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5 Easy Yoga for Pregnant Women – Benefits and Safety


Yoga practice is the best option to maintain physical and mental health. There are many types of yoga for different types of illness but it is important to do it in the right way otherwise it leads to harmful effects on our health. Therefore it would be better if you consult a yoga guru before starting your own yoga practice. Through this infographic, we are sharing some easy yoga tips for pregnant women with its benefits and safety. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Easy Yoga for Pregnant Women – Benefits and Safety

5 Easy Yoga for Pregnant Women Benefits and
Safety Bio link
Yoga, one of the most ancient forms of
exercise, has played an important role in
improving the overall life of people over the
years. The practice of yoga is considered to be
particularly beneficial for both physical and
mental health. It is also helpful in
reducing various health problems and physical
complications. Yoga asanas are considered
beneficial for calming the mind and for a
healthy body. Benefits can be obtained from the
practice of yoga even during the time of
It is important to know the right way before
starting yoga during pregnancy. Pranayama will
be better in the first three months. Many
health problems like back pain, constipation,
flatulence, depression, anxiety, mood changes,
sleeplessness, etc. can be reduced by doing
regular yoga during pregnancy, but only some
poses should be done in the first three
months. In this, subtle yogic exercises are
the best.
Despite this, most women keep distance from
yoga during pregnancy. Although vigilance
is very important in this stage, there are many
such yoga asanas which make delivery easier
by relieving you of the complications of
Is it safe to do yoga during pregnancy?
There is nothing better than yoga for overall
physical and mental health. In this, along
with various physical postures (asanas),
pranayama is also done. Prenatal yoga can
help prevent complications during delivery,
giving you the opportunity to build strength,
improve flexibility and develop balance. Apart
from this, yoga adapts to all the changes that
take place during pregnancy.
Yes, yoga should be done during pregnancy,
but do take expert advice about this and do
yoga only under the supervision of a yoga guru.
Yoga For Pregnant Women Benefits And Safety
Tadasana is a safe yoga posture during
pregnancy. By doing yoga asanas, the
circulation of blood in
the body is done properly, which is very good
for the unborn baby. Apart from this, by
doing this asana daily, digestion power is
strengthened and the muscles of knees and
hands also become healthy.
Doing this asana in the fresh air will be very
beneficial for you, try to do asanas on the
terrace or in the open. Standing straight and
bringing your ankles with each other, in a
tree-like posture, moving both your hands
upwards. Take a deep breath, join the palms of
both the hands together, keep your hands in
the air and practice standing on the fingers.
While standing on the fingers, slowly bring your
hands down. Complete this practise about two to
three times.
Utkatasana (Chair Pose)
Practicing Chair Pose can be quite beneficial
for pregnant women. The practice of Chair Pose
problems in fertility, strengthens the thighs
and pelvic muscles. In early pregnancy, this
pose can be very beneficial in reducing the
extra weight and strengthening the legs.
To do this asana, stand straight, spread your
arms in front of you and keep them straight.
Now bend your knees making a pose in the
shape of a chair. After that slowly come back
to normal position. While doing this, your
heels should also be raised upwards, but
if you are not able to do this then there
is no problem. Stay in this position for 1 minute.
Bound Angle Pose or Butterfly Pose
You can do butterfly pose in pregnancy. By
doing this, the flexibility of the body
increases and the tension of the lower part
of the body opens. This reduces the
discomfort to women at the time of delivery.
To do butterfly posture, fold both the feet
in front, join the soles, that is, do it in
the posture of Namaste with the feet. After
this, with the help of both hands, hold the
toes of the feet and move the legs up and
down. Your back and sides should be straight.
Do not do this action more than 15 times.
This posture is given the name of butterfly
poste because in this posture you flap your
legs like butterfly wings.
Corpse Pose
According to Hatha Yoga Pradipika, one of the
oldest texts of yoga, Lying on the ground like
a corpse is called shavasana. It removes fatigue
and relaxes the mind. Usually this asana is
performed after the completion of a yoga
session. Because this is the only yogasana that
completely relaxes the body.
This yoga posture can be very useful for
relaxing the body during pregnancy. Shavasana
calms the mind and helps to remove negative
thoughts from the mind. By doing this asana
during pregnancy, anxiety is removed and blood
circulation is also fine.
To do this asana, first lay a yoga mat. It is
not done lying on the ground. Lie down in the
middle of the mat leaving your body completely
loose. Keep in mind that you are lying
straight and your shoulders are touching the
ground. Leave your body loose. Keep the arms
straight and focus on your breath. After 4
to 5 minutes you will start feeling your body
Marjariasana (Cat Pose)
This yogasana removes the problems in fertility.
Digestive power is strengthened by this yoga
asana. It makes the muscles strong. If you do
this yoga asana during pregnancy, then you
can get relief from many problems.
First of all, sit on your knees by laying a yoga
mat on a flat place. Now spread your hands
forward and place them on the ground and
straighten the back. In this state the posture
of the body will be like that of a cat. Now
while inhaling, raise the head and press the
waist down and bring it into a round shape.
Stay in this position for a few seconds
and keep breathing at a normal pace. Then
while exhaling, touch the chin to the chest
and lift your waist upwards in a round shape.
Now while staying in this state for a few
seconds, keep breathing at a normal pace. Then
after some time come back to the starting
Advice given in books, television shows,
7pranayama or online classes can also be
beneficial during pregnancy. However, if you
are not able to follow the guidelines
mentioned in these or exercise incorrectly,
then it is possible that you may harm
yourself. Therefore, before starting yoga
practice on your own, it is better that you
take advice from a yoga guru.
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