the final look and
    style so you can get the best of both worlds and
    get an Homular frame with custom finishes which
    saves you paying out for an entire custom kitchen
    custom kitchen number seven a DIY kitchen with
    loads of personality this kitchen is very much a
    DIY job and highlights how personal kitchen
    design can be again this kitchen consists of a
    lot of drawers. rather than doors it has a great
    spice rack drawer they went with open shelving on
    the top and the shelves of a nice rustic look.
    which contrasts the rest of the kitchen the sink
    is a dual sink and the countertops are white
    concrete and I must say they don't look like
    concrete at all they're very nicely finished this
    kitchen does have a black window frame and it
    does look good against the white tiles. if they
    went with the dark grout between the tiles it
    would have looked even better I have to say I
    love the chandeliers and they look great and add
    a lot of personality to this kitchen so ask
    yourself how can you add your own personality to
    your kitchen custom.
  • Homular kitchen number eight a gold kitchen well
    I really don't know what to say about this one
    but again it shows how to make yourself in a
    custom kitchen this kitchen has brass cupboards
    side panels and handles and the caramel walls
    further highlight the gold cabinets the black
    were top contrast solace and sits well with the
    metallic finishes of the kitchen granted is not
    my cup of tea but it does highlight. what is
    possible with a bit of a an Asian customer
    caricatured number nine is a simple but elegant
    kitchen this custom kitchen is in a garden flood
    in a farmhouse outside Berlin the owners wanted a
    modern look. without taking away from the rural
    setting and I've got to say they succeeded the
    cabinets are from the Homular met odd and laxer
    be collections. But have been painted for a
    different look the induction hob is a muted four
    element induction cook top the color scheme works
    well with its setting as this room gets quite a
    lot of natural light so the black cabinets work
    well they also contrast the white plastered walls
    and the fair-faced concrete floors it's a simple
    but elegant look a question. ask yourself is how
    much light is your kitchen area get and how can
    you choose a bespoke color scheme to complement
    that custom kitchen number 10 the power of color
    this kitchen costs took three weeks to build the
    kitchen cabinets used here are high-gloss orange
    and the color scheme works.

  • Brilliantly together you'll notice that the
    dining table and chairs match this color scheme
    the timber floor also works well with it
    all-in-all this kitchen shows a great use of
    color and I was at most of these kitchens the
    owners. preferred the drawers rather than the
    doors and shelves custom kitchen number eleven
    cookbook writer's kitchen this kitchen is another
    Homular and semi handmade hybrid and is in fact
    made for a cook writer so it was more or less a
    professional kitchen the worktops are marble and
    the kitchen cabinets of a nice wood finish that
    is complemented by the blue island color and
    finally we have kind custom kitchen number 12.
    how to customize kitchen so to finish our list we
    could summarize what it takes to customize an
    kitchen number one you can change your kitchen
    cabinet doors number to change your knobs handles
    taps etc number three simply paint your current
    Capitol doors and before go with an alternative
    worktop or number five go for an inventive splash
    back and the kitchens we spoke of earlier
    incorporate most of these incorporate these into
    your kitchen design so you can get a custom
    kitchen nook whether at the price tag thanks for
    checking out our custom kitchens .