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Tips To Help Your Dog Stay Calm At Home Alone | VetSupply


Before you walk outdoors alone, there are a few things you can do to help your four-legged pals stay relaxed and quiet at home alone. Get Pet Supplies online at the lowest price. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips To Help Your Dog Stay Calm At Home Alone | VetSupply

Tips To Help Your Dog Stay Calm At Home Alone
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During the coronavirus quarantine, did you get a
new dog? Or has your long-term four-legged
partner become habituated to your presence? Dogs
are highly social animals, which is why we get
along so well with them. If the pups suddenly
switch from everyone home all the time to
nobody home all day, it might cause major
behavioral issues. This can lead to house
mishaps, chewing on the furniture while youre
away, or even worse. Do you want to prevent it?
For both you and your four-legged partner, heres
how to make the move to a new normal. Before you
walk outdoors alone, there are a few things you
can do to help your four-legged pals stay relaxed
and quiet at home alone. These tips will assist
your dog to adapt from lockdown to normal life,
whether its a new or old dog. Read on!
Obviously, the main priority is safety. If your
dog is injured, he will be upset. So make sure
your dog cant chew on cords, drink toxic
chemicals (like bleach or antifreeze), or get
into anything else that could damage him.
Depending on your dogs age and preferences, you
may want to crate them or limit them to a mudroom
or laundry room while youre not in the home. A
note about crates they may make your dog feel
even more confined, causing him to run wild when
you let him out If this describes your dog, a
crate might not be the best solution.
Physical Exercise
While every dog requires exercise, some dogs
require a LOT of it. Lab puppies and Border
collies are two examples of high-energy breeds.
They will require a daily positive outlet for
their energy, or they will find it on their own.
This could entail taking them for a one-hour
walk before leaving for work and another one-hour
walk when you come home. Hiring a midday dog
walker to assist both you and your pup can also
help you keep your sanity.
Mental Exercise
Interactive puzzle games, peanut butter-stuffed
Kongs, or other appropriate chew toys will keep
your dog occupied rather than looking for other
sources of entertainment. You can also experiment
with different toys to find which ones your dog
Use a Monitor
There are several webcam solutions for keeping an
eye on your dog while youre away. Specific types
of equipments designed for this purpose are
available, as well as configuring Skype on a home
computer to see (and chat to) your dog. This will
allow you to monitor your dogs progress and, if
a problem arises, you can enlist the assistance
of an emergency contact.
Recognize the Symptoms of Frustration or
Separation Anxiety
Theres boredom, and then theres concern over
being separated. If youve followed the steps
above, including making sure your dog gets an
additional hour of activity every day, and hes
still unhappy, you may need expert help to work
with you because the situation can be
complex. When left alone, dogs with separation
anxiety will bark or whine for long periods of
time. Another indicator of separation anxiety is
frequent destruction. If you feel your dog is
worried, consult your veterinarian and try
several tried-and-true anxiety control products
for dogs, such as Adaptil Spray, Adaptil Collar,
or Adaptil Diffuser.
Bottom Line Your four-legged partner should
quickly acclimatize to being left alone while you
are at work if you use these basic tactics. These
tiny joys are extremely adaptive, and they
generally accept their daily routines without
complaint. As long as you provide your furry
friend with something to do, chew on, and a
comfortable place to sleep, he should be at ease
to have the house to him.
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