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9 Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips From Experts


Which room in the house do you least like cleaning? I bet you said the bathroom. Bathrooms are wet and full of germs, so it is essential to clean a bathroom correctly. Bathroom cleaning tips are easy to find but not always effective. Being a premier residential cleaning service provider, we’ve compiled Wal 2 Floor Clean’s proven bathroom cleaning tips. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 9 Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips From Experts

9 Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips From Experts
Out of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom
probably tops the list for the one you least
enjoy cleaning. Cleaning a bathroom can be a huge
hassle. Sometimes you may not even know where to
start and just want to give up. Although, it is
always more accessible to maintain a clean home,
including the bathroom. I dont blame you
getting rid of weeks of soap scum and dirt from a
bathroom is no easy task. But, unfortunately, we
often put it off for too long, making the task
ahead of us a daunting one. What you need is to
know an easy way to effectively and quickly clean
your bathroom so you can do it regularly. Well,
fear not because, in this very easy-to-follow
post, I will show you how to clean your
bathroom, so it looks brand new.
In just nine steps, I will show you how to make
the daunting task of cleaning your bathroom a
pleasurable one. The steps below will enhance
how you clean your bathroom and save you time.
1 Strip your bathroom of all of its contents
If you want to achieve the best bathroom cleaning
results, this is a step you cant skip. So,
remove all of your products from the shower and
bathtub, including all towels and rugs, and take
them outside the room. Take any items from the
top of counters and cabinets out of your bathroom
as well. Once your bathroom is bare, you are
ready to give it a good clean.
2 Put all washable materials into the washing
Before cleaning, make sure you put all the floor
rugs and bath mats into the laundry. If you
have a washer and dryer, it will make it easier,
as it will be dry before you are finished
cleaning your bathroom, but this is a step you
should take regardless. It gives your bathroom a
fresh feel and removes the lingering smells
harbored in your bath mats and floor rugs.
3 Dust and sweep
You want to get rid of all the dust, cobwebs, and
loose dust in your bathroom before you begin
cleaning. Your best bet is to get a duster with
a long handle it will help you get into corners
and reach those light fixtures (if you need to,
get a stepladder). Once you have sufficiently
dusted your bathroom, sweep or vacuum the floors
to pick up the loose hairs and debris that
linger on the floor.
4 Apply bathroom cleaner to shower and bathtub
Now that your bathroom is free from dust and
loose dirt, its time to get the bathtub and
shower to sparkle. First, get whatever bathroom
cleaner you have Being an expert cleaning
service provider, We recommend using an
all-purpose cleaner if you clean every month or
so. However, if you have left it way too long
(dont worry, you are not the only one),
your best bet is to use a more robust
solution. An acid-based cleaner will do a good
job tackling severe build-up to your shower. If
you have a bathtub, remember to get the bathtub.
Once youve applied the cleaner, leave it to
soak and clean later.
5 Get to the other surfaces
While your tub and shower soak, its time to get
to the other surfaces in your bathroom. A
sponge works and cloth, so dont worry about
that spray the all-purpose cleaner and wipe
down every surface. Make sure you get
everything towel racks, shelves, baseboards,
doors, and windows. To ensure you dont lose
track of what youve cleaned, make sure you work
in sections, e.g., from top to bottom or from
left to right.
6 Get back to the shower and bathtub
By now, your bathtub and shower are screaming to
get cleaned. The good thing about leaving it to
soak for that long is the all-purpose cleaner has
done much of the hard work for you. Now all
you have to do is lightly scrub away loose dirt
and build-up. When you give it a light scrub,
you are ready to rinse down, but before you do,
make sure you get all walls, floors, and other
surfaces clean beforehand. As you finish
cleaning up the shower, put back all the objects
you took before you started, wiping them down
before you put them back.
7 The sink
Spray the faucets and countertops thoroughly and
wipe with a clean cloth using an all- purpose
cleaner. If you have a bit of a build-up in
your sink, use the coarse side before cleaning
the sink. Get some glass cleaner to use on your
mirror it won't do a very good job if you use an
all-purpose cleaner or some water.
8 Clean the toilet
By now, it seems like youve been avoiding this
one, and for a good reason, but you cant avoid
it much longer. If you scrub inside your toilet
regularly, simply using some all-purpose cleaner
will do a great job. You have to spray a small
amount and scrub using clean water and then
flush. If you have accumulated some build-up,
use a more robust cleaner specifically made for
toilets. When using the toilet-specific cleaner
for build-up, its best to let it soak before
you scrub with your toilet brush.
When the inside is clean, spray down the outside
of the toilet and then wipe clean with a cloth.
9 Time to mop the floor
It is to take a big relaxing breath because you
are nearly there! You have almost cleaned the
once troublesome bathroom in just eight simple
steps. Its time to mop your floor, in which
Wall2FloorClean is the best. We know tiles are
the essential part of the bathroom as we walk in
with slippers and wash clothes on bathroom
tiles, so it is obvious that they get dirty so
fast, especially the grouts. We know that all
the above tasks are easy to compare. However,
bathroom Tile Cleaning is one of the most
challenging jobs, so we are here to help the
people of Arizona. We are here to save you a lot
of time and provide you with fantastic Floor
cleaning services.
At Wall 2 Floor Clean, We have a lot of equipment
and products that help clean all types of floor,
and apart from this, we could also help you clean
your house carpet because we understand the
importance of a clean environment, so we use non-
harmful products. When your bathroom floor is
dry, replace (freshly cleaned and dried) bathroom
rugs and mats and put back anything you took out
before starting, such as your bathroom scale and
trash can.
You should remember that the steps listed above
will always make cleaning your bathroom very
easy. However, if you leave your bathroom for a
long time and let the mess build up, even the
easiest and fastest way to clean will take a lot
of time. There are things you can do every day
to keep your bathroom relatively clean. Things
like keeping a handheld vacuum to pick up loose
hairs, or regularly emptying your bathroom trash
can, will go a long way. Investing in a
squeegee for your shower and routinely cleaning
your drain will also tackle the build-up caused
by everyday use. I hope this helps you figure
out the best way to clean your bathroom
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