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Checkout top 10 Important Tips and Tricks for AngularJS Development


The post above written is a mix of my years of knowledge and experience as an AngularJS developer. It is what I collaborated with my other colleagues at Kunsh Technologies who have always been imparting the best app development lessons and the firm develops quality based apps to meet client requirements efficiently. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Checkout top 10 Important Tips and Tricks for AngularJS Development

10 Important Tips and Tricks for AngularJS
  • - By Kunsh Technologies

AngularJS Development
  • When we talk about the most powerful as well as
    widely used JavaScript platform, then
    automatically one name emerges in our mind
    Angular. This platform supports the developers to
    create amazing applications for web, mobile and
    desktop based versions of a program. Here, the
    tools and design patterns are made available to
    the AngularJS developers in a maintainable way so
    that they can efficiently handle the large and
    small projects.
  • It is a desktop and mobile ready platform that
    makes you use a single framework for multiple
    platforms where you can acquire different types
    of materials and many useful party tools using
    Angular web development processes.
10 Tips Tricks for Angularjs development
  • Organize your Code
  • Define Components
  • Initialize and Express
  • Installation of a Sidewaffle Extension
  • Maintain Models based Business Logics
  • Utilization of Directives for Manipulating the
    DOMDefine Components
  • Take Benefits of Validations
  • Utilize Angular UI Router
  • Utilize less with compiling it into CSS
  • Put all JS file together
1. Organize your Code
  • If you really want to avoid a big mess later, it
    is always better to accurately organize all of
    your AngularJS code in one folder along with
    keeping the shared assets in another folder. This
    will help you to have a clean structure while
    going through the development process.
2. Define Components
  • Take a step and then define your components well.
    Also avoid keeping your module, controller and
    factory components in a single folder. Instead,
    creating three separate files would be better
    with writing your code in all three of them
3. Initialize and Express
  • While building a web application, you should
    always try to load your JavaScript code at the
    bottom side of your HTML text. This way, the HTML
    will not have any effect on the JavaScript files
    while loading them out.
  • Furthermore, the complex logics should get split
    into the methods in the controller that can be
    rendered specifically. However, all the
    controllers should only cover the logic for that
    specific view of the business.
4. Installation of a Sidewaffle Extension
  • You should essentially use SideWaffle extension
    if you are going to use the Visual Studio
    properly. This is because this extension helps in
    easily customizing the patterns that are used in
    factories, services and directives.
5. Maintain Models based Business Logics
  • It is a rule to keep your all business logics in
    models. This will help you sharing with
    controllers and other services. It will also help
    you to perform unit testing on the models.
  • The model is developed for application logic and
    it reflects that it is specifically designed to
    your application and the way in which it
    interacts. Later, the code should always be
    directed by the controllers to a service or
    method that deals with updating model.
6. Utilization of Directives for Manipulating the
  • People arriving from the background of jQuery
    often use it for manipulating the DOM. However,
    this is really bad idea in case of building your
    Angular based web app. Hence, using the AngularJS
    directives is always best to engage in all
    manipulation activities.
7. Take Benefits of Validations
  • Validating your forms is a wonderful feature in
    AngularJS that can be said as the backbone of
    your application for accepting the user inputs.
    Most of the time they are out-of-the-box
    validations and of course, easy to use.
8. Utilize Angular UI Router
  • Router that is provided by AngularUI is better
    than that provided by AngularJS. It is powerful
    as well. Hence, make use of it.
9. Utilize less with compiling it into CSS
  • You can extend the language of CSS with CSS
    pre-processor Less and can add the features and
    functions like mixins.
10. Put all JS file together
  • It is always important to streamline your code.
    Hence, you should put your all JavaScript files
    together. As they always share a similar origin,
    then you will not have any problems to fit them
    in together.
  • So, here I have given all my inputs to save you
    with AngularJS development. Hope, you will find
    all the tips and tricks beneficial and will make
    use of them efficiently.
  • AngularJS is a Google-maintained JavaScript
    framework that is widely used for web-based
    application development and responsive website
    development. Kunsh Technologies is a certified
    AngularJS development company, providing the best
    solution based on this open source framework for
    web development. As a renowned name in the
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