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Are Dietary Supplements Necessary For Dogs? | VetSupply


So, does your dog really need supplements? Which supplements should you give your dog? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of dietary supplements. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Are Dietary Supplements Necessary For Dogs? | VetSupply

Are Dietary Supplements Necessary For Dogs?
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Supplements are nutrients that dogs may not get
from their food. Dog supplements are given to
dogs in addition to their meals, just the way you
take protein shakes and multivitamins for your
wellness and vitality. In these modern times,
there is a fad for taking dietary supplements,
and 80 of dog parents are giving dog supplements
to their dogs. But, as with anything we put in
our dogs bodies, we want to be sure were making
the healthiest choices possible. So, does your
dog really need supplements? Which supplements
should you give your dog? Lets get down to the
nitty-gritty of dietary supplements.
Does your dog need supplements?
Most dogs receive a comprehensive and balanced
diet, containing essential vitamins and minerals.
Supplements may be required for dogs that might
not get these crucial vitamins and minerals from
what they eat, for dogs with certain medical
conditions or to support specific bodily
functions of dogs. By and large, supplements can
be extremely beneficial for dogs. However, due to
the negative effects involved with using them
incorrectly, one must always consult with the
veterinarian whether or not their pet requires
Which dietary supplements should you give to your
The following are the conditions and supplements
that can be beneficial for dogs.
  • Dog Supplements for Digestion

As the gut health of dogs is directly related to
their immunity, healthy digestion in dogs is very
crucial to keep them happy and healthy. If your
dogs digestive system is not functioning
properly, it cannot absorb nutrients efficiently.
So no matter how many high-quality meals you
provide, your dog will lack nutrients. The
following supplements aid digestion in dogs
1 Protexin Paste
It is a probiotic paste with live microbial feed
that improves intestinal microbial balance for
efficient digestion.
Key benefits Treats intestinal
dysfunction Controls scouring and
diarrhea Suppresses pathogenic bacteria Helps in
weight management
2 PAW Digesticare SB
It contains CFU Saccharomyces boulardii, a
bacterium that boosts your dogs digestive system
with good bacteria.
Key benefits Improves digestion Boosts gut
microflora Treats acute GI symptoms Reduces
episodes of diarrhea
Which dietary supplements should you give to your
The following are the conditions and supplements
that can be beneficial for dogs.
2 . Dog Supplements for Skin and Coat
Do you want your furry friends coat to be silky,
shiny and lustrous? Omega oils and antioxidants
make coats naturally shine, but if your dog is
not getting enough skin and coat food from his
regular meals, supplements can be really helpful.
A supplement prevents dry skin and dull hair and
brings a natural luster. The supplements that
support healthy skin and coat are
1 Paw Coat, Skin Nails Multivitamin
It is a highly palatable multivitamin chew with
essential skin and coat care ingredients like
biotin, silica and chia seeds.
Key benefits Highly palatable Supports shiny
fur and coat Maintains strong nails Treats dry,
flaky skin and cracking paws
2 Essential 6
It is best for the treatment of dry, scaly and
dull skin of dogs. It also aids in the treatment
of different dermatological skin conditions.
Key benefits Contains antioxidants Reduces bad
body odor Moisturizes and prevents dry and itchy
skin Maintains shiny fur
Which dietary supplements should you give to your
The following are the conditions and supplements
that can be beneficial for dogs.
3 . Dog Supplements for Immunity
Good immunity fights infections and illnesses and
keeps dogs healthy. If your pets immunity is not
at its best, various bacteria, toxins, parasites,
and viruses present in the environment can easily
harm them, and even minor illnesses and
infections may put your dog at risk. Supplemen
ts for boosting a dogs immunity include
1  Bark Naturals Vitamin C Boost Powder
It is a natural health supplement with Vitamin C
(ascorbic acid) and various vitamins that boost
immunity and prevent diseases in dogs.  
Key benefits Boosts immunity Lowers
anxiety Maintains skin, coat, gut and joint
health Controls anxious, excitable or aggressive
2 PAW Wellness Vitality Multivitamin
These are low-fat kangaroo-based chews containing
superfoods including spirulina and organic kale
to maintain the wellness and vitality of dogs.
Key benefits Tasty multivitamin chews Contains
antioxidants for immunity Enriched with vitamins
and minerals Strengthens the bones
Bottom Line All in all, supplements are highly
beneficial for dogs. However, your dogs
veterinarian can only tell you which supplements
you should give to your dog. Therefore, always
consult your vet before using them.
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